Monday, 16 December 2013

Collective haul: Drugstore make up, accessories and skincare!

November collective drugstore haul! Okay, I have to admit, the last two months have been good in spending and yet BAD in spending! I didn't buy anything for myself for a long time until I had to go and buy some things for a swap which tempted me and then my mom offered to go shopping which I couldn't say no to.

I promised though that I would get more necessary things, more basic skincare, hair care and make up items. I'm not buying ten shades of a new lipgloss or indulging in any new palettes! This is the year end and I have really cleared a lot of things out and replacing certain things are needed...I guess!

Continue below for the huge haul!
Collective haul: Drugstore make up, accessories and skincare! Watsons, Guardian and Sasa!
Shopping at Guardian: Catrice powder for setting my make up, a new brown blush and my second Rose Royce rose shade blush! My holy grail powder from ZA (I match OC00 right now) and my newest eyeliner from K-palette from Sasa!
From Guardian, foundation from Avene, from Sasa K-palette kuma concealer, Maybelline lipstick!
New make up brushes from Sasa, Cala bamboo blush brush (I use this for powder), small and extra small eyeshadow flat brushes, another ecotools eyeshadow brush for blending, Catrice double ended crease and eyeliner brush!
Hair accessories from Jean Accessory shop in Ang Mo Kio hub! Another hair bun net for a neat, perfect bun, fuzzy hair ties for the base of the bun and salon hair clips for holding my fringe back when doing make up!
Some new additions to my skincare! I've been using up so much skincare I've picked up some new bits here!
Some extra bits! My favorite liquid deo, a new fun lip balm from Silky girl (smells so good), a mini orange scented perfume roller, a pair of lashes from Sasa! (the band is quite stiff on this design)
Some new make up bags! I've bought these bought before, this striped one is perfect for 5 to 10 slim, small products, the pink bag is box like, great for building a mini make up bag.
Got the old formula of Herbal Essences! I loved their old formula, so strongly scented and a lot more product! I hope to keep on buying this until it really finishes all their old stock! Also my favorite make up wipe locally made!
Finally got myself a new make up case from majolica majorca! Any shiseido brand powder can fit into this case!
My newest, now favorite pair of high waisted pair of acid grey shorts! From Cotton on, about $30 SGD and fits so well!

Two more tops from Cotton On, a leopard print flare out pleat top! Beautiful cut and so easy to wear!

Another chiffon top with small daisy prints! I do adore prints but I like them to look clean, not too cluttered or colorful. These two are very well made and look classic!

Happy hauling I say to all of you ladies who have been shopping or who are shopping right now for christmas or new year! I've done all my shopping for my boyfriend and myself for this year.

The only thing I seriously need to buy before the end of the year for myself is a new camera. My cannon Ixsus has finally died after almost 3 years. The lens stopped working and then got stuck seriously. It's just not worth repairing at this point and I'm ready to fork out $400-600 for a new quality camera. Something between a regular digital and a DSLR, I'm eyeing the Cannon G15 but it was out of stock when my boyfriend and I were about to go and pay for it! Oh well, I'll be hunting for it this week!

Hope everybody's doing well and please do post your shopping hauls!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. I have been saving my pennies but I'm going on holiday next month so then I will probably be shopping like crazy! I like the shorts, they are super cute.

  2. have you tried the kuma concealer yet? i have seen this on ourlocal beauty store but they dont have tester around so im still a bit hesitant to grab one. Im currently searching for a nice concealer but still havent decided which one to pick up >_>~

  3. You got some really good things! I love those cosmetic bags. So cute. Herbal Essence always smells so good. I have a Canon. It's always a good investment. Happy camera shopping :)

  4. Everything looks sooo good. I especially am liking those shorts! Super cute!

  5. Woohoo! Nice! I admit, I'm only familiar with 2 or 3 names, but awesome variety!

  6. Oh you hauled a lot,Sharlynn!!
    I spent most of the budget this month for christmas gifts, still managed to get myself a bag I've been wanting for long time, I'll write a review about the bag soon ^^
    I have the majolica majorca powder case as well! it is such a beautiful case!! ^^

  7. Great haul! I've heard great things about the k-palette eyeliner. And love the shorts! I got a similar pair from Cotton On but dark blue :)

  8. love the compact and lashes :)
    I have been trying to save money (especially since I should be buying presents), but I can't help it when I'm in sephora or a drugstore :)

  9. Wow. I am impressed. That is a true haul!

    I love that silver makeup case. Looks very classy!

  10. I love your collective hauls! Those eyelashes caught my eye. They look kinda different so you have to do a look with them! Cute clothes as well <3

  11. NICE haul! I also want to go shopping for a new camera, but there's nothing wrong with mine - I just really like looking at cameras. :P The Olympus Pen cameras are great; I have one of the older models. I love that it's still compact enough to take with me almost everywhere, yet the quality is great and the lens is interchangeable. Can't wait to find out which camera you pick up!

  12. Good ol' St Ives Apricot Scrub - I know some people balk at the idea of rubbing crushed kernels onto the face but sometimes you just the satisfaction of a good manual exfoliator! :p Cute shorts too :) I've been spending most of my money on food as always - though makeup purchases have been self-indulgent as usual.

  13. Wow, girl, you did it again! My God, so many things, love, love the makeup products and skin care as well. The short is so cute. It's nice that you want to buy a new camera, would love to see your new cam's review! Kisses baby <3

  14. Woa, this is a great haul!
    I did love the old formula of Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. We can't find them any longer here! ;-/

  15. WOw! great haul! ^_^ the kuma concealer packaging looks so cute!

  16. Catrice blushes look so nice! xx




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