Sunday, 30 November 2014

Bold K-Style night time look using Memebox products!

K-Style night time look! What do you ladies think of when you think K-style? A modern chic feminine Korean beauty inspired look....I usually think of flawless skin, perfectly lined eyes and a pop of color on the lips and a natural pinch of color on the cheeks! When I was sent the Memebox Special #33 K-style 2 box I knew I had to test all the products by using them together! I was not asked to do this by the company at all, I just felt that it was so appropriate!

This is the look I came up with using all of the products included plus my own products as well. Every product except for one in the memebox were winners so it was a great experience using all of them and I've seen been using the cream eyeshadow and can't wait to use the other pair of falsies!

Continue below for the full look!

Bold K-Style night time look using Memebox products!
My version of a bold K-style night time look! I used all the make up products from the #33 K-Style 2 box! (my review of the memebox here)
My version of a bold K-style night time look! I used all the make up products from the #33 K-Style 2 box! (my review of the memebox here)
On my eyes I used Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow in GL01 Caramel Gold all over my lid and used a gold eyeshadow of the same color on top!
Then I placed an antique golden brown in the crease and outer V to deepen the look!
Products Used: Original Raw Ten Cushion Foundation, ZA perfect fit two way foundation powder, Canmake  marshmallow powder, Maybelline Eye Studio Fashion Brow mascara, Revlon matte (for brows), Sleek blush trio, Canmake glow fleur blush, Maybelline Big Eyes 360 eyeshadow, NYX lip liner, Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer, Shara Shara Color Eyes Stick Shadow, RiRe Luxe Mirror Eyeliner, Royal Nature Pantone Shadeliner, Kiss me heroine mascara, Lancome virtuose mascara
To finish the eye look I used the gorgeous eyelashes in the memebox, Secret-Star girl S-Style set no. 9 Cat's Eye Lashes!
Wearing the Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in RD01 over the NYX lip liner! Although this product looks EXACTLY the same without the lip liner beneath! (see swatches here)
Wearing the Eglips Real Color Lip Lacquer in RD01 over the NYX lip liner! Although this product looks EXACTLY the same without the lip liner beneath!
On my cheeks is a touch of the shade Crochet from the sleep blush palette called Lace!

The night I did this look my boyfriend and I went out to Chinatown for dinner! Here I was posing for a look and then on the right I wanted my camera back!

We shared a pork liver and spring onion clay pot! Piping hot with a thick delicious sauce! Lots of dried chillis for a mild deep spice!
A big big bowl of fine porridge with mixed pork topped off with fried shallots and spring onions!
It has pork balls, mince meat, liver and strips of pork...I added century egg for another dollar! The porridge is soo tasty on its own!
Har Gao dim sum! The skin is a bit thick and the shrimp a bit over steamed in texture!
Prawn spring rolls with a sweet mayo dip! This is so crispy and yummy!
Sweet char sui pastry and fried taro dumpling! I'm glad we only ordered one of each, they were huge!
I really love the flaky buttery pastry and the sweet meat, the taro was a bit of a let down with the outside not that crisp and the filling a bit bland!
Steamed black bean pork ribs. These were freaking amazing! Love how there was almost no hard bones but bits of soft cartilage! Super tasty and so tender and chewy!
We found this in the Japanese $2 store Daiso! Yes, my boyfriend couldn't help but to snap a photo of this!
Lastly here's a shot of all our three pets! Our oldest pet the beige dog is 17 this year! She used to sleep upstairs but the last few years now sleeps at the base of the steps. The husky is 5 and is quite an idiot, he's scared of thunder and sometimes our cat when she tried to scratch him. Lis is also about he same age as the husky. We found her while walking home one night! She's smart, snide and goes in and out of the house on a daily basis!
All the products I used were from the Memebox Special #33 K-Style 2! (my review here)
Besides all the products from the memebox I used plenty of additional products to complete my look and I thoroughly enjoyed all the products with the exception of the liquid brush eyeliner which I struggled with during application and with removal of any that got onto my lashes!

What do you think of my K-style inspired bold look?
Anything you'd do differently?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. The make up is very very impressive but girl your face is stunning! You are the perfect canvas for any make up! You are a doll!

  2. You have shared a quite lipsticks on your lips but this
    has got to be one of the greatest color c;
    Nice lunch date! The food looks again really yum!
    I miss shopping at Daiso really :c Xx

  3. You look so lovely, Sharlynn! red lips suit you very well!! ^^
    Oh no, the dim sum! But now it is not bad as I am heading out to dinner soon woohoo :D

  4. Love this look on you, that lip shade is gorgeous! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  5. I love this look! It's something that I gravitate to if I don't know what to do.

    Your pets are so adorable! I have a Chihuahua / Pomeranian mix and I miss him so much since I'm away for college.

  6. Hi there, are you using Secret-Star girl S-Style set no. 9 Cat's Eye Lashes on the closed-up photo of your eyes above? thanks:))

  7. Very pretty! Love the lip color! The food looks yummy! (:

  8. You look stunning! The red lips look is great on you!!!

  9. This look is stunning and I'm so jealous of your full lips!

  10. You and your big bambi eyes and your luscious lips! So pretty :-)

  11. Hey Sharlynn, I think you make a gorgeous Geisha with that look! I love it! Oh, that pot of liver is delish! Guess what?? None of my friends nor family members take pork liver. Sigh! Whenever I plead with hubby to join me, he would tell me he eats only goose liver. Lol!

  12. Beautiful makeup and beautiful lip color. Really love it! (And I'm still in love with the canmake blush *_*)

  13. U look sooo beautiful.. love ur lip color :)

  14. That's a very, very sexy and romantic makeup look you have there! The lip color looks gorgeous!

  15. I loveeeee those falsies you have on and that lip gloss color is so sexy ;) omg you look gorgeous Sharlynn! as always ;) and I love those foodie pics too, ahh your posts always makes me hungry!

  16. How pretty!
    You certainly remind me of the Snow White with this look! <3

  17. That red lip is to die for! The blush design looks so similar to the new Anna Sui blush!




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