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Holiday Special: Day 3 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)

Day 3 in Phuket Thailand! This travel post is from last year when my boyfriend and I took a trip just before his birthday in May. On our third day, I had booked a full day trip where we would go island hopping covering 7 islands but the main attraction of the day was our stop over and lunch at the Similan Islands which are only opened for a few months of the year.

It was one of the best trips we'd been on while on a beach holiday and we had never seen such gorgeous azure blue waters. Highly recommended for those willing to spend a full day on an ocean trip! Keep in mind, none of my photos have been altered in any way! The colors are true to what my camera captured!

Continue below to see our beautiful day out island hopping!

Holiday Special: Day 3 in Patong, Phuket Thailand! (May 2016)
After an hour of waiting and travel time from our hotel to an office outside the city, our group were driven and dropped off here for our speedboat pick up!
We were a group of about 20 and were split into two boats.
Our long morning ride to our first island stop! It was almost a two hour ride as the Similan Islands are quite far off from Phuket!
The waters out in the Andaman Seas are just so serene, rich and peaceful!
The main attraction for the day! Just look at how clear the sand and the water is!
Similan Islands- although everything looks so peaceful the waves coming into shore were very strong!

Our gorgeous couple photo on Similan Islands courtesy of our awesome tour guide!
Similan Islands- She then asked us to jump and she got down and took this angled shot to make it look like I could actually jump more than a foot high!
Similan Islands- A shot of my boyfriend briskly walking into the amazingly blue waters!
Similan Islands- The clarity of the water is ridiculous! It's literally crystal clear for the first many meters from the shore!
Similan Islands- Simply breathtaking waters and views!
Similan Islands- A shot of my hot boyfriend walking out of the ocean like a gangster with those sunglasses!
Similan Islands- Taken with my boyfriend's phone! I really loved that my mint green bikini went with the water!
Similan Islands-My boyfriend just casually sitting on a branch completely drying off! Our dry bag was super handy as well as a lock & lock box for my camera and phones inside!
Our local lunch spread on the Similan Islands! We were super hungry by the time we made it for lunch so I had this plate and a bit more noodles!
Apparently my ugly face is just ugly!
Dinner back on the mainland! Back to Mr. Good's Seafood and here we got their awesome springrolls!
Mr. Good's Seafood tom yum soup! So filled with juicy prawns, fresh straw mushrooms and such a good balance in its seasoning!
Check out those juicy prawns and mushrooms! So good!
Beef fried noodles at Mr. Good's Seafood! I actually wanted to get brown kway teow noodles but didn't realize it was yellow noodles!
Mr. Good's Seafood "fried" squid which turned out to be stir fried but it was PERFECT. Soft, tender, seasoned so right that we weren't complaining about the fact it wasn't deep fried!
My ducky lipped boyfriend doing le quack! All around phuket were shops selling pillows like these and of other animals!
My favorite shot we took on the Similan Islands! Still in awe of how amazing the waters were!

That was day 3 from my Phuket holiday last year! It was seriously one of the most amazing day trips and mother nature was just unrealistically beautiful!

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  1. Love the views! The pic of you and your boyfriend jumping up is a nice shot ^-^

  2. Wonderful photos !
    Looks like you really enjoyed!

  3. Wow! The water is so clear and blue! And I love your food selection!

  4. You are giving me all the travel envy right now. xx


  5. Oh the place, the food, everything looks so cute!




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