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Holiday Special: Day 5 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)

Day 5 in Bangkok, Thailand! For those who have followed my recent holiday posts, this is the last day and post to my 5 day holiday back in January to Bangkok with my mother! We spent our last day having a delicious brunch at a cafe just around the corner from our hotel before heading off to the airport!

Bangkok is a great city for first time traveler to south east asia and is just so full of delicious food, street markets, affordable goods and great experiences! If you're a party person there are plenty of clubs and places for night life or if you like historical places there are plenty of palaces, wats and temples to check out too!

For those who missed or would like to see other days from holiday do click on the following links! Day 1 (see here), Day 2 (see here), Day 3 (see here) , my big make up haul (see here), my skincare/body care haul (see here) and my duty free haul (see here)!

Continue below for our last day in Bangkok!
Day 5 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)
My mom at the lobby of our hotel! The weather in Bangkok was so beautifully cool to even cold! Even during the middle of the day with lots of sunlight the weather is dry and cool!
Posing with one of my favorite toys Dodo! In singapore, I almost NEVER wear jeans or long pants because it's too damn freaking humid and hot. In Bangkok the weather was perfect! Didn't break a sweat!
Pre brunch snacks! A stick of chicken liver and stick of chicken hearts! Both marinated and grilled over charcoal to perfection! So tasty and yummy! Miss these so much!
One more stick of meat before brunch! Lean pork pieces with a sweet savory sauce! I had a bowl of pork rice noodles (was lovely but needed a lot more soy sauce) and my mom had tom yum soup with rice noodles!
Having a tall glass of ice lemon grass tea! Posing with Dodo!
My mom and her brunch! The inside of the shop is small but very clean looking and simple!
The front of the noodle soup we ate at a few times while in Bangkok! Small noodle shops like this are very common, do check them out! The food is so affordable and usually really good!
Their menu! Everything is about 100 Baht or a very cheap price of $4 SGD! Love how cheap and good food is in Bangkok!
Smaller dishes only cost 40-60 Baht or around $2-3 SGD! I wish I had tried more dishes from them now! We could only eat so much as my mom doesn't eat much and I ate non-stop while on holiday!
A beautiful cart full of fresh rose apples! They are lightly sweet, crunchy and so delicious! The best ones are from thailand, the malaysian ones are not sweet all and are really small!
The lobby of our hotel, the Asia Hotel Bangkok! They are celebrating their 48th year in 2015! They're one of the older hotels in Bangkok. We got a great deal on the room and the hotel's location was great but otherwise, go elsewhere! There are sooo many modern and well located places in Bangkok!
A cafe in the lobby, mostly meant for drinks, pastries and people to enjoy the free wifi!
The lobby usually is pretty empty all day around although there were times where there were guest having some drinks.
A small shop in the lobby selling local scarves, handicrafts and such!
The hotel's main cafe/restaurant! Cafe Tivoli! It's packed during breakfast and lunch. There are several other restaurants in this old hotel but they all tend to be extremely over priced and empty most of the time. You're far better off eating elsewhere than in the hotel's eateries.
The long lobby counter for check in and check out! Very typical and old fashioned as many older hotels! The service both during checking in and out was very efficient, friendly and easy!
The busy streets in Bangkok around our hotel! The traffic is also jam packed but moving!
On our last morning, we had our brunch and then walked down the street our hotel was on just to take a look. This waterway was super smelly and definitely not safe for drinking!
At Bangkok's International Airport! I always say that I love this airport over their older one, it's much bigger, brighter and better designed!
Mom lining up to check us in! The staff at airports in south east asia from my family's experience always tend to be far more personal and 'respectful' in terms of asian standards despite the heavy volume of customers. I've always seemed to enjoy airports big and small in asia more although I'm dying to visit Dubia's airport in the future!
At the departure hall in Bangkok, the basement is filled with cafes, restaurants and places to eat! Mom and walked all the way down the hall and looked at all the cafes before picking one. They were mostly eateries serving thai food and a few serving only western fare like sandwiches, soups, salads and pasteries!
A restaurant that also sold lots of boxed and sealed thai snacks, treats and goods! There's always something for everyone!
Everyone's trolley parked along the outside of the eateries! If you ever come across a place with the 'Doi Chaang' coffee logo, buy coffee from them! Thai coffee is seriously so damn affordable and amazing in terms of flavor and aroma!
A burger place! I was so tempted to have a croissant burger but mom and I both really wanted thai food yet again before we left thailand!
Many of these cafes at the airport were selling pre packaged fresh tropical fruits and COCONUTS. When in thailand, you need to drink and eat coconuts at least once a day. So cheap and so good! We had one with our meal!
A large pharmacy store and a book store before the endless eateries in the basement!
Cakes, pastries and delicious large fresh sandwiches and savories things for hungry travelers!
A beautiful display with a mini temple wat like building in the departure hall!
The initial view upon entering after immigration! There's a large information desk and then the terminal is split generally into two sides! You're also greeted by the beautiful sculpture after thai legend and stories!
Mom posing in front of the large sculpture! There's a story on the plaque below explaining the piece!

