Thursday, 29 August 2013

Catrice Defining Blush in shade 020 Rose Royce!

Defining blush! Having completely RAIDED the Catrice display at the Guardian in NEX shopping mall in Serangoon this was the first blush I picked up from them!

(Check out my huge Catrice haul here!)

Being a huge blush fan and I love rosey pink shades, this one just jumped at me! I swatched the babies on the stand and there were so smooth and pigmented! I since have went back for another but will definitely be wanting to pick up another shade or two, these are simply amazing!

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Catrice Defining Blush in shade 020 Rose Royce!
I've never paid too much attention to patterns on blushes but this is quite cute.

Swatch of Catrice Defining Blush in shade 020 Rose Royce! It swatches quite matte but in person has the faintest sheen.
Packaging & Product!

Just like the eyeshadow packaging, check out my review of their mono eyeshadows (here), the clear sturdy packaging is lovely. Simple and tight, it snaps shut with no chance of it opening even if the little catch breaks off. Overall very simple, practical, although a compact with a mirror would be of even more use.

The blush itself is of amazing quality. It's smooth, even, silky and soo pigmented! One tap of a fluffy fine dense blush against this blush and that's enough for each cheek. Out of the six shades I saw most of them are of this finish...a very soft matte finish, it has the slightest sheen that gives the most natural finish. The product goes on, blends out and has a finish like a dream, it last amazing well and I can't wait to buy up the rest of the shades!

Wearing the blush, a medium amount on, this gives the most natural flush on me! (Check out this look in this post here!)

Paid: $6.90 SGD or about $5.40 USD ( This is unreal!! All drugstore blushes from Maybelline, revlon, l'oreal are betweeen $18-22 SGD)

Recommend: Yes! To those just getting started with make up, those blush lovers and for those who want some color on the cheeks without caring about the brand Catrice blushes are amazing!

Repurchase: Yes! And I already have in a peachy shade! I will go back for more!

Bottom line: Smooth, pigmented, easy to use and soo cheap! I love this shade and love the others! I can't wait to go back to buy more shades!

Do you own any Catrice defining blushes?
Do you like the rosey shade?
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Replies
    1. Aw, thank you dear. Its one of my faves right now because its so silky!

  2. Beautiful shade, you have applied it so well that your face looks sharp and and oval <3 Love it girl <3

    1. I know right! The right shade and application of blush just makes for such a contoured cheek!

  3. hehehe Catrice is amazing, isn't it?? the price is just unbelieavable !! but the quality is great ^^
    love the color and it looks flattering on you! i have a lot of catrice blushes but mostly from its limited edition :D

    1. Yes, yes and YES! I find the shades all so flattering and actually cannot believe I only have two so far!

  4. very pretty shade...u look pretty and it suits u a lot..following you :)

    my recent one :

  5. the shade looks really pretty on you! ^_~

    1. Thank you janet! I think this shade works for everyone!

  6. Very lovely blush, suits you so well.

  7. You always apply your blush so perfectly - seamless results! I have been hearing more and more about how fantastic but affordable Catrice products are ... it's too bad they're not available where I live.

  8. pretty one!! and lovely you :)

    my recent post :




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