Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Rave Review: Sleek blush in Mirrored Pink! (Limited Edition Aqua Collection)

Aqua Collection, Blush Perfection! This from one of the latest collections from Sleek, the "Aqua" collection includes this beautiful universal shimmery medium pink! The moment I saw this online on some other ladies blogs I ordered this in my second Sleek haul!

I have to ADMIT!! I have been HAULING! So many things to try and review! Ooo! I am so excited for this coming month! Please stay with me ladies!

Continue below for the review!

Sleek blush Aqua Collection in Mirrored Pink 846

It's a solid mid tone rose pink with super fine golden and silver shimmery that comes off as a satin natural finish!

Swatch of Sleek blush Aqua Collection in Mirrored Pink 846
Packaging & Product!

Solid, sturdy and sleek, I love how products from Sleek all come with a TON of product like an amazing 8 grams  in these blushes and a wide mirror! There's no fault at all with the packaging of products from Sleek, its simple and not fussy.

This shade is just such a versatile, beautiful, all occasion shade! It's a medium tone of pink which such fine gold and silver shimmer that it comes off as a such a glow of pink on the cheeks!

To put it simply, the formulation matte or shimmer is so silky smooth and finely milled, it applies like a dream and just looks great with any eye look! In terms of wear time, they definitely can last more than 8 hours if not touched or if you weren't sweaty. I really think these blushes are amazing!

I need no more than two touches of my brush onto the blush for enough for one cheek, these are highly pigmented and apply very evenly with a small dense blush brush.

Comparison with Flamingo and Suede!
Sleek blush Aqua Collection in Mirrored Pink 846, Flamingo and Suede! (My review for Flamingo/Suede here!)
Mirrored Pink! I love the fresh light shimmery finish!

Paid: $6 USD or about ($7.70 SGD) For this price, the large amount and quality is amazing!

Recommend: Yes! For anyone who hasn't tried sleek blushes or who would like pinks, this is a great shade that would fit all skin tones!

Repurchase: Yes, however there is no more need for another of the same shade as there's so much product (8g). I recently got another shade but I think it maybe my last one!

Bottom line: Amazing quality, finely milled, highly pigmented, easy to apply and for the large amount and sturdy packaging this is something worth any girl's time to try out! There are plenty of shades to choose from!

What have you tried from Sleek cosmetics?
Think you'll like this shade?
let me know!

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  1. Replies
    1. Do order from their site! It's an amazing brand to try, such wearable and high quality products!

  2. Looks really pretty!

    PS: It's giveaway time on my blog! Hope you join: http://www.underlockandkeyblog.com/2013/06/angelorian-tradition-giveaway.html

    1. Ooo...I will take a look, thanks dearie!

  3. The colours look so pigmented and amazing! I've heard so many good things about Sleek products but I have yet to get my hands on them. I'm also drooling over their infamous eyeshadow palettes! *_* <3 Great review!

  4. That is super pretty!! I haven't tried any of the blushes from Sleek but one day I might, although this one is pretty tempting! It looks stunning on you my dear xx

    1. Thank you dear! I think their shades are so universal! ^^

  5. Where do you get your Sleek blushes from? :) $7.70 SGD is such a steal, i'd love to know where so i can get my hands on some! Thank you in advance ;)

    1. Order from their website! It's free international shipping, I use my mastercard debit on my NETS card! It arrives within about a week and they're make up is sooo worth it!

  6. Looks so lovely on you <3

  7. I've always wanted to use Sleek cosmetics! I've heard great things about them.

    xo Amy


  8. Gorgeous color. I feel like I'm the only blogger out there who still hasn't tried Sleek yet.

  9. I love Flamingo!




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