Sunday, 5 February 2017

Lunching at Wheeler's Yard!

Lunching to reward myself! Wheeler's Yard is a well known cafe outlet in Singapore known of its theme of bicycles. This outlet which I visited is the original and serves as a cafe, rest stop for cyclists and also has a bicycle shop. I've seen it all over instagram in Singapore as their infamous metal gate with bikes have people snapping photos left, right and on repeat due to how photogenic it looks. 

Continue below for the yummy lunch!
Lunching at Wheeler's Yard!

That iconic shot at Wheeler's Yard!

I had just finished my accounting mid-term test and was soooo ready for lunch!
The communal seating inside Wheeler's Yard! There are 3 communal tables, this one being the biggest with several benches on each side of this area. The entire inside probably would sit only around 40 people?
Lunch at Wheeler's Yard! We ordered an iced cappuccino and matcha latte! The coffees were REALLY good. The best matcha latte I've ever had!
Lunch at Wheeler's Yard! I ordered the miso glazed pork belly with onsen egg rice bowl with kimchi. The meat was fabulously tender but there was no taste of miso at all.
Lunch at Wheeler's Yard! We ordered home cut fries with mentaiko mayo! A really nice large portion which was good since the mains were considerably small.
Lunch at Wheeler's Yard! Their home made smoked chorizo sausage and mash! The mash was barely two tablespoons but was so damn good! For the price we would have liked at least 2 sausages and more mash.
Lunch at Wheeler's Yard! Breaking the onsen egg! Everyone's favorite part!
Treating myself with a llao llao with muesli and chocolate chips!
A bunch of bananas from our banana tree to be harvested! The birds already got to one!
Bad lighting because of the cloudy skies but I got my pink lipstick on!
That was our first time trying Wheeler's Yard cafe. They have other outlets that are proper restaurant style but this was conveniently located near my school campus which is already quite out of the way for most people. The drinks were great. Food quality was good too but the portions were quite stingy. Totally would go for the matcha latte again and again though!

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