Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Food Post: All things eaten out and at home for March/April 2015!

Cereal prawns, ox tail soup and rainbow cake! Food, food and FOOD! I do hope that some of you have followed or check out my food posts! I publish one usually once every other month and it's usually of food that I have either cooked at home, eaten out or sometimes a mixture of both. I've really been making it a point to eat at new places every time I eat out with my boyfriend. Like any normal person I tend to love to eat at my favorite places again and again but I'm now putting an effort into trying out new places!

In the last two months here are some of my featured eats, both meals made at home and eaten out! I also have a few individual posts on a BBQ I did at home and my first tiramisu cake which went amazingly! 

Continue below for all the yummy photos!

Food Post for March/April 2015: Cereal Prawns from Dian Xiao Er, Rainbow Cake from Dean & Deluca, Waffles from Group Therapy, Oxtail Soup from Ayam Penyet Ria!
The new, beautiful and super detailed menu at Dian Xiao Er, most dishes come in 3 sizes and also now the calories are listed for each dish! That's really awesome!
This restaurant chain is most known for their delicious roast duck with herbal sauces. The herbal sauces are mostly savory and a bit sweet and not like straight up herbal medicine. My favorite is the '10 wonder herb' sauce which is mostly sweet and a touch savory with a hint of herbal smell.
Besides their fantastic chinese roasted duck, they also have really delicious tofu and vegetable dishes! I absolutely love hot plate tofu and fried firm tofu that comes with a sauce!
Photo of my mom!
Photo of the interior of the restaurant! It's made to look like the inside of a much older fashion chinese style eatery.
The center piece in the restaurant up on the ceiling! The lanterns, the glowing lights and the red long flowing material looks so warm and welcoming!
Absolutely love how their tables and chairs are all made of bamboo or look like bamboo!
Deep fried cereal prawns! This is a favorite dish of mine, the prawns are fried with nestum cereal which is sweet and a bit savory! It's all super crispy and tasty and there's an aroma of curry leaves and it's a bit spicy with a bit of chilli. I eat the prawns, shell, head and all as well as the cereal with my rice!
Cooked to perfection! The prawns are juicy, the shells so crispy and succulent and the cereal is soo damn yummy eaten alone or with rice!
'Green' Tofu which is tofu covered in a wheat grass powder! The sauce is filled with bits of scallop, shrimp, beans and broccoli! It's really delicious and healthy but I felt that the sauce could have been a bit more seasoned!
Home Made Lagsana! This beauty was all made from scratch at home! I made the beef/pork sauce and then my boyfriend made the ricotta cheese bechamel!
Five layered lasagna! This was the best one we've made thus far! The sauce wasn't too wet and I love having many thin layers to bite into!
A quarter of the square lasagna is about 900 calories! I calculated this using my calorie tracking app myfitnesspal! It's a crazy amount but it was soooo good!
Grade M4 Wagyu steak, it was so big, we cut the giant thing in half! Served with a cold potato salad (chopped red onion, peppers, mayo, cheese, boiled potato)
My boyfriend cooked the wagyu steak to a perfect medium-rare...looking a bit rare here but it was delicious nonetheless!
Tomato-BBQ sauce marinate chicken leg served with potato salad, fresh celery and cherry tomatos! A really yummy lunch!
A dinner my mom made! Slices of wagyu steak cooked til medium with baked beans, baked herbed potatos, boiled carrots and broccoli!
A sumptious satay dinner with my boyfriend! Rice, fresh cucumber, red onion, tomato, fried egg/hot dogs and beef satay to share! Such a filling and delicious meal!
Trying the oxtail soup at Ayam Penyet Ria! I've eaten there so many times and the soup really is good, although I wish the portion was larger! The meat was really nice and tender and juicy!
My boyfriend ordering the smashed fried chicken or 'ayam penyet' which the restaurant is named after! It's the most popular item! It's absolutely delicious, although the meat can be a bit dry. Their chilli sambal is so damn delicious and not for those who can't take spice.
I had the deep fried gourame fish, now for the second time. It's such a tasty sweet and clean tasting fish! The meat is chunky and the fins are fried perfectly to a crisp that I ate!
Having dinner at a mexican place on the side of Katong street in East Coast. My boyfriend's hair is now looking like a wig! By the time this is posted we've both probably had a hair cut!
I had a carnitas quesadilla and my boyfriend had the pork burrito! The food was really good although it would have been really nice if our dishes came with some salad or salsa!
After dinner we went to share a nice cuppa mocha! I wish it was richer with coffee though and not as light as it was! Totally in love with the coffee art though!
A simple waffle! I was really disappointing with this which I had at Group Therapy cafe at Katong V mall. The maple syrup is obviously not real and it just was not sweet enough to eat with a plain waffle! The icing sugar wasn't enough to make up for the lack of sweetness and the waffle some how ended up being slightly warm when served despite the waffle machine being so near our table!
Last but definitely not least! I finally went to visit Dean & Deluca Cafe which is located at Orchard Central!
The outlet is very long in shape, they sell lots of packed teas, coffees and biscuits! You need to get a seat before going to order as seating is free so I'd say best to go with at least one other friend otherwise expect to wait for a seat or take away!
Finally after soooo long! Here is a gorgeous slice of rainbow cake that I shared with a friend at Dean & Deluca! Totally worth the $7.50 price tag, you get a beautiful large slice good to share between 2-3 people or one hungry person! Each layer is a different flavor, although quite subtle. The texture of the cake itself is very dense, moist and has a delicious vanilla base flavor! The sweet pure white butter cream also was just right!

