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10 Things: Beauty Mistakes I've made!

We all make mistakes! I find that it's best that we recognize them at some point and feel bad then to never notice them at all! Here I bring a fun post full of exaggerated photos of 'mistakes' I've made when it comes to make up! This post was inspired by Yige from Yet Another Beauty Blog and her make up mistakes post! I thought for a short while and knew that I had many mistakes I could include, hence I decided to make this part of my '10 Things' series.

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10 Things: Beauty Mistakes I've made!
My bare face! Besides the one small zit starting to grow on my forehead let's see where my past make up mistakes can take me!
1. Too much/ too dark powder

My number one mistake which took me 4 years to realize! I used to pack on way too much and then suffer dry patches and laugh lines that didn't go away. I also used powders which were too dark, not realizing until a white outline around my lips was visible or when I started removing my make up!

2. Applying eyeshadow after mascara

Just no. Many years ago during my first years trying out make up I used to apply my eyeshadow AFTER my mascara! Causing my mascara to turn whatever color my shadow was!

3. Too much blush

I mean I honestly haven't seen anyone walk out of house with THIS much blush on (as pictured) but I've come close on a couple occasions due to my love of a heavy handed blush application.

4. Not knowing about an eye 'blending brush'

Not completely my fault. I didn't even know that make up brushes existed until a friend used one in front of me! I just always used the sponge applicators and at the time I wasn't living in a country that sold much make up either (let alone brushes)!

5. Dispensing more foundation than needed

No. You do NOT need to dispense an entire pump at once. Just do it bit by bit which makes much more sense in every way! You don't need to worry about having too much left over, having product that will dry before you blend, layering evenly…etc

 6. Not using an eye primer

Not a big deal if your shadows are top notch quality but otherwise you'd be 10x better with any kind of eye primer or cream base to boost shadow color and lasting qualities!

7. Over plucked eyebrows

Ouch. It seriously hurt for me to look at the few photos I do have of when I used to pluck my brows all the time. If you naturally have messy or thick brow, work with them! If you pluck too much too often they may not grow back in the future!

8. Too much/badly applied cheek contour color

This one takes practice to get right. I used to use a contour shade that was too gray and then there was a time when the brush I used to initially apply the color would not apply evenly and be too harsh so blending out didn't really help!

9. Too light or yellow tone lip color

Unless you have gorgeous white teeth (which I don't have) try to avoid the pink toned, super flesh toned lip colors! I just look like a hooker that has bad oral hygiene! (Crest products please come to singapore!)

10. Too large/long false lashes

Big BIG lashes are always fun and great for some drama but it's best to pair them with darker, smokier eye make up to avoid looking like you're trying way to hard to have 'big' lashes. Plus, if the model really is too overwhelming on your lid it looks really strange!
Don't we all feel this way at times? Or at least in the beginning of our discovery of make up!

YES! So I hope everyone enjoyed this post! I really thought hard about which make up mistakes to include and realized that many of the 'mistakes' I can think of were simply due to me not really understanding how to apply/use certain products. At the end of the day here are the top 10 things that I was guilty of doing! I still sometimes apply a blush color that is too deep/dark, or apply too much pressed powder because of my fear of the humidity outside! 

At the end of the day whatever the mistakes you make or are trying to learn from isn't something to be upset over for long. We all do things that don't look the best in terms of beauty at times and it definitely takes more experience to know what works for us and what doesn't! Just because you suck at winged eyeliner or bronzing now, doesn't mean you're always going to be bad at it! Keep on learning and practicing!

What are beauty mistakes that you have made?
Are you still guilty of any?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Haha! I love that you have such a fresh, fun, cheerful attitude about makeup. It *is* just makeup and it comes right off, and you're right, we have to try things to learn from them! This was a super cute post. I'm probably guilty of the powder one sometimes, too - it's so easy to overapply sometimes, and then all the lines and dry patches just shine! T_T

  2. lol @ eyeshadow after mascara. It seems like such a no brainer now doesn't it? But I was definitely guilty of this in my teens for a while!

  3. hahahahahaah nice post

  4. Haha I love this post! I totally feel you on the over blushing. I always seem to do that. u__u; I'm starting to learn the art of contouring too. It's hard to get that inbetween with it being noticeable but not TOO noticeable.

