Friday, 19 October 2012

October foodie post! #1 (german yums, home made quiche, pretzels, seafood dinner)

Eat to live? I think I live to eat! Food isn't always on my mind like a food addict, anorexic or's something that floats around that keeps me happy in my mind. I need to make it a point to spend time to make new dishes and bake!

Continue below for things I've eaten and things I've made! Quiche and pretzels!
German bier, open sandwiches, sausage platter, roasted knuckle! Home cooked udon, spinach, scallops, red velvet cupcakes and black pepper crab!

Seafood goodies, steamed prawns, pepper crab, fried man tao buns, sweet cripsy squid! Nacho chips and quesadilla and hot sauce chicken!
Hot noodle soups, tom yum, fancy cupcakes (that didn't taste that great), mc donalds meal, home made steak, pad thai noodles, meat noodles, ayam penyet!
Home cooked dark sauce noodles, cucumber appetizer, cripsy vegetarian noodles, chicken katsu and rice, vinegar dumplings, fried dumplings, char siew noodles and soupy noodles!
Food from 'Pow sing' restaurant, famous of their chicken rice, sambal kang kong, claypot! Bakerzin (artizan type bakery) with fancy pastries, so yummy and pretty!
Toast, tea and eggs! home made spring rolls, meaty noodles, mushroom scramble, claypot noodles and rice, soursop fruit dessert and onee onee!
Home made pretzels with the boyfriend and cheesy mushrooms!
Home made quiche with bacon, onions and tomatos! No cream at all!
And just a few snaps of the man and his little adorable brother!

Hope you've all been eating well! 
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. you never fail to make me hungry with your foody post!! :-D how do you like ayam penyet? is it too spicy for you? I love it sspicy though :)
    and all the asian food pics,! oh I'm dying over here.

    1. Hahah! I love ayam penyet! love it and the catfish one too! It's good, Im getting better with the fresh chilli paste, I can eat all of the it served together now! Before I could only have a bit!

  2. waaah awesome food pics! You can't go wrong witha good cake lol..

    1. Haha, thanks I love posting about food! :)


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