What was the most exciting thing you ate last recently?
Have you had rainbow cake before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. sooo u successfully made me hungry now!! arghhhh! :)

  2. Looks like a beautiful traditional restaurant <3 The food is irresistible!!! Haven't seen a rainbow cake like this in my life, hope I find one soon!!
    Great pics honey <3

  3. Mmmm. Oxtail soup! It's one of my favourites.
    The cereal prawns look so delicious. I've never heard of frying something with a cereal, but I can imagine it tastes amazing!
    What kind of cheese do you use in your potato salad? I'm always curious because I can't seem to ever make the perfect potato salad and it drives me crazy, lol.
    Also, it's too bad that waffle was disappointing. I mean, that piece of butter isn't even melting hahaha. I guess I always take maple syrup for granted because we have so much of it in Canada.

  4. That cake is SO gorgeous, omg! Totally the kind of thing that's worth going to the bakery for. I love to bake (I do it pretty often) but I would never want to manage that, lol! So many layers!

    I use My Fitness Pal, too. It's kind of depressing sometimes, lol, but I think it helps me stay on target and also points out when I've gone a bit too overboard. I totally believe in little splurges and indulgences, but I want to balance out overall - everything in moderation, you know?

  5. The first part, the Chinese restaurant looks oldfashion
    Chinese eatery c: I like it! So does the food, check
    out that prawns! Then I scrolled down further and saw
    this lasagna and thought it was still part of that
    Chinese restaurant and I was like "waahh, they also
    serve lasagna here?!?" Turns out it was homemade :')

  6. Wow, the home-cooked steaks look as good as those served in most restaurants! :D And that rainbow cake omg *drools*

  7. Ooo nom nom ~ your food post always makes me drools; I love that rainbow cake and I bet it's really really yum! I love love lasagna, one of my favorite ~

  8. The lasagna and wagyu steak made my mouth water! And that rainbow cake looks so yummy too! I don't know why I torture myself by checking your food posts while I'm on a diet! Haha!

  9. OMG, these posts always make me hungry. Everything is so delicious honey especially the rainbow cake, it's gorgeous and amazing. Have a great day. Kisses <3

  10. OH MY GASSSSSHHHHH!!! supper jelly!

  11. THAT RAINBOW CAKE LOOKS AMAZING. I haven't had rainbow cake before, but something that I think would be really cool is if the colour corresponded to a particular flavour (eg. red with strawberry)(though I suppose that would be a bit overwhelming to eat, especially if you eat multiple colours at the same time)
    My first try at lasagna was unsuccessful....which was an embarrassment because it was for a Christmas dinner I was hosting for like, 15 people LOL ;-; (I put in too much sauce and it was very 'soupy')
    And ugh, I feel like every time I go to a restaurant, I tend to order the same things too. I usually go for fried rice, and the best fried rice I ever had was one with crispy crab bits and it was SO GOOD. Unfortunately, the restaurant that makes it is quite a drive from my house though :(

  12. omg those cereal prawns look amazing, I love a good prawn!

  13. RAINBOW CAKE? Holy crap that looks amazing!




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