Thursday, 4 October 2012

Special: Birthday haul from Watsons, la Senza and Sea Folly! (make up, skin care, under garmets and swim suits)

Crazy haul time! No more for the next few months! No more major hauls in such large amounts! This was during my birthday month of August where I can 5 times the points of my purchases which I can then use for buying things at Watsons!

I had used up a lot of hair products, conditioner and shampoo, was low of nose strips and needed to back up on powder. So I picked up and stocked up on lots of things for myself, somethings for giving away and somethings were for my mom!

Continue below to check out my Watsons birthday haul!

Birthday haul from Watsons, make up, hair products and skin care!

(From top row down, left to right)
  • Pamolive shower gel (moms), Dove, Herabal Essence, Pantene Shampoo/conditioner
  • Cetaphil moisturizer (amazing for sensitive/dry/combination skin)
  • Aqual label white up foam cleanser (my review here!)
  • Hada labo AHA/BHA cleanser (my review here!)
  • Ear buds, wet wipes, Biore nose strips (My review here!)
  • Missha perfect cover bb cream, oral b dental floss
  • Hair ties, lip ice lipbalm (my review here!), empty bottles, tweezers, travel bags, pumice stones
  • Nivea whitening deoderant, Kiss me Heroine mascara, Olay touch of foundation moisturizer
  • Essence nail polish, Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palettes, Za concealer, 
  • l'oreal liquid foundation (my review here!), Canmake single blushes (my review here!)
  • Za pressed foundation powders

The make up portion of the haul, more Canmake blush, powder back ups and some eyeshadows!
Za pressed foundation powder in shades 22, 23 (for me) and 33 for my mom. l'oreal true match teint foundation in N4 for mom, two palettes from Majolica Majorca, a peachy shade and rosy (repurchase) from Canmake.  A back up of Kiss me Heroine mascara, Za concealer, lip butter in berry smoothie and two polishes from essence
The newly packaged Heroine long & curl mascara! My holy grail!
A bunch of panties I got at la Senza's end of season sale! patterned, bright and cute! Not to mention 50% off on everything else I got!
Got 3 bras in this design, the cross in the front is so dainty, this one has extremely soft cups.
Hot pink with the glitter trim and tiny bow, oh so lovely! So sad they don't have my size for so many of the designs! I was so happy when I found this in my size!
Another plain white one, this design is so comfy and great for ample chest, a bit of lace trim, not very me but wearable
Japanese stick rice set dinner with mom!
Stick rice with chestnuts and peanuts
Grilled mackerel!

Grilled salmon!

Two new swim suits from Sea Folly, they have amazing support in their designs. Girls with extra flab, curves or heavy chest, they've got all the sizes, designs and fit for all bodies. Very pricey though but very great quality!

Slide clip, nothing like a string bikini that can come undone!

The padding and top of the piece has a soft silicone lining that fits snugly on your skin so nothing moves!
How it looks on, I've never been as comfortable with my body as I am now. Although I still am put off by all the scars from stretch marks on my belly and I do have flab I'm going to work on loosing.
Just a photo of my cat sleeping underneath all the mess of stuff on my bed!

Thanks for checking out my very late birthday haul! 
Be on the look out for more reviews and looks! 

Hope everyone's having a great day!


  1. That's a lot of awesome products! <3 Lucky you~
    And the under garments are all so cute<3


    1. Oh yeah, a lot...a bit too much! The unddies, omg...yep, love them!!

  2. OMG that is a huge haul!! so envy you have watsons there, it's one of my fave place on earth! lol
    I salute that you have the confidence to stand for who you are! your body is amazing!

    1. I love it too! The biggest outlet is under renovation right now! Grrr! Haha, it looks okay standing but I've got lots of rolls to hide!

  3. ooh looks like a lot of goodies you got! :D




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