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10 Things: I Wish I Knew About Make Up as a Teen!

 Hello ladies! I've never been one who does tags or do about of post just talking about specific topics other than beauty or food related things. I'm very straightforward in my blog, beauty reviews, looks, food and days out, I don't spend much time doing much else. When I came across this post from another blogger I knew I would love to do it too!

This lovely idea for a post came from Carmen of Clothes and Camera blog! Check out her post here!

Continue below for the post!

10 Things: I Wish I Knew About Make Up as a Teen!
1. If you've got oilier skin, set all bases/foundations with a powder! This makes the world of a difference! 'Dewy' and 'glowy' can turn into oil slick quickly!

Here I'm wearing my holy grail ZA two way powder foundation in OC00! (My review here)
2. When it comes to mascara, it's all about the right formula for your type of lashes and your technique! I had to go through at least 40 different mascaras to figure this out.

My holy grail mascara that I wear almost every time I do my make up! From Kiss me Heroine the Long & Curl! (my review here)
3. Eye primers make the world of a difference.  Eyeshadows usually aren't 'bad', you're just in need of a base! I've since fallen in love with cream shadows for bases!

My favorite type of primer is a cream pot shadow or cream stick shadow! Maybelline color tattoo has a great range, my favorite shades are Inked in pink and Bad to the Bronze for any color look! (my review here)
4. Blush isn't something only your mother or red carpet celebrities wear! It's a look changing, radiance enhancing weapon that can do the contouring for you too!

My favorite type of blush shade is a rosy shade with a warm undertone. A shimmery finish adds natural highlighting and there's no need for contour with good technique! I'm wearing Kiko Bronzing Blush! (my review here)
5. Your look IS complete without the black smoky line waterline! It's so much easier to maintain and create beautiful looks without a black eyeliner all the time in the waterline!

As you can see from many of my looks both neutral or colorful I prefer a clean waterline under lash area as not only is it a clean look but I have super watery eyes! And the look IS complete!

6. Lipstick is not necessary to have a 'complete' look! If your lips are sensitive, dry and peel just focus of light textures and colors that don't emphasize the problem!

A great gloss formula for super dry or sensitive lips is the NYX Butter Gloss! (my review here)

7. Neutrals aren't boring and only what office ladies wear! They enclose a huge range of shades, tones and colors that make up the majority of easy to wear and beautiful rich looks!

To create this rich neutral eye I've used 3 shades from the MUA Heaven & Earth palette! (my review here)

8. Not sure how to use bright bold eyeshadows? Start with a slick of a bright shade of eyeliner instead to ease your way into more colors!

As seen in this fun pop of color look, a slick of colored eyeliner, liquid, pencil or gel can totally start you off into the world of brights for the eyes! I used a Kiko cream shadow in this look! (my review here)
9. The right make up brushes for your eyes will make applying eyeshadows a mystery into a fun ride! For smaller eyes, do use smaller brushes. It makes all the difference in precision and placement.

For small tiny asian lids you have to use much smaller brushes for your lid and crease! Some brushes from Zoeva, they are a good size for small lids! The first one is a face brush!

10. Contouring is not a must if you've got great blush placement and blending!

Above in both photos I am just wearing blush. ONLY BLUSH. No highlight, no contouring or bronzing at all! You don't need to if you've got great blush technique that brings the color up the cheek to create that illusion of sculpted cheeks!

Hope everyone enjoyed this post! Do feel free to do this post as well, I'd love to see what were the things you wished you knew about make up when you were younger!

What are some things you wish you knew about make up as a teen?
Any make up tips you've developed you'd like to share?
Let me know please!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Such a lovely post, enjoyed reading it. Thanks for the share!

  2. Love the first three pictures as an opener, so fun! :D I really really wish I could wear blush; I do have acne scars/marks on my higher cheeks and blush only accentuates the redness >__< I really wish I could because blush makes my face look less round I loved when I could still wear it ;_;

  3. Very very nice tips, you have shared with us, you look always look like a doll, cute and flawless <3 Happy weekend sweetie, kisses <3

  4. You are absolutely stunning, babe! :)

    And I love all your makeup learnings --- I feel the same way with most of them!
    Esp blush as contour (!!), having to go through a lot of mascaras (still havent found my HG though), eye makeup brushes importance (!) and how neutrals aren't boring!

    GADDANG the Kiko blush looks beautiful on you!

  5. Amazing post and great tips :D

  6. Even though I'm not really a makeup type of person, thanks
    for these handy tips! Xx

  7. Aww I'm glad you liked my post enough to do your own and it was really nice reading your make-up experiences and tipps as well :)

  8. This is such a cute post! I've never seen a post like it either :D xx

    Gemma //

  9. I used quite a bit of bright coloured eyeshadows when I was a teen mainly because I love colours. It looked awful by the way... I wish I knew about the coloured eyeliners back then too!

  10. Super cute!
    If I could tell my teenage self one thing, it would be that there are shades beyond just beige and brown! I used to think that since I wasn't brown, then my foundation match would be anything with the word "beige" in the name. *Sighs* No. Crayola lied. :-P

  11. Lovely post. You always look so beautiful! I wish I could do my eyeshadow that well!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  12. What a fun post! It's so interesting to think about how makeup styles evolve over time!

  13. You're great with your makeup :) I also wish I knew these things when I was younger. I cringe at some of my photos from back when I was in high school!




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