Thursday, 9 May 2013

Spring Inspired look: Pastel pink and purples! (Korean lunch!)

Pull out the pinks and purples! I know, I know, 'spring' as we know it is technically over...I think but I love bright pretty colors all year round as in Singapore, or at least south east asia it's summer all year round!

I did this look a short while back when going out to see my boyfriend for lunch and a movie. I took out my Wet n Wild palette in 'Lust' and immediately knew I wanted something purple and pink!

Continue below for the look!
Pastel pink and purple eye look!
Pastel pink and purple eye look!
Pastel pink and purple eye look! (Using NYX slide on eyeliner in Purple Blaze)
Pastel pink and purple eye look! (Using NYX slide on eyeliner in Pure White on the waterline)
Products Used: L'oreal true match to conceal (My review here!), Peripera I love BB cream (my review here) mixed with Missha Perfect cover (my review here), ZA powder in OC10 or 22, Mary lou Manizer (my review here), Wet n Wild palette in 'Lust', Canmake blush in PW18 and highlight (my review here!), Kiss Me Heroine eyeliner (my review here!), Kiss Me Heroine mascara (my review here!), NYX slide on eyeliner pencils in Purple Blaze and Pure white
Used the pale matte pink on the lid, the matte purple on the outer corner with the shimmer gunmetal above my crease.
Mary Lou Manizer (my holy grail under brow highlighter) and a black wing topped off with NYX slide on eyeliner in Purple blaze
Put some white eyeliner in the waterline and some rosy blush with a touch of highlighter on my cheeks!
A touch of Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie (my favorite shade of them all!)
This is what I had, a very plain soya type sauce with my bimbimbap...yummy although for the price I believe a bit more generosity with the ingredients would've been appropriate.
We shared a small onion pancake...small sucker that went down quickly!
What le boyfriend ate, his had a soya bean paste sauce which he really enjoyed!
Paired this light but yet brightening eye look with a simple dotted peplum top!

Yep and we were happy campers that day and all other days I could possibly think about when I see his lovely face. His birthday is coming up at the end of this week and I've been planning on doing something memorable. Haven't decided 100% on what it will be but for sure I just want to let him know that he's loved and that any day can be a celebration.

Much like myself, birthdays have never been made a big deal of, no big party with friends...nothing of the sort and I won't be able to see him on the actual day but a few days after. So....I get more time to wrap his gifts nicely? Hah!

Hope everyone of you is doing well, and a big welcome to my newest followers! I'm sorry but I'm real busy right now and won't be checking out your blogs as much! Do keep on for reviews to come!

Thank you!


  1. loving the spring look! and the food! Yummers ^_~

  2. You look lovely! X

    I'm from Singapore too.

  3. oh I love the eye look! so jelly you can pull off any kind of colors!
    btw, you mixed 3 foundations / BB Creams? may I know why you have to mix 3 different face products?

    oh and the korean food looks yummy!! I looooove korean pancake!

    1. I only mix the peripera and missha, because the missha is way too dark for me and the peripera is a bit too gray to apply all over so they make a great flesh tone together. The l'oreal was for some concealing!

  4. Lovely combination of pastel pink and purple. Your hair looks amazing!!

  5. Your eye makeup is so gorgeous and dramatic!

  6. Whenever I pull out the Lust palette I can never seem to make it work for me, I don't know why because the colours are gorgeous! I love how you've done your eyes here. The darkest glittery purple is meant to be a dupe for MAC's Beautymarked, which is cool! You look so beautiful as usual! xx

  7. love your eyes with these bolder purples...the food looks delicious and your boyfriends having a blast.
    Oh, I wanted to say I saw that 70s film that inspired the NARS blush and although the dialogues are hilarious, I lost my appetite on some scenes (but I'm such a wuss so the normal teenager would be like..."duh, not impressed")
    Have a gorgeous weekend Sharlyn

  8. You two are adorable :) What a fun and creative look - love the way you combined the different colours and how you placed and blended them!

  9. Really like the liner here :)
    And those yummies looking DELICIOUS !!!

  10. Blog hopping and found your beautiful blog.

    Smashing post, a nice mix up of beauty, makeup and cookery...great combo ! Interesting!
    Best of luck for you two, have fun and LOL, Laughter is good for health...!:)

    Hope you two will scribble something on my blogs too...


  11. Great job with mixing the colors - I surprised how wearable the colors are. And btw, you have really nice skin ^_^

  12. The food looks delicious ! and your make up look is fabulous :) the method used to apply shadows is a lot like the horizontal gradient method that I have learnt. Which is great for asian eyes :) Thanks for sharing ! Please do drop by my blog !

    Cherry ~~

  13. I really love the matte pastel shadows, the gradient in the eye makeup is really dramatic! Great look!




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