  5. hahaha sooo guilty of a few. I'll go round feeling like I got this makeup game haha! quite interesting post :)

  6. Hi i enjoyed this post , it was so funny :-) x

  7. hahahahah very enjoyable and funny post!!
    LOL at the overblush! Too many people still walk around with very very pink cheeks though :D
    I am not a fan of too pigmented blushes because I am always worried I'll end up with too much blush. LOL

  8. Ha ha ha ha... You are so cutre, Sharlynn!

    It is so true for all the things that you have said. Love how you illustrated it :D


  9. Great post! Made me laugh but also very very helpful. I think my mistake is using powder that's lighter than my skintone.

  10. I really enjoyed this post! eye primers and brushes, i also did not know they exist!

  11. Haha! This is a very entertaining post and you look so cute on the pics. I am guilty with some of those mistakes, especially the foundation part!

  12. Aw man, I've definitely done the same mistakes as you. I'm still working on wearing blush and so I tend to still put on too much :( Good thing I usually have a translucent powder and big powder brush on hand.

  13. Haha...beautiful post, I made many similar mistakes in the beginning of makeup, even when I started my blog,I didn't know much about this art. I'm still a learner and always learn from my fellow bloggers. Very nice post my dear. Have a great day! Kisses <3

  14. Eyeshadow after mascara is such a pet peeve for me x

  15. Aa hahaaa OMG this spoke to me! I've pretty much done all of these! I remember wanting to be tanned so I would wear powder that was way too dark, how horrendous! And you know what, my eyebrows STILL have not grown back from the over plucked days :(. Serves me right! Fantastic post, I loved it!

  16. hahaha I really enjoyed this post!!!
    it was really fun to find out which beauty mistakes you've made before XD
    I know that one of my mistakes was wearing smudge eyeliner and thinking "it will dry and stop smudging by the time I go out" >< OTL I CAME HOME LOOKING LIKE A PANDA LOL
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Innisfree Skinny Waterproof Microcara Review

  17. LOLLOLOLOLLL OMG I WAS DEFINITELY MAKING SOME OF THESE MISTAKES. Your post was hilarious and I can so relate! love this post! :)

  18. Haha I love this! I suck at blending out eyeshadow, so my eye makeup usually looks like your photo too! Haha but I think it looks fine on me sometimes :P Cuz monolids. I always have the problem of squeezing out too much foundation! SO MUCH WASTAGE.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  19. Ok.. major yes to the first one, I did that throughout highschool and I still have that problem sometimes when I forget how pale I've gotten over the winter haha. But yes to them ALL for sure. I pretty much have a routine down pat so I only make major mistakes now when I try something new and realize it is so much more pigmented or doesn't blend as well :p

    michelle, a lovely allure

  20. I'm guilty of nr. 5 as well xD

  21. Hahah oh dear Sharlynn, you are always so bold and
    experimental with makeup! That's why I enjoy reading
    your makeup posts. Thanks for the tips! Xx

  22. Haha! Such a cute post that everyone can relate to! I've definitely made a few of these mistakes before!

    ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  23. I love this post, hahaha love your wacky pictures above! I did many of the make-up mistakes you listed here! hahaha Totally guilty. :D

  24. Hahahah this blog post made my day ♥ I too have made many mistakes as the one you've mentioned, especially the too-much-blush, dispense too many pumps of foundation.. although I still make the same mistake sometimes, when using a new foundation that I am not familiar with. One last thing that was my biggest beauty mistake was wearing concealer like' nude lipsticks hahaha omg *face palms* so not cool when I think about it now! I remembered my mom often asked what is that white thing on your lip hahahha.

  25. I think the blush looks BEAUTIFUL! So cute LOL!
    I'm still learning and I'm sure I still make some of the mistakes above!! I hope someone tells me what I can do to improve!

  26. THIS POST IS BRILLIANT, AND I NEED TO TAKE A PAGE FROM YOU AND YIGE AND TRY THIS POST. But oh gosh, I have so many makeup mistakes--also, one of my biggest fears is walking out with TOO STRONG A BLUSH, as I think I might've on a few occasions! When I first started out with makeup, I didn't own a powder, so one time my foundation transferred onto a friend's white shirt and that was super embarrassing! Speaking of foundation, one time I poured out too much foundation, and since I didn't want to waste it....I put it all on my face ;-; (I can only imagine the cakiness on my face that day UGHHH)




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