Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sweet Valentine's look 2014!

Sweet Valentine's eye look! Hey ladies! I've been watching all of you post your valentine's day looks recently in this last week and a half and realized I'm a bit behind. I thought maybe posting my looks on or around Valentine's day might be a good timing but then I realize a lot of ladies may be posting at the same time! 

I've done two looks for Valentine's, this is my more neutral and natural eye look! My other one is a super bold pink and purple one that you'll all be seeing soon!

Continue below for the full look!
Sweet and easy pink and brown neutral Valentine's make up look!
Sweet and easy pink and brown neutral Valentine's make up look!
 Valentine's make up look! From the Solone palette (my review here), I used the dark pink, bronze and taupe brown! Then a highlight shade for under my brow!
Products Used: Solone eyeshadow palette (my review), Laura Mercier blush (my review), K-palette eyeliner, Maybelline mascara (my review), Maybelline Baby lips color in neon rose, Etude House lipgloss (my review), Biore UV mousse, The Face Shop BB cream (my review), Rimmel Stay matte powder silky beige, theBalm highlighter (my review), Urban Decay shadow pencil in Sin, Revlon matte shadow (for eyebrows)
The three shades I put together are for a brightening neutral sweet look!
On my cheeks is the blush from Laura Mercier called Shimmer Bloc!  (my review here)
On my lips are a combination of Maybelline Baby lips in neon rose (tinted lipbalm) and layered on top is Etude House lipgloss! (my review here)
The lipbalm is a lovely medium cool rose tint and the lipgloss has the most beautiful multi colored micro shimmer and a light lilac gloss color!
Sweet Valentine's look 2014! Pinky neutral eyes, a rosy warm cheek and shimmery pink glossy lips!
Sweet Valentine's look 2014! This is a very soft easy to wear look!
The beautiful orchids in bloom from Chinese New Year hanging!
The beautiful purple pink ones! They aren't as bright and neon in person, more deep and purple!
Our two dogs just hanging around outside. The older one just looking a bit confused as usual!
Mr. Sirius...being his normal dumb dumb self!
The two hair balls napping during mid day! The big one loves to sleep near the old one.
Some really simple heart shaped cakes from Bread Talk for Valentine's day!
The assortment of their other cakes! I think the only ones I'd like to try are macha macha (green tea) and Mango Empire!
Omg...Hello Kitty cake?
Some really pretty nut and fruit covered muffins!
At the cashier at Bread Talk, a basket of assorted simply decorated heart shaped cookies! Very sweet but they could be fancier!
I wore a very simple cotton floral dress from Cotton On, I really must get more simple dressed like this! My hair in it's natural state when dry!

I'm working from now until maybe next Sunday. I requested that day off as I have school in the morning the next day so if possible even though I'd have worked 9 days by then, it's work it. My boyfriend will be off too so we plan to have a fancy lunch or dinner somewhere!

This is the first of my Valentine's looks, the sweet and neutral one. The next one coming up closer to Valentine's day is a bolder one! Hope you ladies come visit me soon again!

How are you going to spend Valentine's day?
What make up are you going to wear?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you so much!


  1. This is such a pretty look! Suits you so much!
    xx Regi

  2. lovely look, Sharlynn!!
    the orchids are beautiful and the dogs are so cute!! I love dogs so much ^^
    your pics make me missing bread talk very much, and as well!! the bread and pastry here are different and mostly 'hard'. I prefer soft texture of asian bread and we are way more creative in terms of flavor . they only got the boring flavors here in germany. T-T

  3. Wonderful makeup look :) So sweet and soft and romantic :)
    Your dogs are so adorable :)
    The bakery stuff looks SO YUMMY :D
    Im a new subscriber of your blog btw :)

  4. I love your lip colour...It's very charming and cute.

    恵美より ♥

  5. I love the makeup; it's so soft and feminine!
    Also, that Hello Kitty cake!! I want to buy one for myself and eat it while watching a marathon of chick flicks on Valentine's Day, hahaha.

  6. Ohhh my lovely doll, soooo pretty just like your entire makeup look, perfect for Valentine's day..pinky and girly and very very romantic!! Love the cup cakes, they look so yummm <3 Have a lovely and romantic weekend my friend <3

  7. I love the laura mericer blush :) your look is perfect for valentines day <3

  8. Sweet dolly make up ^__^ I'm so jello of your
    full lips :c and also thanks for trying out my
    cranberry dinner buns!!
    The Valentine cakes looking super YUM.
    There's something relaxing at staring cakes
    or other yummies through a display I
    think :P Xx

  9. You look beautiful. I love the soft look you created for valentine. I don't think I ever done a valentine look. I need to come up with one.

  10. Such a romantic look. Perfect for Valentines Day! Btw, the dogs are sooo cute!

  11. love this look! So soft and pretty! Hope you have a nice valentine's day! :)

  12. Sweet and romantic :) Very cute !
    I always love it to see pics of the pets , they are so adorable :D

  13. You look so pretty!! I love the lip combination <3

  14. Maybelline baby lips topped with the etude house lipgloss is so pretty!! Gorgeous look as always!




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