Thursday, 9 April 2015

New Year's Day look 2015: Shimmery beigey aubergine gradient!

New year, a new look! Yes, this post is super late! This was the look I created and wore on New Year's day this year! I wanted something neutral but jazzed up a bit and I knew I wanted to wear lashes and this pretty sequined top I had purchased from Forever 21! New year's day was nothing crazy for me, I went over to my boyfriend's for dinner and that was all I did that day!

Continue below for the full look!
New Year's Day look 2015: Shimmery beigey aubergine gradient! (Using Sleek's vintage romance palette and Urban Decay Smoked palette)
Shimmery beigey aubergine gradient eye look! (Using Sleek's vintage romance palette and Urban Decay Smoked palette)
Shimmery beigey aubergine gradient eye look! (Using Sleek's vintage romance palette and Urban Decay Smoked palette)
Simply loved how this turned out with these Eyelure lashes! Totally worth it!
Keeping my face quite simple with a touch of warm blush a hint of contour and my favorite brown peachy nude lip!
Products used: ZA two way foundation powder, Biore UV Aqua cream, Kate powderless foundation, Canmake Marshmallow powder, Maybelline color tattoo, Urban Decay Smoked palette, Sleek Vintage Romance palette, Sleek contour kit, Sleek blush, Lancome Virtuose mascara, Maybelline falsies Big Eyes mascara, Lady oscar eyeliner, Clio gelpresso eyeliner, Clio Be Brown gel eyeliner, NYX lip pencil, NYX round lipstick, Art Deco brow gel
This look was inspired by my top from Forever 21! A beige satiny top with lovey sequins! I knew that I also wanted to add a bit of color to my look with the purple!
By having a touch of golden blacken eyeliner in the waterline, it brings the eye look together without being too dark! The fluttery natural lashes also really help!
My boyfriend posing with one of my two favorite soft toys. This is Doodoo! His brother Dodo wasn't feeling like a having a photo!
Well, this was the look I wore on New Year's day this year! Hope you found it a bit more special than a regular neutral eye look!

What make up look did you have on for New Year's day?
Did you go out or spend the day at home?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Love this look! The lashes are gorgeous and just totally kick it up - and it pairs so perfectly with that rosy lip shade! The top is super cute, too. I always want to wear a top like that, but I always feel like I can't pull it off when I try one on at the store, haha!

  2. OOo pretty! Love the look.

  3. What lovely plushy, that Doodoo! <3 And your eye makeup looks fantastic as always and fits to your top. Beautiful!

  4. I love this look, so mysterious! When I saw your title I was like.. what? New Years? hahha I had a bit of confused moment until I read your post! I lovee those lashes!

  5. Omg you look gorgeous here! I love this type of purple eyeshadow as opposed to more blue-purples. Would love to see a tutorial on how you achieved this :)

  6. You look gorgeous honey <3 Love the eye makeup so much, very glamorous! The lashes gave your eyes a wonderful effect! The top is so pretty too <3

  7. Wow very jazzy indeed! Really digging that blush shade too!
    Is that a smoulder I see in one of you photos c;
    I haven't worn falsies in years, out of sheer laziness though haha! I kind of miss having wispy lashes.

    ChloĆ©⎪ status.chlo

  8. wow! very pretty! you look so gorgeous dear!
    happy friday

  9. Jazzy indeed! You look gorgeous c:
    Your stuffed bear Doodoo is cute!

  10. I love the winged eyeliner, shimmery shadows,and false lashes together! Very glamourous!

  11. I can't believe I didn't comment on this post but this look HAS TO BE ONE OF MY FAVOURITES FROM YOU EVER. SERIOUSLY BEAUTIFUL.




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