Monday, 13 January 2014

Chinatown lunch with Dad!

Lunch in Chinatown! Yes, there is a Chinatown even in Singapore, a place where at least 50% of the population is of Chinese origin! Our Chinatown is not as huge and extensive with housing full of chinese immigrants like in other countries in the world. Ours is more of a heritage area with lots of cafes, restaurants and shops selling lots of interesting knacks and traditional and common things.

Last month in December (OMG, that was a month ago??) I had a rare day out with dad. The day was meant to change my phone, an upgrade essentially as my phone was really having trouble lasting more than a few hours and I did have it for just about two years! It was time to change!

Continue below for the day out!
Chinatown lunch! Steamed soy sauce fish head, stir fried sweet potato leaves!

My look for the short day out! I didn't want to do anything too fancy as it was slightly unpredictable weather and it did end up raining later! I went for a neutral eye, rosey cheeks and a nude lip!

Products used: Biore UV Aqua Rich watery mousse, Maybelline Pure BB Mineral watergel (my review here), Couleur Inc 2 way cake (my review here), Sleek blush Mirrored pink (my review here), K-palette real lasting eyeliner, NYX jumbo eye pencil Yoghurt, Kiss Me Heroine mascara (my review here)Majolica Majorca Majolook trio, Maybelline Mocha Muse, Catrice Camouflage cream (medium shade)
A photo in the natural bright lighting outside! My skin has lightened about 2-3  shades in the last year since I'm not in the sun as much! As you can see, I went very light on the eyes and lip!
My OOTD, a super comfy soft long sleeved bat wing top from Topshop, High wasited shorts from Cotton On and leopard print studded slip ons also from Cotton on!

Inside the famous Chinatown Complex, on the second or third floor is this huge hawker center full of amazing authentic food stalls!
A delicious 'hong kong style' soy sauce steamed fish head! Topped off with spring onions and lots of bits of fried crispy pork lard!
Stir fried sweet potato leaves with a light sambal paste!
Dad and I ate these two simple dishes for lunch, we shared a rice and I had a sugar cane with lime!
Since we hadn't eaten too too much for lunch, we picked up two of these freshly fried 'butterfly' dough fritters, they are sweet, chewy and crispy on the outside. Amazing, so tasty and we finished one right after buying them and then the other once we got into the car!
On the way home I stopped by our small local grocer and got two different versions of my HOLY GRAIL instant noodle Ibumie Mi Goreng in tom yam and a spicy sauce!

An upgrade up from my old phone which also was an HTC! However after almost 2 years, and probably lots of abuse, over charging and what phone was barely lasting more than 6 hours even though I didn't listen to music, use the internet or use my phone much!

I decided to choose to get the new HTC One in Silver, it's a big bigger than what I wanted in terms of an ideal size phone but the quality of the hardware, the photo quality and interface is amazing!

It was really nice to have a day out with day, although it was about only half a day but we rarely spend time together and eating lunch together was really a treat.

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  1. I love butterfly bread! :) And yay for new phone! I remember being so awed when I got my S3 :)

  2. lol. Us Chinese people are taking over the world. Just kidding. Oh how I miss sweet potato leaves. I think I will ask my dad to make it for me.
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  3. Your skin looks flawless here! and yummm to the butterfly bread. Wish I lived in Singapore just for that haha

    ♥ M&L
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  4. Cute outfit! Your posts always make me so hungry! D;
    Yay for a upgrade! Your lock screen is cute btw!




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