All the shops lining both sides! It's highly recommended that you only go down the side where your gate is located, the airport is so long that it takes a really really REALLY long time to get to the gate even if you're on the same wing as your gate.
Take your pick from higher end clothes, luggage, electronics, jewelry, toys, souvenirs, cosmetics and more!
There is plenty of seating like this throughout the airport for travelers to sit, wait and rest! Love the displays of gorgeous orchids!
My favorite cosmetic duty free in south east asia!! Bangkok's King Power cosmetic and perfumery selection!
Find the full ranges of cosmetics from Dior to Nars, Shiseido, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and more along side drugstore brands like Maybelline, Revlon and special duty free pieces and sets!
Walking down to the boarding gate area! Love the architecture and the amount of natural light!
The airplanes parked outside as the mid afternoon sun was starting to sink!
Heading down to wait to fly back to Singapore!
Back in Singapore Changi Airport! My favorite soft toy Dodo all happy to be back home!
After picking up our luggage and walking past the cosmetic, skincare and perfume duty free before you exit into the arrival hall I noticed that there was a large new range of korean cosmetics and skincare! Looks like they're catching onto trends!
For those who missed or would like to see other days from holiday do click on the following links! Day 1 (see here), Day 2 (see here), Day 3 (see here) , my big make up haul (see here), my skincare/body care haul (see here) and my duty free haul (see here)!

All in all my mom and I both LOVE bangkok! It's a paradise full of mostly very friendly locals (if we're speaking of ethic thais), great affordable to high end shopping, day and night markets, amazing food both local and international, cheap massages everywhere and ease of travel! If I had the chance I'd visit bangkok at least once a year! In the future I hope to visit more cities in Thailand! I've visited 4 other cities but would love to travel to more!

Do you love Thailand and Bangkok city as much as I do?
Any plans for traveling to south east asia?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. AWWWW so cute: you and Dodo the bear :3
    I love how casual you and your mum looked like
    almost like you know Bangkok from your back
    The foods making me hungry as always girl!!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I'd love to visit Bangkok someday - it looks like a lot of fun, and the FOOD, omg! Haha. I would eat my way through the city, definitely!

  3. I love BKK too! Your post makes me wanna book a tix & fly over there now! Errr..... can I have your toy?? Hahaha! xoxo

  4. This makes me want to go back to Bangkok! I only spent a couple days when I was there, which obviously isn't long enough to see everything. The airport looks so much nicer than how I remember it!

  5. I love reading about your trip to Bangkok because I take notes on what to visit and what to buy. Haha! I'll definitely try and visit Thailand sometime soon. Your pictures are lovely. :D

  6. Aww when I see your pictures, I get the urge to purchase a ticket to Bangkok haha! :)

  7. OMG, look like you had a great time, I really would love to visit Bangkok one day. Everything looks so beautiful. The foods making me hungry...haha..amazing post my sweetie. Kisses <3

  8. Looks like a fantastic time!




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