Friday, 5 June 2015

Dinner at 'I AM' cafe and dessert at Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro!

A Sumptuous Dinner by Haji Lane! For those more familiar with Singapore's Cafe and hipster type eateries Arab street, Haji Lane and other roads around the area are spotted by lovely independent eateries. As someone who doesn't drop by the area very often the few times I walked through there was a particular cafe that always seemed to have a long line called "I AM" which I finally tried with my boyfriend. 

According to their website this halal cafe was inspired by the cafes in Amsterdam and serves an array of general western fare. Right off the bat, there's absolutely nothing about the cafe or its food that brings to mind anything european and definitely nothing particularly from Amsterdam. That is besides the large blown up photo of a street view from the city used as wall paper!

Continue below for my look and dinner!
Dinner at I AM Cafe! Mock tail Pina Colada, 'The Platter' appetizer and a chocolate truffle cake from Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro!
My bare face! My skin has been doing really well recently so let's see what I put onto my 'canvas'!
A simple light antique gold look using my Maybelline Big Eyes eyeshadow palette in GD-1! (My review here)
I used maybelline's color tattoo in Bold Gold as my base which worked perfect with the shadows!
My complete look! A pretty gold eye, a warm cheek and lipstick!
On my cheeks is Mac's mineralize blush in Love Joy and on my lips maybelline's sonude in Mocha Muse!
Products used: Shu Uemura POREraser UV Mousse, Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, Maybelline color tattoo in Bold Gold, Revlon matte (for brows), Mac mineralize blush in Love Joy, Maybelline Clear Smooth BB powder, Sleek contour kit, Maybelline Big Eyes eyeshadow, Art Deco eyebrow gel, Maybelline lipstick Mocha Muse, Kiss me heroine eyeliner, Kiss me heroine super film mascara, Maybelline the falsies Big Eyes mascara!
The very bold and large sign by the side of the cafe! You totally cannot miss these large letters!
My boyfriend's long hair before his haircut! (we both have nice hair cuts now)
My boyfriend had the black forest latte! It was super delicious and the cherry syrup was so good! It could've used a bit more coffee though!
My virgin Pina Colada! So yummy, lightly sweet, not too creamy and so refreshing! Mock tails all the way!
We ordered this to share! A large platter which easily could be shared by 2-4 people! Filled with grilled prawns, baked mussels, fried soft shelled crabs and grilled wings! Everything was very good on this platter except the prawns as the meat was all stuck to the shell and was soggy, a sign of defrosted frozen prawns which weren't the best quality.
For mains we shared this awesome double patty beef burger! Although the patties were well-done they were still so juicy and with a pineapple ring and the cheese the burger was fabulous! The fries were also fried to perfection but we had no space to eat them all!
A shot of cafe I AM's dessert fridge! The slices of rainbow and red velvet cake are GIANT. They are about 7 inches long and you definitely can share one between 2-4 friends! They also have a rainbow crepe cake!
Here's a super decadent and crazily chocolate packed truffle cake from Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro! The top and middle layers are chocolate ganaches, the bottom a dense brownie type cake and the top layer a tempted chocolate! This is not for the faint of heart and you should only attempt this if you truly LOVE chocolate!

What was the last sumptuous meal you shared with a loved one?
Are you a fan of burgers and chocolate cakes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Your makeup looks gorgeous hunny and that cake makes my mouth water!

    Lauren xx | laurlauu

  2. Oh wow all that food looks amazing! Love your makeup for this look :) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  3. All that food looks delicious!! That large platter with all the yummy goodies is making me hungry!

  4. I love the gold eye makeup! I love a good gold-toned eye, always festive.

    And OMG, everything looks amazing. I love food posts. I haven't had an indulgent meal with S in a while, but we like to do that sort of thing a lot, too.

  5. all the food look so delicious, Sharlynn!! The seafood platter OMG and the burger looks so juicy!! :D
    the food doesn't seem anything 'dutch' to me, LOL but who cares when they taste yummy? xDD

  6. Aaah now Im hungry again :D
    I always tend to get hungry when I visit your blog sweetie ;)
    That Mock Tail looks AMAZING!!!
    Burgers and chocolate cakes are not favorites of mine anymore cause I can´t really eat them anymore. The Gastric Sleeve surgery stops me from eating those kinda things...
    The last sumptuous meal I had with a loved one (my fiancé Freddi) was chicken kebab with potatoes... SO INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS!!!

  7. I love how simple and gorgeous ur makeup is, and goshh all these food!!! Yummy!

  8. Deary, your face and skin has been always doing well if you ask me :P
    OMG how decadent is that chocolate cake -drooling-
    And I like the pina colada :P never had it in my life though

  9. Gosh, Haji Lane is so happening! I've dine there on couple of occasions & love checking out the place. Stunning make-up as always. Happy Weekend, dear! xoxo

  10. Gorgeous makeup, I love antique gold eyeshadows!




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