Friday, 20 December 2013

My friend Charles!

Day out with with Charles! After about a year or not meeting up although we're both in Singapore, my friend and ex-colleague Charles and finally found time to meet up for an afternoon in town!

We used to work at Universal Studios on Sentosa Island and we both were at the Transformer Supply Vault store. We met up around late November last year and finally after both being very busy, me with school and work and him with compulsory Army service we found time for an afternoon out!

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My pal Charles and myself standing in front of Takashimaya's iconic teddy bear displays every year end! Last year they were white and red, this year it's all rainbow!
Here's my purple brown smokey look with a bold slick of purple cream eyeshadow from Kiko!
Check out my review for the Kiko color shock long lasting eyeshadow! (Here I'm using Fierce Violet!)
We had a very simple lunch! Both of us were hungry and the pulled pork burger wasn't amazing but the pork was tasty with some extra sauce! They could've toasted the bun and given more salad!
Afternoon tea time dim sum at Crystal Jade! Xiao Long Bao! My favorite is from them! I like the skin being not too thin and the filling is always the perfect balance between sweet and savory!
Guo Tie or pan fried dumplings! Made to perfection! Crispy bottom, super sweet and juicy filling! I know how to makes these at home! (Check out my home made pan fried dumplings here!)
Chilli oil sauce wanton! A lovely soya and chilli oil sauce with boiled wantons, absolutely spicy and tasty!
Three weeks ago I sent my package for a christmas beauty swap with Pam from JadeinthePalace blog! I've already received my package from her last week!
Photo of us meeting up last year and now this year! We've both slimmed down a bit!
Hope the festive month of December has been going well for everyone! Look forward to lots of rave reviews and very positive posts this month just because it is December!

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  1. Love your makeup! The food looks delicious ^_^

  2. Oh the teddy bear christmas tree is so cute!! ^^we don't have cute things like that here T-T
    the food looks so yum, as always! I love dim sum very much!!
    I'm still waiting for the package to arrive, the custom office here could be very very very slow sometimes T-T

  3. Hi honey, very lovely and delicious post, you look so pretty! I'm going for a holiday so want to wish you a happy Christmas and New year <3 Kisses <3

  4. wow for your smokey winged eyeliner.
    You and your friend really gotten skinnier, you skinny minnies! I'd love to visit Thailand again for those delicious foodies...

  5. Great post! Nice blog you have!

  6. The purple color looks just amazing on your lids! ;)
    (And all the yummies. Ah!!!)

  7. aww love this post!! your eye makeup looks beautiful!!! and your food looks soooooooooooooooooooooo so good. omgosh especially the spicy wontons!!!

    and you look soo so much thinner from last year you look amazing!!

  8. The purple eye make up looks amazing, I love how the purple blends into your eyeliner.
    I'm totally drooling over those wontons! YUM!




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