Friday, 13 September 2013

Review: Catrice Absolute eye colour in 640 and 570!

Don't Touch My Mosserati! Don't you just love the names of some shadows? These were my next two purchases after my first three single shadow buys from Catrice! My first three with neutrals and these two were just shades that jumped out at me! I knew I was going to use that green so much the moment I swatched it!

Check out my review of (three other neutral shades here!)

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Catrice Absolute eye colour in 640 Don't Touch My Mosserati! and 570 Plum Up The Jam!
The color that grabbed my eyes first! This rich shimmery golden sage color is beautiful!
Here I've used the green on my lid together with a bronze in the crease! It works so well with warm browns!
Plum up the Jam is a very satin cranberry plum shade. The pigmentation is not as strong as the green however this is a lovely 'soft' looking plum that's not too harsh and will work with browns!
Packaging & Products!

I have the same thing to say about the packaging as I have before. Simple, clear, surprisingly very sturdy even after dropping and breaking off the little catch that shuts the shadow the thick plastic and strong spring keeps the packaging shut very well. These remind me so much of Shu Uemura single shadows which I don't think I'll be buying so soon!

In terms of quality the first three neutral shades I got which were all either shimmery or satin were all so smooth and very pigmented. This green is just like the neutrals in terms of performance but the plum is a bit less pigmented. I would use a cream base or primer with these shadows all the time just to boost pigmentation and wear time.

For the price of these single shadows in Singapore costing next to nothing versus maybelline and l'oreal shadows there's nothing to complain about! This is the most gorg green I've seen in a long time and I would recommend these shadows!

Simple, lovely shades, wear them blended out alone or with some structured browns!
Kitty approves of these affordable buys from Catrice, she wanted some too!
Paid: $4.90 or about $3.80 USD

Recommend: Together with a base these shadows are excellent! For their super cheap price in comparison to other brands in the drugstore here, you're not losing anything by picking up some shades you would like to try!

Repurchase: Yes! Totally, overall the neutral shades and these two shades are very strongly pigmented and easy to use! I really love using these shadows alone or just on the lid with another shade blending the lid shade out.

Bottom line: So far, all the neutrals have been amazing, my first three with rich, pigmented, smooth and true to color however these 'colorful' shadows are not as consistent. The satins like this plum and a baby pink I have isn't as pigmented. (check out my review of my first three Catrice shadows!)

Do you have any Catrice single shadows?
Like this rich shimmery green?
let me know!

Feel free to comment!


  1. The green is beautiful! I love the warm olive color. Gorgeous! =D

  2. Both the colors are very beautiful! I haven't used Catrice products yet. Cute kitty!

  3. I have Plum up the jam as well and I have to agree that it is lacking in pigmentation a little bit.. but it is still a nice shade and it works well as eye shadow for the price..!
    btw you look good in green!

  4. The colors look really pretty, but it's a shame they're not all pigmented. :)~

  5. Both shades are super pretty but I love green much! You look just gorgeous but your kitty looks so sexy dear <3

  6. These are so beautiful! You are gorgeous, and your cat is too cute! XD
    I am a new follower of your blog! :D

  7. You know what I have the same shades from Victoria Secrets. I too did a haul and review on my blog ni love the green more. It's more pigmented.


  8. These have been going around in the beauty blogosphere for a time now and I must say I'm soo intriguged by them!!

    My concern is fallout - is it medium/average? The thing I find most sketchy with drugstore eyeshadows is fallout :( So hopefully this has little-to-none.. then it'd definitely be perfect!

  9. Whoa Don't Touch My Mosserati is gorgeous. x

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  10. Love the shades you have! I haven't tried any from the brand but I would love to someday. Thanks for the review! :D

  11. Oh really beautiful colors dear, pretty pigmented and cute!

  12. they are both stunning colours, I could imagine the pigmentation over the top of a base would be amazing! Your kitty is adorable, she really is guarding the products hehe xx




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