Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Inspired Look: Maybelline Seashore Frosts and home made wantons!

Seashore Frosts inspired! Having seen a lot of beauty obcessed ladies getting their hands on the Limited Edition Summer Maybelline Color Tattoos I've been soo jealous that they aren't found here! I wanted to order a bunch on ebay but shipping cost is just ridiculous so I'm not buying any!

One of my favorite shades I saw was called "Seashore Frosts", its a duochrome of gold and blue which is so unique!

Continue below for the inspired look!
Maybelline color tattoo Seashore Frosts inspired look!
This is my favorite of the summer limited edition color tattoos. I love the duo chrome quality and its such a special duochrome color!
I managed to create this look as if I'd used the "seashore frosts" shadow! I used shadows from the Coastal Scents Smokey palette!

My aim was to have the color just on my lids and to blend the hard edge off since the eyes would be strong and very blue!

The glow from the lid is made to continue up into the blend out shade and to all under the brow, this is to contrast the blue and black of my eyeliner!
On the lid I had a duochrome gold/blue shade from the palette, used a navy on the outer V and then I used a soft mauve taupe to blend out the lid shade!
The duochrome shade is in the set of six of blue in the bottom. In person it has an amazing similarity to the seashore frosts shadow! Then I used a bit of the top right shadow in the orangy/rusty set of six to blend out the blue!

Products Used: theBalm Mary-lou manizer highlighter (my review here), Maybelline color tattoo (my review here), Bourjois brush foundation, Revlon matte shadow (for my brows), Kiss me Heroine impact frame mascara, Peripera eyeliner (my review here), Make Up Forever eyeliner (my review here), Bourjois healthy balance powder (my review here), Canmake blush (my review here), ZA concealer (my review here!)
Home fried wantons! Something I love making and love sharing with my family!
Crispy fried and full of yummy pork filled goodness!
Wanton noodles! Using the same wontons cooked in a broth, blanched veggies and yellow noodles with oyster sauce!

Went completely natural and warm on the cheeks. This shade from Canmake looks brown and shimmery in the pan but looks like a warmth on the cheeks! (Canmake blush review here!)
Overall I'm extremely satisfied with this look, wearable and just like the color tattoo I can't get my hands on!

After a very heavy and tiring two weeks of internship work I'm back on a school week full of mostly theory classes. I'm so grateful to have classmates to share work and regular conversation with and I can't wait for my free days to try out some of the huge amounts of make up I've been buying!

I really want to go the beach soon! I need to! I love everything about the beach, I want to be there with bright toe nails and shorts! 

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I love the look, as usual!!
    I wish I could pull off that blue on the eyes, but it doesn't work for me T.T
    Btw, can't wait to see your list!! *hunting time*!

  2. Seashore frosts is soooooooo pretty ! I really want that color tattoo :)
    You made a lovely look with it . And the food looks sooooo yummie !!

  3. That blue looks so fresh! Too bad they don't sell Maybelline color tattoo eye studio in Indonesia :(

  4. It's such a pretty look! I don't think I could pull off a blue eyeshadow look but you most certainly do! I haven't seen that Color Tattoo in store, it's so different, I've never seen anything like it before! x

  5. You did a great job at duping the color. So smart of you to improvise :)

  6. Lovely look! and those wantons looks delish too~ :D

  7. Why must they bring these beautiful products out as Limited Edition & don't sell them everywhere! It's not fair! I don't think they're in Aus yet but they'll get here eventually. I think you've done a great job creating the duochrome look, great choice of colours! Mmm that food looks delicious! xx

  8. Nice job of capturing the colour! I hate limited edition products, they are so tempting but hard to get your hands on! I agree with you on the Colour Tattoo products, they are awesome!




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