Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review: Too Faced Natural Eye palette!

Sexy shimmery natural eyes palette! When I had the opportunity for my sis-in-law to help me get make up from the States, one palette I needed to have was this Too Faced Natural Eye Palette! It's such a compact beautiful palette full of a mix of matte and shimmer, taupe, mauve and warm browns, there are light to very dark shades!

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Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Shadow Collection Palette!
Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Shadow Collection Palette!
All of Too Faced Palettes in boxes like this come in three rows, each row is meant to be used together for looks shown in look cards provided if you're interested!
 Packaging & Product!

 Compact, cardboard, it's such a beautiful and neat palette. I love how you get nine shades, all so different, warm tones, cool tones, shimmer, metallic, matte, this is a such a great neutral palette for ladies who like having fun with neutrals.

I love how the palette snaps shut very tightly with the magnet and the design overall. It looks fun and pretty, there are always three look cards inside the lid of the box if you want to try them out!

To be quick and sweet, every single shade in this palette is of high pigmentation and goes on super smoothly. Everyone is amazingly except for Nude Beach due to how much fall out it has and how chunky it is.

All the shades are easy to work with, however the very dark browns are a bit difficult to blend out. Otherwise this gets full ratings from me!

Swatches of Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Shadow Collection Palette!

Heaven- Matte cream, Velvet Revolver- matte light taupe, Sexpresso- Dark matte brown
Heaven is one of the few cream/light shades I own that are opaque when applied and worn throughout the day. I find that too many cream/white shades are not very opaque. This makes a great underbrow higlight too.

Velvet Revolver is great for blending out shades in the crease for a light look and Sexpresso is something I always use to deepen the outer V!

This is my absolutely favorite bunch of the the shadows! I love these sooo much and would use them on the lid each by themselves or together!

Silk Teddy- Shimmery baby pink, Push up- Shimmery light brown with cranberry undertones (more visible in other swatches), Erotica- Deep mauve dark brown

Silk Teddy is amazing for the inner corner and on the lid because of how smooth the shade is! It's the prettiest shimmery baby pink I have and I also am in love with the other two shades in this row.

Push up is like a craneberry toned taupe in person and is amazing for all over the lid, I also love Erotica for being a lovely shade in the crease!

Nude Beach- Glittery baby pink, Honey Pot- Metallic Dark bronze yellow, Cocoa Puff- Shimmery deep warm brown
 Nude Beach is a super chunky glitter light pink! You get so much fall out from this shade you really need a tacky base and a flat brush to pack it on! Honey Pot is an amazingly smooth metallic warm bronze shade that would be amazing for the lid.

Cocoa Puff is a super rich dark and yet warm brown, amazing for the outer V and crease!

Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Shadow Collection Palette!

Paid: $36 USD or about $45.90 SGD (my sis-in-law helped me buy this in the States!)

Recommend: Yes, if you don't own every other neutral palette in existence already, this is a great one with a lot of variety with not that many shades. You've got an amazing range here, lots of browns with undertones, cool and warm toned shades too!

Repurchase: Yes, in terms of the quality of the shades! I won't be buying this exact palette again of course but the shadow quality can be a lot like the smoothness of Urban Decay and the pigmentation is so rich.

Bottom line: An amazing range of shades, great mix of shades and undertones in the color, this is better for ladies with more experience in make up. I think quality wise almost any shimmer and neutral lover would love this!

Do you own any of these palettes from Too Faced?
Do you like these neutral shades?
let me know!

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  1. Ughhh I've been lusting after this palette for *years* now...It's taking all of my willpower to resist it every time I walk by it at Sephora!

  2. Great review! I just recently got the boudoir eyes palette, really like it! havent tried this palette though!

  3. I've always been meaning to buy this palette but I feel like I have wayyy too many neutral eyeshadows already (both naked palettes, benefit's world famous neutrals, the Balm's Nude'tude, 88 warm palette....uhm yeah). However the colours and quality of these eyeshadows are very tempting! >_>

  4. Beautiful swatches !
    I have a couple palettes from them and i like them :) I don't have this one , because i have a couple of these shades in other palettes . I have the natural at night and that's a winner for me :) as well as the Boudoir Eyes palette .

  5. Gorgeous! The pigmentation is amazing! Lots of fallout though. Still pretty :)


  6. I was looking at this palette while I was in the States, and knew I had too many similar colours but wow it is so pretty!! A few of them remind me of shades from Stila in the light, in your pics Silk Teddy looks a bit like Kitten! xx




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