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Rave review: Sleek i-divine Vintage Romance palette!

It's love with my Vintage Romance palette! Helloooo February everyone! I just realized a short while ago that I've been putting the date as '2013' on most of my end of term exam papers...oh no! I'm sure this will be brought up when we got back to school but for now I'm just laughing at myself for doing that! I've had the beautiful palette for several months now and having used it a few times I'm ready for a review!

 This palette was limited Edition last year and is now back in stock on Sleek's website which is where I order all my Sleek make up from. It's an incredibly easy site to use and you get your products so quickly! I've been tempted to order the newest LE palette "Garden of Eden" but thought that I won't really be using all those colors very much.

Continue below for the rave review and looks!

 Sleek i-divine Vintage Romance palette


Much like the other palettes from Sleek, it's black, matte, sturdy and a bit weighty. It's very basic, simple and has a lovely full mirror on the inside cover which I absolutely use a lot when applying my make up with this palette. These palettes are very slim and great for traveling.

I've never dropped any of my Sleek palette but I'd suppose that the shadows are not the most secure in this packaging but assuming you don't ever drop the palette I really don't see any problems with the packaging. I do wish that the names of the shadows were listed on the back of the palette instead of just on the plastic screen piece.

 Sleek i-divine Vintage Romance palette
Swatches of Sleek i-divine Vintage Romance palette

I am in love with the top neutral row of shades. Being a huge fan of shimmers, I love the browns and the gold so much, they are great shades to work with the deeper purples for very wearable looks!

The bottom row is just the "POP" in this palette, I've never come across another palette which such a great range of purples and I am in love with how the top row shades complement these cool toned purples. I don't have any purples in these tones so I was so excited to have this!

Swatches of Sleek i-divine Vintage Romance palette

The shadows in this palette are very consistent, all smooth, all pigmented, non are chalky or uneven and all compliment each other with such beauty! The only shades that is matte is the last terracotta shade on the top row, two of the purples and the black are matte but have glitter in them! 

Since I am a shimmer, metallic and shiney shadow lover I'm in love with all these shades. The variety of purple tones is also beautiful and great for someone who doesn't have any shades like this in their collection.

I found that the light gold, taupe, khaki and terracotta shades are perfect for working together with any of the bold purple tones. I've worn a combination of quite of a few of these shadows together and they blend very well together and are super pigmented over a cream base (I use Maybelline's CTT).

First look using Vintage Romance Palette! (Check out the full look here)
A golden and purple eye look, colorful, deep and beautiful! (My full look here)
My second look using the Vintage Romance Palette! (My full look here!)
A silvery metallic deep purple look like the night sky. (My full look here!)
Sleek i-divine Vintage Romance palette

Paid: $11.99 USD
or about $15.30 SGD (A steal considering drugstore shadows are $15-20 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! This palette is such a huge hit for me. The colors are all very wearable and easy to pair with each other within the palette, a great one for those who want or love purples!

Repurchase: Yes! If this palette were to ever go missing or break, I would try my best to get it again but otherwise I never want to repurchase the same shadows unless they're very special.

Bottom line: A super fun, girly, classic set of colors that work very well with each other. They are almost all shimmery or have glitter and make for seriously pretty eye looks. The formula of these shadows are so pigmented and smooth, they blend very easily too and this is a great palette for those who are going to get lots of use out of these shades!

What Sleek palettes do you own/want?
Like the purple shades?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
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  1. omggggosh! #OBSESSED!! those colors are sooo gorgeous!! i love the shimmer! omgosh you are so talented at eye makeup! your eye make up looks GORGEOUS!! so pretty i love it!

  2. I just LOVE how pigmented Sleek Palettes are! And I love the looks you made! Gorgeous!!!

  3. I managed to get this palette even though it is sold out everywhere here and I am so happy to get it!!
    it is a very impressive palette and a lot of deep burgundy-plum shades, totally my cup of tea! ^^ I love the looks you created with this palette!
    I love the gold shade very much as a highlight on my lower lashes.. love love! ^^

  4. Oh my the colors, sooo pigmented and creamy! It's a fantastic palette from Sleek Makeup and I want it! You are so creative with your eye makeup, I'm not very good in it just okay...great post honey! Hope you have a great weekend with your BF <3 Kisses <3

  5. Sleek's shimmery eyeshadows usually have excellent pigmentation and it looks like this palette is no exception! Love the look of Court in Cannes especially - such a sucker for shades like it :)

  6. Ohhh my gooosh I wish I saw this palette earlier when I was in the UK. >_< The color selection of this palette is absolutely goooorgeous. I always love the looks you do too!

  7. I'm such a huge fan of Sleek eyeshadow palettes, they are so good considering the price! I hope my cousin will bring me some when she visits London next time ^__^ Love the two looks you did, the blue one is stunning! <3

  8. (It's ok, I was still writing 2012 in April/May of last year on my university essays...HAHAHAHAHAHA)
    I saw the Garden of Eden palette the other day on Sleek's site and although it is beautiful, it's not something I'd pick up either.
    Ughhh, those swatches are so beautiful *-* Those browns and golds...just....ugh *-*
    I'm not even a fan of purple eyeshadows but this palette has definitely sold me on them *-*

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

  9. the shades are very pretty! and i esp love that amazing blue liner look! i'm all for blue liners lol.
    A Beautiful Zen

  10. your swatches are soo persuading!! I really want this palette now!! I wonder if I can still get it!!

  11. The colours look so amazing and glamourous!! And I can hardly believe that price. LOVE!

  12. I love the colour scheme of this palette, it is beautiful :) I have never tried sleek's products but I would love to get my hands on this palette!

  13. Nice palette♥ love your eye makeover too ○

  14. Those colours look gorgeous on you! I wish I could pull off such vibrant colours :) x

    Ria @

  15. The colours in this palette is so pretty, and the amount of pigmentation makes me want Sleek products so badly! How much was shipping from the website? I always want to order but I'm just scared that the shipping will be more than what I actually pay for to get the products lol :T If only this was available where I live...




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