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Review: Maybelline colorsensational Bold Matte and NeoNude lipsticks!

Bold Matte and Neo Nude! For all of us ladies who like lip products and for those who are lipstick lovers I'm sure you're very familiar with the maybelline color sensational lipstick line! These two lipstick lines were released in Singapore last year and within the Bold and Nude lines there are 4 shades with some new releases this year.

Although I really don't wear lipstick more than 2 times a month I couldn't resist and picked up two of the bolder and nude shades! I had swatched a lot of them in store and they were so gorgeous!

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Maybelline colorsensational Bold Matte and NeoNude lipsticks in Neonude Blush Beige, Nude Pink, Bold Matte Hot Pink and Bold Red
I love how the matte ones have a matte finish and the nude ones have these slightly holographic strips on them!
Maybelline colorsensational Bold Matte and NeoNude lipsticks in Neonude Blush Beige, Nude Pink, Bold Matte Hot Pink and Bold Red

Lipstick bullets are lipstick bullets I think mostly! These from the colorsensational line are really simple, rectangular, snap shut securely and they even have been designed to match with these two new types of lipstick. I love how there's a matte finish on the matte lipstick and there's a holographic looking stripes on the nude lipsticks.

There's nothing that makes me want to minus points from them. The only thing that I noticed that could've been improved on is how the labels on the bottom had to have extra name labels pasted over probably because they are named slightly differently in Asia compared to the US/UK. It would've been more put together if they were printed out properly the first time!

Maybelline colorsensational Bold Matte and NeoNude lipsticks in Neonude Blush Beige, Nude Pink, Bold Matte Hot Pink and Bold Red
Swatches of Maybelline colorsensational Bold Matte and NeoNude lipsticks in Bold Matte Bold Red, Hot Pink, Neonude Blush Beige and Nude Pink

There are two types of formulas here, the matte and the sheerer, glossier and more slippery nude formula! When I do wear lipstick, it's usually a brown or pink based nude shade and once in a while, a hot fuchsia pink! I just couldn't help it and had to pick up these four, a hot red and pink and then a nude brown and pink! 

The matte formula is quite lovely, not super matte or dry when swatched or worn on the lips. As I suffer from lips that dry out on a daily basis no matter how much I drink or how often I apply balm I usually steer clear of matte formulas from lips. This matte formula from them is creamy in feeling but looks quite matte on the lips which is what's so great about this. 

 I've yet to wear these shades enough to speak about how they last but I'm sure with enough lip prep and a good pencil they would be great as the bold reds from their colorsensational line were a bit too thick for my liking and not as creamy as these! Also, the pigmentation is really extremely bright and neon in person, especially the pink! 

One downside to these lipsticks both matte and neonude formula is that they are so soft and my bold red came with the tip melted inside the tube!
The neonude lipsticks were the ones I was most excited to get! They are sheer but can be build up to have medium pigmentation! They look so glossy have a great moist feel and just go with everything I wear! I'm in love with these two I've picked up and have used them like crazy. 

If you're someone who isn't a fan of bright and bold lip colors but want something more natural or something light to try, do totally get a lipstick from the neonude line, they are just like super moist tinted balms!

The only downsides with these lipsticks are that they are super soft so melting, accidental dents and so on can easily occur as well as the neonude lipsticks coming out of your natural lip line because they are so moist!

Maybelline colorsensational Bold Matte and NeoNude lipsticks in Neonude Blush Beige, Nude Pink, Bold Matte Hot Pink and Bold Red
Paid: $18.90 SGD or $15 USD (I picked these up when they were 20% or 25% off)

Recommend: Yes, for the ladies who need a drugstore bold or nude shade of lipstick, Maybelline really is a great place to start with as well as L'oreal and Revlon which all their products are the same price here. I'd recommend their neonude line more as they are so easy to wear and feel so moist and comfortable for hours on end!

Repurchase: Yes! I totally will be picking up another shade or repurchase the same neonude shades I got! They are really so comfortable and wearable for a special night out or for a normal day too!

Bottom line: Great consistent quality for a drugstore lipstick, they aren't exactly cheap here in Singapore but I'd definitely pick them up one at a time or on a sale. I'd recommend all of Maybelline's lipsticks but from these two lines I'd say both are worth a try!

Bold matte or neonude lipstick?
Reds or pinks?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Not sure they're out yet here, but they looks very interesting!

  2. The packaging is so pretty! And I love just how pigmented the shades are. I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the review!

  3. oh my mom sent me some bold matte lipsticks from Maybelline and I like them! they have such a creamy consistency for matte lipsticks and not drying at all :-D
    I have not seen the neo nude ones though! I will have a look once I'm in Jakarta :-D

  4. I want all four of these! Your choice of shades are totally bang on - they're so pretty!

  5. The matte formula sounds nice, I hate it when matte lipsticks are drying!
    The shades are nice too, I like nude pink!

  6. Last year?! Why haven't these popped up in other countries?! These look great!


  7. I can definitely see you wearing bold red! Not a huge fan of matte because they'd just highlight how dry my lips are!

  8. I like the 3the one ! :)

  9. Ohhh I like the packaging!!! Blog red looks amazing

  10. love the blush beige colour! xx

  11. Love these shades <3 <3 They will surely look great on you!!

  12. All the four shades are really pretty <3

  13. Woa, they are very pretty!
    For some reason, they are priced pretty high for Maybelline lippies, though.
    I like the look of Blushing Beige. Very subtle. :)

  14. Blush Beige looks incredible <3 OMG I have one more thing on my wishlist!

    The Lady In Red, http://pixiedw.blogspot.com.au/

  15. That collection has been here in the Philippines for some time now and i do agree that Maybelline is a great brand. thanks for the review and swatches :0


  16. All of these are really pretty :) Maybelline has been a favorite brand of mine for many years :)

  17. All four shades are so pretty and I really like the packaging on these too! I hope they bring these to the UK as I'd love them xx


  18. Loving the look of Hot Pink and Blush Beige! I might not like Maybelline lipsticks as much as Revlon but they really have been stepping up their game with recent lipstick releases :) I definitely don't need any more lipsticks for the next few years though, lol.

  19. I'm kicking myself for not picking these up when I saw them in Hong Kong last time I visited (I haven't see these in Aus yet). They look so pigmented! Keeping an eye out for those nudes!

  20. The amount of pigment that comes out is amazing! Maybelline is killing it this year with their lip products!




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