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Skincare Review: Instantly Ageless™! (Before and After photos on mature skin)

Interested in an 'Instant Facelift'? Hey ladies! As many of you know my blog is mostly beauty, skincare and food but usually mostly beauty! Recently I was lucky enough to be asked by a friend if I was keen on trying out a skincare product that she was helping to bring into and distribute in Singapore. This product is a "anti-wrinkle microcream" product that's meant to temporarily reduce the signs of aging like a botox without any invasive procedures.

This product is currently sold online in the US, Canada, UK and many other countries including the Phillipines, Indonesia and more! This product is sold through many wesbites, however it is currently out of stock on many of the official sites so do contact [] if you are interested in ordering internationally.  (Singapore's website here!) 

NOTE: There are so many websites that sell this product, many unofficial ones as well as sellers who are trying to make a profit selling the product individually. Hence I would direct you to the official site and sellers through distributors in each country!

Continue below for the full review!

Instantly Ageless™!
As you can see, the individual vial is small in size. It holds 15ml of product which is enough for 1-2 uses depending on what area you are applying to.

In terms of how Instantly Ageless packages their products it's very clean, clinical and minimalistic. It reminds of Clinique, Philosophy and the Ibuki/ The Skincare lines from Shiseido's skincare. I'm a fan of the light Tiffany type blue and white pairing as it looks...for the lack of better words 'ageless' and classic too. The product itself comes in tube/vial looking pieces that are made of a super durable firm but still squeezable plastic material. My only slight complaint is that the tube is a bit tough to squeeze when you're trying to get the last bits of product out.

To use the product, you simply snap the tip off the individual piece and then squeeze firmly to push out the paste like product. If you do not use all of the product (which is not necessary for one use) you simply flip the cap over and the part that once faced away originally becomes a tight cap. From some research I've done, in the past and in other regions the text on the individual tubes used to be in black and in another font. I've also found photos of the product being sold in foil type sachets that are tear off from each other. For the version being sold now in Singapore this (photo below) is how the product looks!

(Image source here) If purchased in a box, this is what the tubes/vials will be like and the box you will receive them in!

Instructions to use Instantly Ageless! The full ingredients list is Water (Aqua), Sodium Silicate, Magnesium Silicate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline), Phenoxyethanol, Ethylexylglycerin, Yellow 5 (Cl 19140), Red 40 (Cl16035).
Basically Instantly Ageless is a powerful anti-aging product that gives you a temporary but amazing result that evens out fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and pores on the skin!
Instantly Ageless™, the product is a slightly pink toned paste textured cream that on contact turns into a liquid like feeling like a thin serum. There is no scent or color to the product.
The product leaves a slightly starchy residue however on the face the finish is matte and smooth to touch.

This product as described and advertised to be something that will immediately and effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and meant to target skin that has loss elasticity. It is a product where the results last at most a day hence it is not a long term solution to improvement of the skin's condition. I knew from the beginning that I would need to test this out on someone other than myself as its claim could only be tested on more mature skin or skin that suffered from puffiness or lines of some sort.

First off the product is of a thicken paste like consistency that immediately turns into a thin liquid texture once on the skin. There is no scent or color although it appears light pink. Right after application the user felt a cooling sensation followed by slight tightness and tingling. After one minute she experience a much stronger tightening sensation that she felt like couldn't move her mouth if she wanted to speak. (It is advised not to speak or to use the areas of the face that the product is applied to until some minutes have passed) 

This tightening sensation lasted more than 5 minutes at which point there was very visible lifting, smoothing and tightening effects that I could see! On her right eye (left in the photo below) the edge of the drooping eyelid was very lifted. Most visibly the laugh lines on both sides were plumped up and smoothed out to the point that they were almost completely filled up.

Apologies for some photos being slight different in color tone, my camera has extremely sensitive lightening. There has been no editing to any of the photos, just like all other photos on my blog, the only editing is cropping of photos.

Before (above)and after (below) Instantly Ageless™: Applied to both edges of the eyes. Visible lifting and reduction of the droopy edge of the left eye (notice how the edge of the eyelid ran into the pigmentation before but after the line stops just before)
Before (left) and after (right) Instantly Ageless™: Applied to the laugh line area, the skin has a permanent line before but after is plumped up and mostly smoothed out.
Before (above) and after (below) Instantly Ageless™: Very visible result on both laugh lines. The deeper one on the left has been plumped up  whereas the one on the right is almost completely gone.
After the product had shown results, about 15 minutes later my user applied her make up and noted that the results lasted the afternoon 5-6 hours although she said her face still felt the strong tightness all day long. This product definitely works as it claims although I don't have extremely dramatic results (as my user doesn't have many wrinkles or lines). 

This product would be definitely worth giving a go, especially for those who are attending a special occasion or maybe taking some special photos at an event, family photos, graduations, anniversaries and such. It is pricey for what it is but it really works and hence I would say it's worth trying for those who are keen!

Instantly Ageless™
Paid: Gifted to me for consideration!  

(Retail price in the US is $74.95 ex shipping for a box of 25 or $200 SGD for a box of 25/ $12 for one on this site for Singapore)

This product can be purchased through independent sellers and also are currently being sold in amounts of a single tube, 5 pack, 10 pack and 25 pack on Amazon and ebay. Prices range from $10 for a single, $20 for 5 and $60-80 for 25.
Repurchase: Maybe, considering that this is not a product I personally have use for I can only speak for my user. She was impressed by the results although it is not a product she would use regularly as the results and effects are not intended to be long term.

Recommend: Yes, this product is perfect for those who would like botox/filler type results without paying the price for one or going through an invasive procedure for a visible improvement that will have a short term effect.

Bottom line: Definitely a very genius brand that has created a very effect product. I am impressed and so was the person I tested on. I think this is perfect for using on special occasions as it really beats paying hundreds of dollars for injections. However it is very important to keep in mind that this is not a long term solution, hence I would direct people to keeping up a anti-aging skincare regimine for that purpose.

For those in Singapore who are interesting in buying or seller this visit this website for those in Singapore, e-mail [] or contact [93225922]!

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  1. Oh yes, I've heard of this product as someone tagged me in FB. Seems amazing & would love to try it too to erase those train tracks, even if it's just temporary. Hahaha! Lovely review, Sharlynn! xoxo

  2. Oh this is interesting! I've seen similar product here in Germany which also provides a temporary 'facelift'.. It could be handy for special occasions I agree especially as this kind of cream requires no injection whatsoever.. The effect on the laugh lines is very visible! it really smoothed the lines out..

  3. I think if I was older, I would try this out. I'm still in my early 20's and so I don't have that many lines and wrinkles except for around my eyes.

    Great review though! I loved that you used an older user to truly demonstrate it. It's a big weird to me that products like these are sometimes advertised using young people that don't have any lines.

  4. Oh my, is this the product that people have been sharing the video on Facebook recently? I was so amazed by that video. As the lady was applying, you could already see the difference before your very eyes as the video runs. How lucky of you to be gifted this product. Your "user" sounds cute. Hahaha... Can't reveal who your user is? I do see the different in the eyes and the laugh line most. WHat a great product for temporary solution to ageing.

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