Thursday, 26 December 2013

Rave Review: Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Barely There and Coral Reef!

True colour lipstick from Sleek! Happy boxing day everybody! It's a great busy day most places around the world but I've stayed home, helped my grandmother move home as well as doing some sorting out at her old place. I had past through downtown yesterday with my boyfriend and parts of Orchard Road were closed and it looked like there was no where to even walk!

I've decided to lay off shopping in town until tomorrow or the end of this week! I'm really trying not to buy too much but I really want to go down to at least La Senza for some sexy panties and just a quick browse through the shops in town for easy to wear dresses! That's all on my list!

Continue below for the review! 
Sleek True Colour Lipsticks in Barely There 776 and Coral Reef 772!
Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Barely There and Coral Reef

The size of these lipstick bullets are very small! Much smaller than those from Revlon, Maybelline and L'oreal! They are the length of small lipbalms!
Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Barely There and Coral Reef (I really like the color matching label stickers)

Sleek is well known for the simple, 'sleek' and very sturdy black packaging. These bullets are oval prisms and are very short. You only get about 3.5g of product but for the price and the overall quality of the lipstick I think it's totally worth it!

These lipsticks are packaged well, I like that the base of the bullet comes slightly above the twist up point so you can get out all of the lipstick when you get to the last bit. Also the cap on this lipstick is extremely sturdy when you snap it back on. Hence overall, I think there's nothing bad about the packaging! It's sturdy, small and so effortless!

Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Barely There and Coral Reef
Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Barely There ( the perfect pinky beige nude)
When I saw swatches of these I knew I needed this lipstick! On my light yellow skin it's a warm more peachy tone nude than my actual lip color!

My bare lips, very rose toned and quite pigmented! I often never wear lip color in my looks!

Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Coral Reef (a super bright pink toned coral, it's really not so neon in person)
Coral Reef is really not as neon in person, but it is a really bold pink tinged coral shade, not as red as in the photo here!

The lipsticks were what I was expecting and even a bit more! When I first saw these lipsticks on bloggers review post I thought that because they were so pigmented that they might be a bit drying and so I ignored and didn't bother with looking into these for a long time.

When I finally took a look at these on Sleek's website I decided to browse and look for swatches and there are not actually many people who have posted reviews with photos of many of the lipstick shades. After finding a few sources I decided to give these two shades a chance as they are both a 'sheen' finish meaning more glossy and potentially more moisturizing.

These lipsticks both have a very light texture and are opaque with one layer. I really light how smooth they glide on and they are a bit soft so I'm very careful as to not accidentally break off a part. Barely There on me is the ideal warm nude shade, it's a warm peachy brown nude and Coral Reef is a bold pink tinged coral shade. Both wear very well and don't make my always dry lips feel drier or make the lines more visible.

Sleek True Colour Sheen Lipsticks in Barely There and Coral Reef
Paid: $6.49 USD or about $8.20 SGD (normal drugstore lipsticks are $15-20 SGD)

Repurchase:Yes! Completely, this formula is thin, yet pigmented and keeps a nice light soft slip feeling on the lips which I really need with my always slightly dry lips! I will only buy the lipsticks in the 'Sheen' formula!

Recommend: Yes! For ladies who are not regular lipstick users, this 'sheen' finish might make it easier for you to enjoy very opaque lipsticks without them being too thick or dry. Shopping from Sleek is so easy, free shipping and very fast!

Bottom line: Lovely lipsticks, good for my dry lips, I've been wearing Barely There quite a bit as I'm trying to get into lip products! I have nothing but love for Sleek's products, online shopping with this site is so simple and fuss free! Do order from them!

Which shade would you rather have?
Do you like 'sheen' finishes?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. I've heard super good things about these lippies! Barely there actually looks SO pretty - very unassuming in the bullet! I've also seen people rave about Papaya Punch.

    x Tashi

  2. oh wow they all look so beautiful! barely there is such a pretty color! oh Sharlynn, your bare lips are so pigmented you lucky girl!! you don't need any lipstick I guess.. ^^
    I have never tried any Sleek lipsticks but I heard they're all good :-D

  3. OMG these looks wonderful on you <3

  4. I only have one blush from Sleek but I love it! I didn't know they have excellent lippie range like this.
    Both colors look very pretty on you, and you look darn cute wearing those glasses. <3

  5. The barely there is so sweet on you! Coral would be perfect for spring but I'm loving the hint of tint for winter!

    Hope you’re celebrating a splendid holiday season so far!
    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. I like barely there ^_^ very pretty on you!

  7. I've taken these in and out of my cart so many times! Thanks for the review! They look so lovely on you; I think I need to pick up a few now :)

  8. These have been on my to-buy list for a while now. They both look amazing on you!
    xxx Kat @ Katness

  9. The lippies look fantastic! the colours you have look great on you :)

  10. love barely there on you! Great MLBB & compliments you so well. Will defs have to check out sleek lipsticks sometime soon - so affordable as well xx

  11. I love Coral Reef! I wish we had Sleek in Canada.




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