Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Skincare review: Biore Cleansing Oil!

Super cleansing oil! I've yet come across a cleansing oil that I really love ever since a bad experience with a cleansing water product a few years ago. Since then, I've completely swept aside trying out any cleansing oils or water make up removers! 

After seeing so many wonderful reviews of cleansing oils being miricle make up removers with no tugging or pulling and trying a travel kit size of a Shu Uemura cleansing oil I immediately was in love and knew I had to pick up another one from any other brand to try! Biore is very well known for their variation of make up removers and awesome wipes, so finally I bought my first full sized cleansing oil very happily!

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Biore Cleansing Oil!
They aren't kidding when it says it removes stubborn make up very easily and quick! The description is very well done, clear and is very informative!


Purple, pinkish and super easy and convenient to use, I totally have no issues with the packaging and think it was done very well. The bottle holds 150ml of product, the pump bottle is of a clear purplish pink color and there is an english description over the japanese on the back. The pump top comes with a plastic latch which when on, prevents the pump from pumping out product by accident.

There is a removal plastic latch that 'locks' the pump. This is very very useful but can get lost easily. Good, although a twist locking pump would be even better!
I removed a make up look very similar to this with the Biore cleansing oil! Eyeshadow, eyeliner and waterproof mascara!
Two pumps of Biore cleansing oil and one good wipe on my lid!
I flip the same piece over and wipe a bit more! All of my eye make up is removed! Viola!


A real mind blowing product, for the very affordable price I believe everyone should have a cleansing oil in their make up removing stash. I wear very long wearing liquid eyeliners, super waterproof mascara and long wearing foundations with powders on top. I however only use oil based make up removers on the eye area.

 I almost always remove all my make up while showering. Sometimes when I'm lazy I'd use make up wipes or a milk cleanser before using an oil based remover for my eyeliner and mascara.

This oil cleansing is of a liquid gel texture, an oil, it's very cooling when applied and has a very light fruity scent. If you have eyeliner, eyeshadow and a light coat of mascara on, one pump or one and a half pumps of product on a cotton pad will remove everything. I use two pumps at a time to remove my eye make up. 

By leaving the soaked pad on your eyelid for at least 20 seconds and rub it around a bit before wiping side ways, this will remove the most amount of make up. I've had this go into my eyes and experienced absolutely no stinging or irritation. Super big thumbs up!

Although this is technically very affordable compared to departmental store brand make up removers, I will continue buying my HG L'oreal waterproof eye make up remover!

Paid: $16.90 SGD or about $13.40 USD

Recommend: Yes! Totally would recommend this to those who haven't tried cleansing oils or want to have an affordable version to remove super waterproof eye makeup. This hasn't given me any irritation in the eyes or around my eye area.

Repurchase: Yes! A lovely formula, light, nicely scented and very very effective just as it says!

Bottom line: One of the most affordable cleansing oils in the Asian market (excluding normal make up removers), I love the packaging and how well it removes super super waterproof mascara without any lashes coming off or tugging or rubbing at all. I'd think everyone needs an oil cleanser like this in their collection.

What cleansing oil have you used before?
Oil or milk cleansers?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you very much!


  1. I want to try this now I read your review :D Sounds like a great product :)

  2. I was a religious user of Biore's eye and lip makeup remover (pink version) before! So effective and gentle on the eyes. I dont have easy access to it anymore though so I've switched but if it were available locally, I'd get it again. Plus, I'd definitely try this cleansing oil too because I'm a cleansing oil fan > micellar waters!

  3. Oh my goodness, I ALWAYS see this product when I browse SaSa and I ALWAYS want to buy it but I never do for some reason! I must get me a bottle when I go back home to Jakarta next month!

    Thanks so much for the review :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  4. I'd love to try this. Oil cleansers are generally pretty effective for removing makeup. Love the pink packaging.

  5. I was very happy with the effectiveness of this cleansing oil but it burned my eyes a little, so I stopped purchasing it.
    I'd still use separate eye makeup remover and use cleansing oil mainly to remove my waterproof sunscreen.
    Cleansing oil is not meant to be used with cotton pads in general anyway.

  6. It's effective, but does sting my eyes :(




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