Monday, 16 December 2013

Beautiful Thai Indonesian Dinner at Bumbu Restaurant! (Meeting an old friend)

Feast at Bumbu Thai Indonesian Restaurant! Food! Who doesn't love food and who doesn't love tasy, appetizing fresh dishes! A new gem find is Bumbu Restaurant here in Singapore! It serves Thai and Indonesian cuisine, they have a menu where you pay one price and can order a certain number of dishes at a time and order more if you finish them! It's called the 'buffet' menu but the food is served like a la carte dishes!

Together with my family, we went to one of their newer outlets near Farrer Road. This outlet is on the second level of an apartment complex, it's a level with other restaurants, tuition shops and little shops.

Continue below for the delicious photos!
Dinner at Bumbu Indonesian-Thai Restaurant! (Ngo Hiang, seafood omelette, stir fried kai lan, Tahu Telor)

It was a beyond simple make up day. I used the chocolate shade from L'oral infallible, had powder on and a touch of mascara and lipbalm!

Having my old high school friend Becky and fellow beauty blogger from Thevishionshazy blog!
We both share memories from High school in Singapore and she's definitely been one of the most memorable people I met back in Singapore after being overseas.
Becky teasing our husky!

We just had to take lots of nice photos outside, we've only seen each other only a few times the last year since we've graduated. Most of our classmates have already left the country back to their own country or to another for university or work. She's leaving Singapore soon and I'm so sad!

Inside Bumbo Indonesian Thai Restaurant at Farrer Road! This is below the surface of the dining tables!
Glass tops, beneath are decorated with old stamps and memorabilia from 20 to 40 years ago!
The interior! Beautifully done, the table stands are from old tailoring machines! They work too!
See! I was having so much fun pressing our up and down!
The 'buffet' menu. You need at least 3 people to be eating together to order from it, it's such a great deal if you're in a group!

Pineapple Fried Rice! Deliciously hot and tasty, lots of pineapple bits, cashew nuts and very tasty!
Hand made Ngo Hiang rolls (bean curd skin rolls stuffed with minced pork, mushrooms)
Fried Mee Sua noodles! So much fresh vegetable bits, seaweed and some chicken slices and prawn!
Tahu Telor! Fried tofu and egg! Omg, this is the best we've ever eaten, the fried tofu pieces just melt in your mouth! The sweet sauce also is so tasty with the fried egg!
Stir fried kai lan with pork slices! Just nicely cooked and very tasty!
The last dish my brother ordered! A seafood omelet! Blanched squid, prawn and chicken with a sweet, sour and spicy dressing on top of a crispy fried omelet! So refreshing and unique!
The deco on one of the walls, individually framed tiles, like pieces of art!
Under another surface of a table there! A more organized and neat looking one!

An old food cart (with a hand ice grinder) which used to be commonly seen on singapore streets years ago when people sold their snacks and hot foods along the road side.
Some of the regular rounded tables for bigger groups!

The Bumbo Restaurant sign board outside the Farrer Road outlet!

Overall the food was amazing, absolutely nothing short of delicious, authentic, affordable and very tasty. Eating from the buffet menu is worth it in a group to share and get to eat and try all the different dishes but as one or two people, ordering a dish each off the a la carte is more worth it.

Have you eaten at any new place this month?
Do you like Thai/Indonesian food?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. It seems like you had a wonderful time dear!! Love the food photos! ;)

  2. What a unique restaurant! I like the decor - it's got a sort of older charm to it. Lovely. The food looks amazing, too.

  3. Yummm, the food looks so good and those vintage tables are neat!
    Love your eye look too. I need to work more on my makeup with glasses routines :)
    x atelier zozo

  4. Pineapple fried rice <3 Thanks for sharing the food porn!
    Btw you look great with glasses!

  5. The food looks so yummie !!! Seems like you guys had a wonderful time together :)

  6. yummmmm! The food looks ahhhmazing!




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