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Review: Kiss Me Heroine Impact Frame Mascara!

Impact Frame Mascara! Being a giant fan of the rest of the Kiss Me Heroine make up products. I can proudly call the 'volume & curl' and 'long & curl' mascaras from them to be both my HG (holy grail) mascaras. I will continue to buy them until I stop loving or wearing make up.

I was looking around Sasa beauty shop for about 20 mins looking at all the other Asian brand mascaras for a new one to try as I never veer off my HG mascaras. I saw so many great looking mascaras from Japanese and Korean brands but so few are suppose to be waterproof. So when I saw this was waterproof I grabbed it!

My reviews for my holy grail mascaras are (volume & curl: here) and (long & curl: here)!

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Heroine make up Impact Frame Mascara!
Heroine make up Impact Frame Mascara!
Heroine make up Impact Frame Mascara!
Packaging & Product!

This is the stand out of all three of the Heroine make up mascaras that I've seen. The other two are in hot pink tubes whereas this one is black and gold and is slightly longer. Nothing special about the packaging that's important, although I do very much like the cap as the design makes it look like a cut jewel. 

This mascara much like the other two from the same brand has a very black, glossy and more wet formula. With all three formulas I need to remove excess product by running it off onto the rim of the tub for the first month or two of using until it dries up a bit after use. This formula is meant to be waterproof but its not as super waterproof as the other two formulas.

The tip of the brush which is meant for touching up in the inner corners and outer corners of the lashes gathers too much product so its important to get all the extra product off first. 

This mascara gives volume and definition however length is not the strong point of their formula. I would recommend this to ladies to like a regular waterproof formula and a mascara that's a good all rounder in terms of effect on the lashes.
The wand is slightly curved with one side with plastic ridges and the the curved side being the bristles like a regular wand. The tip of the wand also has bristles but it gathers too much product to be used out of the tube!
Kiss Me Heroine Make Up Mascara collection! (Volume & curl, Impact Frame, Long & curl)
My bare lashes. Not curled, my lashes are naturally curled. I don't even own a lash curler!
One even coat using the bristle side!
I quite like how with one coat it looks thick and even and natural!
After taking off excess product into the rim of the tube I can get a very even defined coat! 
(Check out my hot pink eye look here!)
This looks as good as the other formulas from them however its not as waterproof as the other two formulas! This tends to smudge slightly under my eyes by the end of a long day!
Paid: $25.90 SGD or about $20.50 USD (This is normal pricing for drugstore brands here!)

Recommend: Yes, for those who are willing to work with a more wet formula that is of regular waterproof strength.

Repurchase: Nope, it still doesn't beat the other two formulations from them!

Bottom line: A pretty good mascara, I go for this when I'm going for volume and I layer this on otherwise this does very good defined lashes too. The brush is interesting but I still end up removing a lot of extra product!

Are you a fan of any Kiss Me Heroine make up?
Do you need waterproof mascara?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. I really like the packaging of Kiss Me Heroine Brand. I own a liquid eyeliner pen which I like a lot. But the mascara looks also really nice! I should have a look :D

    1. Everything is very princess like! It's adorable! But their eyeliners and mascara are really good quality, super waterproof which I love!

  2. D-did you say you DON'T OWN A LASH CURLER AND THOSE ARE NATURALLY CURLED??????????????? O M G YOU ARE SO LUCKY. You're lashes look...AMAZING AHHH!!!

    I haven't tried any Kiss Me Heroine products, but their packaging is always so cute! I might give them a try once I use up all my Dolly Wink. This mascara gives such a nice even coat to your lashes.~

    Thanks for sharing! <3

    1. Haha, yes, I DO NOT own a lash curler! They are just some how curled. Maybe from so much mascara?

  3. I've been looking for a good waterproof mascara as well,and the one you gave me is perfect for me at the moment because it is warm here now in Germany and non waterproof mascara will smudge in 1-2 hours, very annoying.. So waterproof mascara is a must!
    this one is lacking in volume, imho, I like the result of the pink bottle one better ^^

    1. Same, this one is more 'natural' than the pink bottle ones, my HG will be the pink bottle ones!

  4. The KMHM long and curl is my HG mascara, ahaha. (I'm sticking to it for life!~) Thank you for the review! <3

    Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    1. That's the exactly same deal for me! I ain't in a rush to try any other mascaras!

  5. Havent tried the kiss me heroine mascaras but very keen to try out the ones youve put as HG status ! too bad this isnt as good as the other 2 formulations.

    ♥ M & L

  6. I like the brush, but I hate it when they gather too much product! It really does curl nicely, and adds a lot of volume!
    Oh & I just wanted to say about your recent with the "glow in the dark" polishes I have from China Glaze, they only glow under UV light, sorry that you thought otherwise! xx

  7. I'm so glad I read your review! The comb side on the inside of a curved brush!!!??? It just doesn't make sense as it's obviously going to pick up too much product.

    I adore their Volume & Curl & was thinking about trying this out but none of the information anywhere said anything about it being truly waterproof, which for me is an absolute must, so I just came across your blog in doing a search. Thank you so much for saving me the disappointment of a mascara I can tell I won't like. Definitely sticking to Volume & Curl (although I usually mix it up with the Length & Curl for the last layer just for the lashes touching my eyebrows sensation).

    Great blog, BTW!

  8. Your lashes are naturally curled?! Omg, I'm so jealous! =0




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