Sunday, 19 January 2014

Food: Our Chinese Christmas Dinner 2013!

Chinese Christmas Dinner! Happy January everybody! I've just transferred to another section in my current apprenticeship kitchen and I'm slowly settling. I hope the first month has been going well for everybody! I've been trying very hard not to buy make up this month but I will be breaking that promise soon with the latest sleek palette! It's just to beautiful to pass on!

I've seen so many lovely festive dinners over the last month on everyone's New Years and Christmas posts. I spent my christmas eve and new year's night with my boyfriend but spent Christmas night with my family having a lovely Chinese meal out!

Continue below for the dinner!

Delicious Chinese dinner at Paradise Inn!
Braised peanuts! Deliciously salty and sweet, once you start you don't stop!
Another mouth watering appetizer! Cold Jelly fish!

A hearty hot pork rib and chicken pumpkin soup! The meats make the soup so tasty although it looks very light! The pork was falling off the bones!
Fried Mee Sua noodles with seafood! Garnished with shredded lettuce!
Cooked with dark sauce for flavor and color, it's a smokey, tasty filling dish!
Blanched kai lan with pork ribs and garlic!
The start dish of the night! Hot plate mince pork tofu! Such a thick and tasty sauce and the tofu is sizzling hot on the hot plate!
The chicken feet and mussels in the bottom of the soup pot! These ingredients at flavor to the stock and are edible of course!
Steamed chicken with herbs! Black fungus and other thin slices of herbs, it's a very light but herbal tasting dish!
Red bean sweet soup dessert!
As you can see, the food was wiped clean! My grandma and dad are small eaters, I'm the one with the giant appetite so together we managed to eat almost everything! No rice that night, there was enough food!

What did you eat for Christmas?
Were you with family?
Let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Yum. I like seeing traditional Chinese food. They remind me of home. I think the peanuts were my favorite. I used to snack on them all the time.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  2. Cold jellyfish is my favourite! It's the best with a little red vinegar *drool*. Red bean soup is also my favourite Chinese dessert. Looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas dinner!
    My family ended up ordering Chinese take-out because we had a turkey dinner the night before. :)

  3. Ooooh the food look yummy! i love comfort chinese food, they're the best ^^
    I celebrated christmas at home as well with my bf, we cooked western food, it was delicious :-D
    red bean sweet soup is one of my fave traditional dessert! I love green bean sweet soup as well :D

  4. The chicken with pumpkin soup is interesting! Well,I decided not to cook last X'mas, so I spent the day at USS with my family :)

  5. Everything looks so yummy!

    Ray | Obey Ray

  6. That looks delicious! I wish I could eat more asian food but the thing is that I never understand the menus and I always ask the same!
    I celebrated my Xmas in Sweden so we had our typical swedish chrismas food which consists of meatballs, salmon, lots of fishes, ham and other things.. was really good!


  7. My family do chinese food for xmas too! we still do roast aswell though


  8. this looks so tasty feel free to visit my blog. we can follow each other if you like =)

  9. OMG, the food look yummy and super delicious! I always love Chinese food, they're the best ^^ Very very nice post my doll <3 Kisses <3




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