Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: Topshop Cheek Duo in Desert Sun!

My first 'Blush & Bronzer' duo! Having been eyeing Topshops beautiful range of make up for soo long I thought I'd try out this cheek duo since I couldn't find any of their cream cheek shades I was looking for! I've heard that their cream shadows aren't too bad either!

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Topshop Cheek Duo blush and bronzer in Desert Sun

Topshop Cheek Duo blush and bronzer in Desert Sun

Isn't the packaging just so cute? All of Topshop's make up has black and white packaging like this!


I admit completely, I am totally drawn into the hand drawn black and white scribbly and dotty packaging theme with Topshop! In general the outside packaging is very solid and with one look anyone knows that this is make up from Topshop so kudos for them for the marketing and branding image!

This compact is quite bulky but not in a useless way like some that have compartments for a brush or sponge which I find useless. I also am so strangely in love with the label sticker on the back, its so well done and pretty to the eye.

It may be funny but I love how its been labelled in the back. The one sad thing is how little product you're getting for two a blush and bronzer! 6g is standard for a blush in some brands!

This is what caught my eye when I saw this product! What more interesting than a blend of a blush and a bronzer! Products like this encourage me to test out bronzer shades which I rarely touch!
Swatches of Topshop Cheek Duo blush and bronzer in Desert Sun
On first impressions it looks like this blush and bronze duo would be both a satin or slight shimmer/pearl finish however on use, the blush is of a matte quality and the bronzer of a slight sheen. These two products have a powdery quality which can be a slight issue because if you get too much on your brush there is fallout when you apply.

The blush is a light rosy coral shade, a gorgeous color for fresh cheeks! It's quite a great blend between pink and a peach! The bronzer is quite a warm shade, a true golden bronze, mid tone with super fine shimmer, when applied its not visible!

I tried applying the blush and bronzer straight on but the blush even after 3 layers was so light! I tried again, applying the blush over another rose blush beneath and finally the blush adhered nicely and the color was visible. The bronzer works well regardless, I've used this several times around my temples and on my jawline and it blends lovely and looks very natural.

The blush and bronze shades mixed together, a light terracotta is the result! A bit more of the blush and this would be a great warm cheek shade!
Wearing Topshop Cheek Duo blush and bronzer in Desert Sun
Above I'm wearing the duo, the blush over top of a light rose blush which allowed the Topshop blush to adhere and show up nicely. These shades are very complementary but are a bit too powdery for my liking to ever buy again.

Paid: $29 SGD or about $22.70 USD (it's slightly more expensive than drugstore blushes, most are $15-20)

Recommend: For those curious about Topshop make up and with an extra bit of budget do try because its decent but for true blush lovers this can be a slight disappointment. For best effects this blush must be layered or it's very light after even 3 layers!

Repurchase: Nope, as someone who appreciates highly pigmented blushes this is a slight let down for the price! Most of their range is more affordable than this but the bronzer is very nice.

Bottom line: This cheek duo is such an allure, so pretty looking but honestly is not amazing. The blush does not perform any where as well as the majority of blushes unless you want a faint hint of color on your cheeks. So unless you've got the budget to blow or you're a collector this is a skip in their line!

Do you have any make up from Topshop's line?
What do you think of this blush?
let me know!

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  1. The blush looks great on you, Sharlynn! too bad the formula is not that impressive.. I have not tried any make up products from topshop but topshop is coming soon to Germany so I might have a look :D I am interested to see the cream blushes ^^
    but the price is quite steep, isn't it?

  2. Hi Sharlynn, this is extremely pretty blush. I love both shade! Looking lovely on your skin, nice review dear <3

  3. the bloush looks great, I've actually never tried topshop make up before!

  4. Very nice! Sometimes it is worth spending a bit more to have a few nicer products.




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