Saturday, 10 September 2011

LOTD: Warm neutrals and black liner (photos!)

Yay! Finally a recent post to go up! I did this look just this morning after realizing that I haven't touched any of my eyeliners in a while. I hate smudged eyeliner on the lower lashline and have been totally avoiding eyeliner there...but I do love how black eyeliner looks on me. Some warm neutrals and mascara and wham! I look Egyptian!

I plan to make pizza today at home with a friend so hopefully that should go well! Yeah, I always love dolling up for friends, gives me an excuse to use make up. Enjoy the look!

Continue below for photos!

Everything I used....except...

Things I used:

  • Maybelline Define-a-lash in waterproof black
  • NYX palette (golden/rust/walnut bronze)
  • skin food small eyeshadow brush
  • elianto fluffy eyeshadow brush
  • thebalm Time Balm liquid concealer in nude
  • Maybelline's mineral powder shade OC2 Natural Orchre (crushed into powder)
  • Fan multipurpose brush from SINMA

No blush or lip color today!

One quick coat of define-a-lash or any other defining mascara!

A bit clumpy on my left eye...
Much better on the right...

Using walnut bronze (third color on right) in the NYX palette all over the lid....
Rimmel's waterproof eyeliner on the lower lashline (not on the waterline to avoid smudging!)

Yep, that's all, easy as that for the eyes...but then I wanted it heavier...

Added the gold color from the palette to the inner half of the lid and doubled up on the eyeliner!

Lightly diffuse the edge of the eyeshadow...

Powdered and concealed face and bare clean lips...that's it for the look!

I'm smiling with my eyes, right?

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  1. Even I have Define a lash mascara! Happy blogging gurl! Do visit my blog if you can, and lets follow each other if you want.

  2. @Karishma

    Will do, will do! Make up lovers must unite!


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