Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Eve make up and dinner!

This was my December 24th! Since this whole week is my school and work break week, I've spent most days home, meeting up with my boyfriend or helping my mom out with my grandma moving houses. I met up with him after his work and we had a late dinner at about 9:30 at a neat riverside cafe called 'Merry Men" on Christmas Eve.

For my make up, I simply thought I wanted some drama, some glitter and some smokiness and so I grabbed my favorite Sleek Oh So Special palette and came up with a blend of all these traits!  

Continue below for the make up and dinner!
A loving filling dinner at Merry Men Cafe by the Singapore river side! It was a nice windy night!

My completed look! Bright yet bold eyes and a berry lip!
I started with a full coverage flawless base with Catrice photo finish foundation! I'm wearing one layer no powder here! (check out my review here)
My eye make up using the Sleek Oh So Special palette!
Christmas eve dinner look- I used the shades Gateau, Gift Basket, Glitz, Wrapped Up and Bow!
The Sleek Oh So Special palette, I love this so much! (my review here)
I curled my lashes with my new eyelash curler! And added half a full lash to the outer half of my lid! Then a light coat of mascara onto my lashes!
For this look, I started with a Maybelline color tattoo base "Bad to the Bronze"!
Products Used: Sleek Oh So Special palette (my review here), Catrice Photo finish foundation (my review here), Catrice Defining blush (my review here), Revlon Lip Butter (my review here), Catrice camouflage cream, Maybelline color tattoo (my review here), Revlon matte (for brows), Garnier eye roller (for depuffing), Maybelline the magnum ultra comb (my review here), Kiss me Heroine mascara (my review here- for lower lashes), K-palette real lasting eyeliner, Etude House Dear my crystal gloss (my review here)
All photos now on have been taken with my new camera! My beautiful Cannon G16, a blend between a digital and DSLR, it's so sensitive and amazing. You definitely don't need a DSLR if you are a blogger, a high end digital is good enough!

Since I'm totally into the berry and pinks right now for lips I pulled out Sugar Plum lip butter for this look!
Taken with flash! (obviously I hope!) I never edit my photos and you can tell how flawless my base looks! I simply set my foundation with a pressed foundation powder!
I grabbed my boyfriend and told him we needed to take a photo on some steps before we went off looking for a cafe for dinner! We both promised to dress up for meeting up and for him to wear something else than a geeky t-shirt is a huge effort!
My outfit! A three quarter sleeve peplum top and a mini skirt with neon pink criss crosses from Forever 21! I got it a long time ago!
Mussel and prawn pasta! Very fresh, chewy big prawns, mild wine sauce and very al dente linguine! I would have liked more seasoning and more chilli flakes!
My boyfriend's dish, an absolutely beautiful "Porkchetta" sandwich. The fries were amazing, fried crisp and seasoned with some blend of tasty spices, the sanwich was chunky and the pork belly slices were thick and the roasted peppers and rocket worked so well together! We shared the fries and I took huge bites of his sandwich!
My favorite photo of the night, of my baby munching on his sandwich! He just wouldn't stop eating the fries and left that half to get cold! This was taken WITHOUT FLASH at night! The lens is amazing, photos look so naturally lit at night!

My Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing day have been very peaceful. I haven't stepped into Orchard Road this whole week because it's sooo crazily packed and full of people that I'm only going shopping later this week!

I hope you've all had a great December so far and hope to see your posts!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Looks like you had an amazing time! :) i love your lip color and the food looks delicious!

  2. You guys look so cute together!
    And you look beautiful as always. :)
    Thanks for the tip on the camera. My first one was Canon and I am looking to upgrade at some point since mine is just a low-end point and shoot.

  3. Your skin always look so flawless! I love sugar plum so much and it looks stunning on you! The porkchetta meal looks so good, my tummy is grumbing just looking at it *_*

  4. I love your makeup here and your outfit as well!! very pretty! The food looks yummy too ^_~ Glad that you enjoyed your xmas and boxing day ^_~

  5. Your makeup is gorgeous! Looks like you had a great night too :) ☆

    Ms Jelena xx |

  6. you two looked so cute and the food looked great :) Happy Holidays to you both!

  7. Hi dear =)
    Very nice look using the oh so special palette !
    You and your boyfriend look soo cute =)

  8. oh lovely!!! I really like berry lips on you , Sharlynn!
    and the sandwich OMG!!! I'd definitely take huge bite of it, Ling must excuse me! lol

  9. Your photos look amazing!! I never edited mne either I thought I was alone ;)

  10. I love how sweet and sultry this look is! You look so cute, love the skirt! I hope you had s great Christmas!

  11. Love this look! You guys are cute! That food looks yummy! :)

  12. You guys had a lot of fun ! I always like seeing pictures from you and the boyfriend , you guys are too cute together :)
    And of course i love your makeup ! Long time since i've used my own Oh So special palette ...

    How on earth do you find so many amazing places to eat??! (I spend too much time cooking at home, hah)
    Sugar Plum is such a gorgeous colour!
    ANYWAYS, HAPPY NEW YEAR'S! (Hope you are spending it with loved ones c: )

  14. Love the makeup, especially the little accent lashes, very pretty! Also, your skin looks great!




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