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Review: Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day and Night cream!

Youthful Radiance Creams! French skincare brands have been all the rage for the last few years but have always been a reliable source of skincare. Today I have two facial creams which were very generously gifted to me. For years I was someone who avoided moisturizers and face creams under the misguided belief that they would make my oilier skin worse. However as of a few years ago I've become a fan of both light and heavier textured face creams.

These creams are from the Youthful Radiance line (link to the website here) which are products targeted towards younger women. They boast properties to plump up skin, protect from the sun and also ingredients to help firm up and sculpt facial contours.

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Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day and Night cream!
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day and Night cream!
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Night cream!

Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Night cream!

These creams come  in simple frosted matte jars which have a square base and are round on top! They are thick and definitely could stand accidental drops onto the floor and they could even be a deadly weapon if needed to be! The labeling is very clear and clean looking on the front of each jar and there's a one line instruction for application on the back of the jars too.

Although I do favor tubes with flip caps, I have no issues with jars like these. They are weighty and have a simple luxe feeling. However due to the weight of these jars, you'd be best transferring a small amount to a separate plastic tub for traveling. The color scheme of these creams follow the rest of the Youth Radiance line which is white and a lovely bright mandarin orange!

The caps and tops are round while the base of the jars are square!
Instruction on the back of the jars.
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day!
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day and Night cream!
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day and Night cream!

Both the day and night cream have similar advertised ingredients of grapeseed extract (natural sun filter), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing) and toniskin (stimulating collagen and tissue repair) however the day cream is more for sun protection and moisturizing whereas the night cream is suppose to do more for anti-aging and repair. On first impressions both creams feel and look very similar. They are quite interesting as they aren't rich, creamy or oily like regular thick white face creams. They have a very non-greasy feel and are like a pudding in texture. 

There's a watery pudding type consistency and the product blends out into the skin very easily leaving it feeling super soft, smooth and supple without any oily feeling. It feels a bit like your face has a silicone primer although not like a mask. The day cream smells like a super light sunscreen that's sweetened lightly with a floral hint. The night cream smells more heavily like a traditional face cream but has a stronger floral creamy scent. They both are very lovely and the scents dissipate very quickly after application.

I've used both creams for at least 5 months now some weeks more regularly than others and they really are great. I reach for these creams when I need extra moisturizing for either dry patches, healing blemishes for for around my mouth (laugh line). These creams definitely plump up fine lines on the face and doesn't feel sticky or moist hours after application. My skin tends to be slightly oily and yet the creams have never caused me to break out or to develop milia (oil bumps).

I'm the kind of person that only uses moisturizer during the day when I'm at home with a bare face, but I do moisturize almost every night. Due to the face that both creams literally feel and seem to have the same effect on me, hence I think you could get away with just using the night cream for both day and night.
Institut Arnaud Paris Youthful Radiance Day and Night cream!
Paid: Gifted to me! (Purchase these online on their site here or in store at John Little or OG)

(Retail price for the day cream and night cream are $59 SGD and $79 SGD or $43/58 USD)

Recommend: Yes, for those with the budget who have normal, slightly dry or slightly oily skin this range of face creams really is versatile enough to suit these skin types.

Repurchase: No, I plan to finish these and try other face creams! I tend not to repurchase the same products although these creams really are lovely!

Bottom line: Two creams that really help maintain a balance in the skin. I find that these would be best for those with more youthful skin, I think if you're looking for something very rich or super light this isn't it. This is right in the middle. Think of creams that are versatile enough for your skin all month long as well as good for spring till fall weather!

Are you currently using a day and night moisturizer?
Heard of Institut Arnaud Paris before?
Let me know!

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  1. Thanks for this review, I have not heard from this
    brand before! Kind of like the glass pots and the
    shape of it c:

  2. Awesome review, Sharlynn! The name is enough to have me sold! These days, I tend to go for products with hyaluronic acids to keep my skin really moisturized. xoxo




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