Friday, 27 July 2012

3 coral lippies for summer~!

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I've been busy with part time work the last two weeks so therefore the lack of posts! Here's a trio of coral lipsticks for the summer months!

It's really getting roasting hot in Singapore the last two weeks, no rain and plenty of perfect sun for serious tanning! I've gotten a serious tan from one day at the beach so I'll be staying out of the sun for the next few weeks!

Continue below for swatches!

inouvi, revlon and maybelline coral lipsticks!

inouvi, revlon and maybelline coral lipsticks!
inouvi (apricot), revlon (825 shiny sheer) and maybelline (juicy orange)
Now discontinued, the lipstick is in a very slim tube!
In shade 825 sheer superlustrous!

Maybelline watershine lipsticks which are still selling in Singapore!
In shade juicy orange, this is very moisturizing and somewhat sheer
It looks very red here but it's more of a medium orange
A local brand, i nuovi, the lipstick is very opaque and matte.
In person this is a very bright orange, not as scarlet!
The maybelline watershine lipstick had melted so I scooped it out!
Into an empty contact lens case and there we go!
inouvi (apricot), revlon (825 shiny sheer) and maybelline (juicy orange)

Don't the Revlon and Maybelline look like dupes?!

Have you been using any coral shades this summer? 
On your cheeks, lips, nails?
 let me know!

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  1. I love coral lipsticks although I hardly wear them. It's interesting that Asia has so many different products compared to Australia; I don't remember any of these lines being released here. :) xx

  2. I adooooore corals for summer. They look so fresh all the time! :) These three lippies look very pretty!

  3. oh you're so creative depoting the melted lipstick! I like the maybelline water shine lipstick range, I think they're really good! too bad they don't have it in europe :/

  4. You had me at Coral haha. The Inouvi one looks perfect!

  5. i love coral lipsticks! The two that I have are Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Peach and Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Crush. :) I really like the Inouvi one but too bad that brand is not available where i live >_< haha

  6. beautiful colors of lipsticks :)
    how are you? do not you visit me :)

  7. Ahh they're all so pretty! I'd like to try out a Maybelline sheer lipstick sometime - looks pretty!


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