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Rave Review: Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss! (Sparkling Violet and Shimmering Rose Pink)

Dear My Crystal Gloss! Set your eyes on my newest, most favorite and 'Holy Grail' lipgloss! I came across this while browsing through Etude House last month. I was there to buy things for someone else but I ended up purchasing these two for myself because I loved the colors. 

They are full of micro shimmer and seemed so smooth and moist. On my arm, I loved the two shades and since they didn't seem sticky I felt confident getting both for my always dry lips. Not to mention that these are even cheaper than maybelline, l'oreal and revlon lip glosses here in Singapore! I have not regretted anything about these amazing glosses so far!

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 Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss in Sparkling Violet and Shimmering Rose Pink
Just a clear plastic wrapping around the gloss and the labeling sticker with the ingredients and names! This is how most all lip products are sold here!
Look at how beautiful they are through the clear bottles! I was completely attracted to the micro shimmer and shades!
 Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss in Sparkling Violet!

Right off the bat I love the packaging! it's nothing super expensive looking, it's not heavy and luxe but it's very practical, beautiful to look at, easy to use and there's no leaking or excess product coming off the rim of the tube like many other lipglosses!

The shape of tube is pinched in at the center, it's a bit like the older Urban Decay primer bottle and the cap has a lovely matte metal color finish, I also love the white text against the tube, as it's easy to see against the color of the gloss inside the tube! That's one of my favorite things being able to see the product right through!

 Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss in Shimmering Rose Pink!
Swatches of  Etude House Dear My Crystal Gloss in Sparkling Violet and Shimmering Rose Pink. Check out how glossy and fine the shimmer is! I love it!

Wowza! That's my first though when I swatched this on my arm as well as the first few times I used this! I was so incredibly pleasantly surprised how well this wore and how good it felt on my always dry lips! This gloss is of a medium thickness, it's very liquid in texture and yet does not bleed or run outside the lip lines! It's so glossy and full of super micro shimmer, there's no gritty texture and the shimmer is not visible unless you're very up close!

The most important quality about this gloss is that although it's of medium pigmentation it has a super moist and non sticky quality that allows my always dry lips to feel moist and soft. I can wear this the whole day and touch up every hour or so without having to rub off all my lip product and reapply everything like so many of my other lip products! 

My lips no matter what product I use or how healthy they're feeling tend to peel and flake after an hour of wearing any lipgloss, lipstick or lip product! So to be able to wear this the whole evening and half the night out with a few touch ups and almost no flaking, this is rave worthy!

My bare lips, a bit washed out here but they are actually very pink in person!
Wearing one layer of Sparkling Violet!
This shade in the bottle is a light marshmallow pink lilac with lots of fine multi color shimmer. It's beautiful layered on top of other lip products and colors, worn by itself it gives your lips a slight boost in pink tones and a great glossy finish!

Wearing one layer of Shimmering Rose Pink!
This shade just couldn't escape my eyes! It's such a vivid solid dark reddish pink in the tube, like a hot fuchsia pink! Swatched it's a deep blue toned pink which I personally love. On the lips by itself it's like Benetint from Benefit but in a gloss formula with some fine shimmer!

Paid: $12.90 SGD or $10.10 USD (I think it's a bit more, will amend!)

Recommend: Yes! If you are into a non-sticky, medium pigmentation lipgloss that layers well on top of lipsticks this is so for you! These are good for first time lip product girls or for those of us who can't stand thick or sticky lipglosses!

Repurchase: Yes, totally! There are only 8 shades here in Singapore I'm not sure if there's more but I eventually want to get them all! They are so affordable at less than $15 SGD which is a bit more than 25 % less than than the price of drugstore lip products!

Bottom line: Super affordable, such cute packaging and a very good quality product! It's non-sticky, quite pigmented, very wearable on dry lips, the only downs side is that it wears off like a normal gloss within two hours! However this is so rave worthy I want them all! Do get one if you can!

Do you have any Etude House products in your collection?
Which shade do you like more?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. I don't like wearing lip gloss, but these look amazing on you! I'm really surprised at how pigmented they are. Etude House lip products never cease to impress me. If I actually wore lip gloss, I'd definitely get my hands on these guys. They're really pretty.

    1. Thanks! I really actually HATE lipglosses in general but this formula has been amazing! Do try it if you can!

  2. These are really pretty on you, the shimmer is perfect for a night out :) Xx

    1. Thanks, I do love the micro shimmer, it's not very noticeable and looks so glam on top of lipstick!

  3. Beautiful lip glosses!! they're so pigmented and shimmery :-D
    I am not a lip gloss person but they look great on you! I prefer lip gloss as a topper but not worn alone on the lips.. There're some lip glosses I really love though, and they're from essence, you should give them a try ^^

    1. Yes, they are fantastic, especially from me who does not like lip glosses or lip products at all! I saw! I saw your reviews on those from Essence and I'm definitely going to buy some when I get into the shopping mode again!

  4. Oh they're such gorgeous glosses. I love the packaging, and they swatch so beautifully too. I really like the paler pink shade, it's so pretty xx

    Gem //

    1. Yes they are! They really look great alone or layered, do try to get them!

  5. Simmering rose pink looks so beautiful on you!! :)

    1. Thanks! I really love it on its own! It's such a bold glossy and moist product, I've been wearing it a lot!

  6. Wow, Shimmering Rose Pink is so bright and pigmented! Gorgeous :) Good to hear that they didn't dry out your lips and lasted a decent amount of time with minimal need for touchups!

  7. wow! they look so amazing on you!
    And this shimmer is so awesome <3
    Love it <3 <3 <3

  8. God that packaging and finish is gorgeous! I'm not much of a gloss girl, but wow! I need to pick up one!

  9. Very pretty!
    I can't say I am a big fan of bigger shimmer in lipgloss, but I can't deny these look gorgeous on your luscious lips! :D

  10. I haven't tried any Etude house products, I always go in the shop and admire all the gorgeously packed cosmetics but haven't got around to buying anything! It looks absolutely gorgeous! ^_^

  11. I had never heard of these glosses but the look amazing!!
    Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  12. These swatch majorly glittering on your arm, but the shimmers wear surprising subtle on your lips. Very nice! Loving Rose Pink!

  13. Ha, I always tell my international friends to ditch the Western brands because the local stuff is probably better + cheaper (IMPORT COSTS, MAN).
    These glosses are so pretty!! I hate it when glitter products feel gritty on the lips, so if I find these I might pick one up! :D

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things




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