Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Home made pizza and a super plush lash look!

Home made pizza and super full lashes! This was something I had a lot of fun doing a few weekends ago! My boyfriend and I decided to make pizza together for my family's lunch and so he made the dough and we made the pizza together!

Since we were going to be at home most of the day before going out for dinner I did a super simple look with really full lashes!

Continue below for more photos!
My super simple eye look with a super plush full set of lashes!
This look is meant to have the focus on my full lashes, the eyes meant to be soft and bright!
I got this gorgeous pair of full lashes from ebay, a store in china, it's lovely, however the band is too long and needs trimming!
Products used: Bourjois healthy mix (my review here), Maybelline color tattoo (my review here), Red earth eyeshadow (my review here), Indonesian Bronzer (gifted to me from Pam from Jade in the Palace blog!), theBalm highlighter (my review here), Revlon shadow (for eyebrows), Catrice blush, Heroine make up eyeliner (my review here), Heroine make up mascara (my review here)

I aimed to easy, soft and practical!
Here was our first pizza! Using my baby's herbed dough, this was a salami and mushroom pizza!
The second pizza was ham, pineapples, sausage and peppers! The bottom photos are of the two pizza's finished!
Mom and I, I'm only about 5'3 so you can see she's a bit of a shortie!
My dearest and me posing before heading out for dinner near by!
Do you ever make home made pizza/burgers at home?
Like the lashes I wore?
let me know!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. We make pizza at home all the time - easy and pretty healthy! I love those lashes - totally luscious and gorgeous.

  2. I really love the thickness of your lash look! So cuute. I could definitely go for some pizza right now too!

  3. oh you used the bronzer! how do you like it?? I like the natural eye look, the lashes def added more drama to the whole look!
    I looove pizza but I have never made it at home.. I am just not that good in the kitchen T.T lol

  4. Wow, these lashes have given a dramatic effect to your eyes! You look so cute even in a simple daily wear! Hmmmm...Pizaaa, homemade!!! Fantastic honey, it's more healthy <3

  5. Your lashes look amazing and that pizza looks delicious!

  6. Hi sweetie, have very nice Tuesday <3 What are you cooking today?

  7. Those lashes are stunning and oh-so-lush indeed! Have you ever tried Red Cherry lashes that you can get on ebay for a really cheap price, I love their number 43's I think you would too! xx




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