Thursday, 30 January 2014

Special: Decemeber meet up with old highschool friends!

Meeting up with old friends! Hello ladies! It's the eve of Chinese new year or the lunar new year and I'm about to go down to have the traditional 'reunion' dinner with my family. Near the end of December my boyfriend and I met up with two friends from highschool who were visiting Singapore!

We met up in the Orchard area and bought bubble milk tea, walked around and caught up with what we've been doing. It was definitely a nice break from our ever busy lives to catch up with old friends who are now in so many different corners of the world.

Continue below for the meet up and dinner!
Meet up with high school friends and chinese dinner with my boyfriend!
A hearty yummy breakfast I made for my boyfriend and I in the morning! Cranberry buns we baked the day before, coleslaw, spam, fried egg and grapes!
I spread cream cheese on the bun and it was soooo good!
My other half being silly!
One of our chinky high school buddies, another one of my boyfriends geek friends. He just fits the stereotype look so well. I call him the "yerrow king"!
They had "A Moment"This is what I got when I told them to look happy when they saw each other!
Close up photo together! We're both smiling so hard our tiny eyes are slits!

Our two friends with my boyfriend, we decided to meet centrally in Orchard Ion!

Dinner later with my boyfriend! Xiao Long Bao (one of my favorite dim sum ever)
Pan fried pork buns (Mini pork buns, pan fried crispy on the bottom)
Check out that crispy pan fried bottom! This was the first time we ate this! I recommend it!
Steam vegetable dumplings! Delicious veggie dumplings but they might not be vegetarian! (Stock, seasoning in the filling probably has meat)
The vegetable filling, soft, tasty and finely cut!
Fried rice with seafood! Very tasty, dry fried rice, it could've been a bit saltier and hotter but it was delicious!
All four of us together! The two of them were on short holidays back in Singapore! It was lovely to spend the afternoon catching up and just talking to them!

I hope January has been great for all you ladies. It's been an incredibly tough month for me, although I've seemingly posted so many times it's because I've pre-written my posts and then posted them when I wanted to. 

I'm not actually writing and posting them at the same time all this month! I'm sorry I've been doing lots of non beauty related post but I've got plenty of reviews and looks coming up next month! Stay tuned!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Oh it looks like a lovely and fun meet up!! love your friend's and bf's happy expressions on the pict! lol
    the dim sum all looks so yummy!! i looooove dim sum but they're not easy to find here,and not the cheapest as well T.T

  2. what i really love is fooddddddddddddddddddd

  3. aww how fun!! you look so pretty i love that red/pink lip color on you so gorgeous!

    you and your bf are so cutee :))

    ohh those pan fried buns are like my ALL time favorite childhood thing to eat!! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing these posts with us, they look like so much fun! Those dumplings look delicious!




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