Friday, 31 May 2013

Rave Review: NYX stay matte but not flat powder foundation! (shade SMP05 soft beige)

Stay Matte but not Flat? Has anyone heard of tried this foundation powder by NYX? I picked this up during my huge NYX haul when I saw Smoochiezz booths with watsons a few months back! Check out my NYX haul here!

I heard that this was a great formulation for those who want matte skin with a natural glow. I swatched my HG ZA powder on my arm and matched it up to this shade, Soft Beige!

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NYX Stay matte but not flat powder foundation in shade 05 Soft Beige!

NYX Stay matte but not flat powder foundation in shade 05 Soft Beige! A decent 7.5g, most are betwen 7-10!

NYX Stay matte but not flat powder foundation in shade 05 Soft Beige!
NYX Stay matte but not flat powder foundation in shade 05 Soft Beige!

Packaging & Product!

Any sleek black clearly labelled products that feel sturdy are always in favor with me. I do like how the packaging is sort of cute with the labelling on the front, other than that I was only 'just' satisfied when I saw that there was only 7.5 grams of products in this bulky clam shell case! The reason for the bulk like many American brands of make up tends to be a compartment for a sponge which is useful however I'd prefer a slimmer compact as I can't seem to fit my other round sponges in!

The powder itself is quite a dream, when first swatched I noticed how it had a matte finish but it almost borders on satin. This powder by itself has a good medium coverage and doesn't settle into find lines around the mouth throughout the day! I love the match I found as it works on my face down to my neck very well.

I apply foundation powder to top off all my bases, either if I have a full face or layer of foundation or just spot concealing, powder always tops it off for me. This feels very light on the skin and it doesn't cake with several layers. I pat and buff my powder in either with a kabuki brush or dense powder brush.

After, even and flawless!
Bare face with unevenness!
As seen above my bare skin has slight darkness around the eyes and I have pink unevenness on my cheeks, above my lips and on the sides of my face. I have some light freckling around my face and light moles too. The powder really gives a good even flawless finish, without looking like I have powder on all over.

I love this powder so much and the finish it gives that I try not to use it too often. I go to my regular HG ZA powder for everyday wear plus going between my Bourjois healthy balance and trying out my new Sleek Suede powder!

This is for special occasions as I really don't want to finish it up too quickly as I have no clue when I'll be able to get near a booth selling NYX again. I usually finish a single 9 grams of foundation powder in a month so I really don't want to finish this one up too fast!

Super macro close up! See how even and flawless the texture of the powder is!

It has such a flawless matte finish and this shade matches me so well, the perfect yellow and beige tones!
Quite the perfect match I'd say! And it looks like I have an even light tan! Wearing NYX stay matte but not flat powder in 05 Soft Beige!

Paid: $25.90 SGD or about $20.50 USD

Recommend: Yes! For those of us who have oilier skin, prefer a matte finish with a slight 'glow', this is your perfect match! They have a shade range more decent than regular brands in singapore and they have shades dark enough for very tan or dark Asian skin tones!

Repurchase: When I do run out of this, hopefully not within the next three months, yes! Subject to if I come across beauty booths selling NYX again!

Bottom line: Great color match, light texture, medium coverage and good for a matte-satin finish. I love this powder and am trying to conserve it for special days! Do try it if you get the chance! I only wish there was more than the 7.5 grams!

Have you heard about this powder before?
Prefer a matte finish?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Sounds great!! Your skin looks flawless <3

  2. It really does even out the skintone! Looking good, girl.

  3. oh wow it looks soooo flawless but healthy at the same time, not cakey at all!!
    NYX is very limited here in Germany, not all beatuy stores carry it and when they do, the product range is so small and multiply expensive. T.T
    I like NYX jumbo eye pencil and also the powder blushes!
    love the thumbnail pict, so funny :D

  4. Great!! yesterday itself, I was looking for the review of this foundation, Glad I found yours. It definitely makes you look flawless.:)

  5. I love how matte and even it stays on your face! love love love ^_~

  6. So so pretty Sharlynn! ♥

  7. Wow sweetie looks like a really cool powder!

  8. This sounds amazing, I really want to try it out now :)

  9. ahh I love NYX eyeshadows, and stays matte but not flat sounds good to me! you look great with it btw :D

  10. I haven't used a powder foundation before - I think the closest I've tried is Maybelline Dream Mousse which has a mousse texture but went on pretty powdery (or at least dried to that finish). This looks great on you - as seen in the close ups! Your skin looks to be in really lovely condition anyway, apart from some unevenness in skin tone.




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