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Review: Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!

Rosey Cheeks! Blush has always been my kryptonite! I love a good blush and application that not only adds color to the face but sculpts the face without the need for any contour or bronzer. Anna Sui's aesthetic has always been appealing to me. Along with the look and all things rose obsessed there was a time that I just loved the look of blushes with multiple shades. This was in the back of my mind for about two years before I found them at Sasa and swatched them all in person before finally  getting my hands on one!

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Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!

For those who have seen Anna Sui products, the fairly intricate and decorative look shouldn't be a surprise. The products all have a very detailed design look and quite some thought has been put into not only the exterior box packaging but the actual product casing and even the product itself.

Overall the packaging of this product is very comprehensive without being too bulky or over the top. I am a fan of the glossy case and its functionality as nothing is worse than a pretty looking product that takes up too much space or is difficult to use.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!

Getting into the blush, it is comprised of four different shades in this product. The four shades are molded to look like roses all together in the pan, each rose being a different color. This shade 301 is a mix of pinks and orange which when swatched mixed together gives a coral pink color. The texture of this blush is extremely finely milled and soft which translate to the product applying and looking extremely even no matter what brush is used. 

The pigmentation of this blush is definitely versatile. It can be used lightly for a very natural flush with a translucent quality or can be built up and used so that the color is very opaque on the skin. It also should be noted that like most products from Anna Sui, this blush smells gorgeously of roses which I love!

In terms of finish this blush has what I call a soft matte finish where the blush for the most part is not shiney but it has a soft focus quality on the skin. From my time using it, this blush seems to be able to lasts nicely through an average day without wearing off visibly or in a patchy way.

Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color N in 301!
Paid: $49 SGD or about $34 USD

Recommend: Yes! This blush is definitely an interesting piece. If you are a fan of pinks and coral tone blushes this would be a great blush that could satisfy both color needs as well as being a very natural and easy to use product.

Repurchase: No, not this particular blush as I've got plenty in my collection! Although I would be very keen on more blushes that have multiple tones as they are super versatile!

Bottom line: A absolutely gorgeous blush that gives you three shades to play with all in one! The rose scent is delectable and the product inside and out is stunning to look at too. 

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