Friday, 12 July 2013

Skincare review: Kose Mask White!

'Mask White' that is black?! This much raved about liquid gel face mask has been floating around the asian blogsphere for the last few years. I've seen it as being great for removing white and black heads all over the face but personally I know how to use nose strips so my nose is never clogged.

Having slightly oilier skin when I saw this on sale last year I thought why not try it out. I rarely do face masks so this was going to be a treat.

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Kose Seikisho Mask White gel mask
Instructions which are very crucial as this product is very sticky and can pull out hair if you're not careful!
Packaging & Product!

The rest of the products from this line are all packaged with the very similar look, simple, navy blue and minimalistic. I quite like that it's simple and clear, I have no fuss with the packaging not being decorated or very pretty and unique. Many japanese/korean higher end brands just usually go with simple colors and designs. Nothing fancy.

The product on first impressions looks like black gloppy wet slop! It's very thick when it comes out of the tube but can be evened out with your fingers so its much thinner. It's best to apply out a thick amount and to sheer and spread it out to a medium thickness where its still opaque.

You must work very fast and get enough product out to use otherwise this gets very sticky and dries quickly. I usually will use this for an entire face mask and avoid the mouth area. Be careful not to get this near your hairline as it gets messy!

After this dries completely in about 15-20 mins in an airconditioned room, I'm able to peel this off quite entirely from the outside. Personally I've not seen any white or blackheads on the mask but my skin feels amazing refreshed and cooled.

Kose Seikisho Mask White, a thick swatch and blended, you need an even layer between these two swatches for application on the face!
Applying an even layer all over, especially around the nose but not around my mouth as it dries up!

You have to 'hand draw' your own face mask! It's sort of fun, but work fast or it sets quickly!

What it loos like almost dry, sort of leathery. Although it dries up very much my skin feels so fresh!
You can apply and make an entire face mask like how I did but remember that you can also just apply this on the forehead or on the cheeks or nose if wanted!

The product begins to crinkle once dry and you move your face! Peels off very carefully from the outside!
What this product looks like dry, its best to wait until its completely dry like the thinner swatch as it peels off entirely and leaves your skin feeling so fresh!

Paid: $38 SGD or about $30 USD

Recommend: Yes but this is not a must buy. It's has great cooling and refreshing qualities after use and helps with oilier skin but it's not something that gives amazing results.

Repurchase: Nope, once this tube finishes I will be trying out other types of face masks.

Bottom line: Quite pricey for a face mask type product, it does work as it says and the skin feels very refreshed and cooled. I will use this until it's finished but its not something anyone needs unless you'll like to try it!

Have you heard of any skincare from Kose before?
Heard of this mask before?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. It looks interesting. I love masks especially peel off kinds.:)

  2. oh wow it looks very interesting! I am not a fan of peel off mask, because they usually sting my eyes and my eyes always get red and kind of irritated every time I use peel off mask..Does it ever happen to you as well?

  3. Wow it's expensive for that kind of mask! Even though it's work well, I think that you can find cheaper alternatives!

  4. i HAVE to try this!!! sounds great! I've never had a peel on mask before!!

  5. Wow that's a very interesting mask! You'd want to hope nobody came to the door while you had it on haha. Very handy that you were able to peel it off in one go. At least your skin felt refreshed afterwards xx




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