Sunday, 29 December 2013

Christmas Lunch at Petit Paradis! (mini haul)

Tasty eats at Petit Paradis! Hiya ladies! So the last few days have been very well spent with my boyfriend and I am very glad that I ended up not traveling this week as my mother has really spent the time helping my grandma move and I managed to spend so much time with my baby!

We had a late Christmas Eve dinner together as my last post shows and the next day we met up for a delicious lunch of classic modern french fare at the shop called Petit Paradis at East Coast!

Continue below for the meal and a mini haul!

Coq-au-vin and pan seared foie gras at Petit Paradis! Christmas lunch!
We just had to take photos! It was such a lovely day out, super windy and cool!
My outfit! A one size only dress that fortunately just fits me! Any smaller and my bust would be flattened! The sandals are from my Bangkok holiday (check out my Bangkok haul here)
Me and my calamansi lime juice!
The exterior of the coffee shop corner that Petit Paradis is located at East coast!

Trying to make a funny wasn't so funny after all!
Herb crusted salmon fillet on a bed of mash potatoes, salad and a thickened hollandaise sauce!
Coq-au-vin (stewed chicken in wine), with carrots and mushrooms, mash served on the side!

Pan seared foie gras with a sweet syrupy sauce, pine nuts and sliced of peach!
Pan seared to perfection! I only wish the piece was A LOT BIGGER!
Our empty plates after the delicious lunch! As you can see, everything went down very well!  Check out the last meal of Duck Confit and Roasted Pork at Petit Paradis here!
This is what the shop houses look like at East Coast! You don't get architecture and shops like this anywhere else in Singapore!

A really yummy Vietnamese sandwich place! (Check out my visit there, here!)
Thai hot pot restaurant!
A really cute and neat looking pancake place! I really want to eat there!

Rabbit Carrot Gun, a pub like cafe! Need to eat there too!
Famous Katong Laksa stall!

A burger place that does really well, need to try it too!
And even more cafes! As you can tell, East Coast is full of cafes and restaurants!
In the later afternoon (since we had an earlier lunch) I had a late afternoon dim sum snack at the food court! Here's a char sui cheong fan (steamed rice roll with pork)
And my favorite ever steamed pork ribs with black beans!

Two super pretty and easy to wear dresses from Cotton on! The first one is a skater style and the second is a soft flowy flowery one!

A super soft, slight sheer top with a bedazzled pocket! Quite long though!
Lastly, a beautiful high waisted skirt!
A few things from Daiso (japanese two dollar store)
And that's all folks! Hope the end of the year is coming to a good and grateful end for everyone!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute couple and love your dress!
    Food looks soo yummy too :)
    x atelier zozo

    1. Awww, thank you! I love that dress too, so easy to wear! the food was delicious!

  2. Aww, the last pic is adorable x

  3. Oh that katong laksa is my mom's favorite!!! I love singapore so much, only the heat I can't really stand. lol
    east coast has really nice kind of old china town architecture, the buildings look vintage and colorful so pretty.. love your stripe dress btw!

    1. I haven't even tried it myself! thanks Pam, it's definitely a lovely place to explore!

  4. I love the buildings at East Coast. I would have a lot of fun strolling around there, I think. So many cute restaurants, too! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, Sharlynn!

    1. Yes, they are so lovely! I'm glad they haven't torn them down and built office buildings!

  5. That looks too delicious ..
    E | Beauty/Skincare | Cocoamourr

  6. Looking at all this food is making me hungry! I haven't had park rice rolls in soooooo long, oh the memories! Your makeup is lovely!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  7. how come our daiso doesnt carry those pretzel packs...awww...




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