Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Review: Boots Caribbean Cocktail Barbados Body Wash in Watermelon & Mango!

Wash in a Caribbean Cocktail! While on my fantastic one week holiday two months ago in Bangkok, Thailand my mother and I raided....like completely RAIDED Boots and got a huge bag load of skincare, hair care and a few make up bits. This body wash and several others from their own body wash line were sooo tempting! I picked up this one and another scent and now I sort of regret not buying more as they were all 50%!

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Boots Caribbean Cocktail Barbados Body Wash in Watermelon & Mango

Packaging & Product!

First off I love the squeeze tube packaging, nothing special but very practical an easy to pack, store and use. The tube is a bright lime green and looks like a glass with ice and slices of watermelon and mango on the top! It's such a fun look for the concept and scent of this product. The labeling on this body wash is also very well done and fun.

I love the name "Caribbean Cocktail Barbados" it sounds like a fun summery sweet cocktail scent! The name is already so refreshing and then when you open up the cap and sniff, it's most refreshing and sweet melony, cucumber, watermelon water scent!

Boots Caribbean Cocktail Barbados Body Wash in Watermelon & Mango
This delicious body wash has a super light weight texture, quite runny, not creamy at all, it's a super fresh melon scented wash and bubbles and suds up extremely well! It's a pale green shade and it's so relaxing when you're applying it all over your body.

I've had no problem using this...except that I've used it so much every time that now I've finished it up in less than a month! I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for some sweet, refreshing body washes that smell of an icy watermelon shake! It's such an affordable brand so if you can get Boots skincare or bodycare, do so!

Boots Caribbean Cocktail Barbados Body Wash in Watermelon & Mango
Paid: 150 THB or $5.90 SGD  or $4.70 USD (I got this at 50% off, regular price is 300 Thai baht)

Recommend:YES! If you have Boots in your country or can get it do check out their huge range of body care and these washes! They have so many yummy scents and this is my first from them and I've loved it!

Repurchase: Oh yes! When I get back to Bangkok or go somewhere else where Boots is, I will buy more from their body scrub line!

Bottom line: Super affordable, amazing sweet refreshing melon scent and such a great easy to use body wash for relaxing and some easy shower pampering! (if you ever take showers with your partner, this is so fun for foaming and washing each other) When I get the chance, I will buy more from their body wash line!

I've been trying my best to pamper myself this last quarter of the year! More body washes, some perfumes, small and easy things to use on myself to relax and perk up like face masks too!

What products do you like from Boots line?
Are you a fan of melon scents?
Let me know!

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Thank you!


  1. Watermelon and mango sounds like an amazing combination of scents!



  2. when i see i can imagine that smell so wow.i love smell watermelon mix with mango.how sweet ;)

  3. You have to chant some Rihanna in the shower because she's from Barbados : )...

    I hope our Boots spinoff has this one too because a bit of Caribbean-ness is nice during the colder days

  4. Sounds incredibly tropical and SO good!!!!

  5. Like vacation in a bottle! Brilliant!

    Thank you for visiting love, hope to see you back soon for some fun holiday posts!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. I wish we had a Boots in Sydney! This sounds like it smells amazing, and so affordable too!!

  7. Sweet melon, cucumber, watermelon? Sounds so refreshing and lovely to use in the shower! I can see why you'd be a fan :)

  8. love.




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