Monday, 28 August 2017

Food Post: Things eaten out and home made! (Jan/Feb 2017)

Colorful and tasty! Yes, that's right, I like my food tasty but also very colorful! I'm sure many of you must have heard that eating food in a wider range of colors means that we are getting more vitamins and minerals and so that's what I do and eat religiously by! Today I've got shots of meals I've mowed down earlier this year, I hope nobody is hungry while scrolling through this post or I can gaurantee you will leave half way to grab a snack!

Continue below for the colorful delicious post!
Food Post: Things eaten out and home made! (Jan/Feb 2017)
A delicious mix plate of sashimi dressed with a citrus shoya marinade on seaweed!
A delicious unagi and egg rice bento!
Cheap steak at the coffeeshop! This was super satisfying and so filling!
Pan fried chicken chop with mushroom sauce!
Pepper Lunch's famous hot plate! Steak and mash potatoes!
Different flavors of xiao long bao at Paradise Dynasty!
Super delicate and delicous sweet and savory raddish filled flaky pastry!
Mango shaved ice!
My favorite mee pok noodles dry with a pork and fish cake filled mini steamboat soup!
Chinese new year dinner at home! An assorted cold dish, fried fish with sweet and sour sauce, stir fried giant prawns and a spinach dish!
Tossing that yu sheng for lots of prosperity and a great year ahead!
The cold dish on the first day of chinese new year! Braised raddish, carrots, home made char sui, cold prawns, japanese jelly fish and seaweed!
Garlic and paprika chicken chop with home made coleslaw and roasted potatoes!
Sirloin, spiced potatoes and crispy broccoli!
Prepping to make tempura!
An all tempura dinner at home with home made tempura dip!
A rice bowl at Timbre! Mexican rice (whatever that means!), pulled beef, salsa, gauc, pickles, cheese and chips!
Home made pizza! My favorite, covered in peppers, onions, pineapple and sausage!
This one has peppers, sausage, bacon and salami!
Home made chocolate jam cake with chocolate frosting!
Spicy korean style pork belly, stir fried mushrooms and bean sprouts and a crispy fried fish!
My home made banana cake with peanut butter frosting!
Home made roasted pepper and tomato soup with fresh basil!
The face I make when you give me food!

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