Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Skincare review: Garnier light brightening eye roll-on!

Brightening Roll-On! Have you had those days when you wake up and have slight puffiness under your eyes? Having late nights, maybe a lack of some sleep and then having some darker under eyes? We all suffer from under eye puffiness if not darkness at some time. I've always heard so much about roller ball products from the affordable like this one from Garnier all the way to Estee Lauder in the high end category!

I realized I've never tried an under eye roller for puffiness and immediately jumped on this affordable one at the super market! It's been an interesting while using this but I'm ready to share my thoughts now!

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Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On for dark circles and puff under eyes!

Garnier Light Brightening Eye Roll-On for dark circles and puff under eyes!


Super simple and color coordinated, this packaging is in a long slim plastic tube and is yellow matching the rest of the products in the Garnier Light skincare line. I really like how light it is and the gentle metal roller top that is soooo cooling under your eyes or on any other part of your face. I've never stuck this in the fridge but I'm assuming it's going to be even colder and feel amazing when you apply it. 

I don't see any downside to the packaging, it's super simple and easy to bright around to use on travel and isn't something that might leak or break or come uncapped!

It has a smooth metal roller ball applicator that is super cooling when you roll it below your eyes! I would even stick this in the fridge to keep it super cold and even more relieving!


Super light and watery this is like a liquid gel that dispenses through the metal roller ball. Since the applicator is metal it's so cold and relaxing when you run it under your eyes. The product has a light scent and is pretty much a liquid but it dispenses enough in two runs under your eyes.

I don't have any photo proof to show any changes but this definitely used over a few weeks can help bring down puffiness. I purely suffer from puffiness and not really any darkness (which I am grateful for) so this product is just right for my under eye. I don't believe that this product is actually strong enough to lighten under eye darkness or any pigmentation but it does relieve short term effects of lack of sleep.

It's a very slim long tube like a mascara wand. Super easy to bring around if traveling or staying over night!
Paid: $18.90 SGD or about $14.80 USD

Recommend: Yes! It's not exactly a life changing product but the cooling feeling really helps to relief slight puffiness! For a first time user of a roller ball eye product this is really neat and easy to use!

Repurchase: No, only because I hope to try other products like this with a roller ball! This had been really good so far but I'd love to try this from a different brand!

Bottom line: A great product for those who suffer from puffiness under the eyes. This product is super simple and easy to bring around and use. The product feels so cooling because of the metal roller ball and over night this absorbs completely into the skin. For those who haven't tried an under eye product like this do go ahead with this product!

Have you tried any roller ball under eye products?
Think you'd want to try this?
Let me know!

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  1. I generally like cooling products - I can imagine this would be soothing for puffy eyes even if it might not be revolutionary in eliminating darkness or anything like that. Hopefully after you've finished it, you can find an even better product :)

  2. I had convinced my mom to buy this once, and ever since I have been wanting to get my own since it's not quite possible to share this product. I love the cooling sensation and my current hectic busy schedule is really putting quite a strain to my eyes with the lack of sleep. I envy that you only have puffiness. I am having dark and puffy undereyes. I'm so sleep deprived :'(




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