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Holiday Special: Day 3 and 4 in Bali, Indonesia! (April 2015)

Snorkeling, pools and a BBQ seafood dinner! Bringing you day 3 and 4 from my week long beach holiday to Bali which took place at the end of April! Unlike the majority of our mornings on holidays, our second day in Bali started off before the crack of dawn as we waited for an early pick up from our hotel for our Snorkeling trip which I had booked in advance with a very popular and reputation diving company called, Blue Season Bali!

It was a first proper snorkeling trip I've done is quality waters with stunning marine life and I totally will be saving up to buy a waterproof case for my camera in the future! Our third day was very relaxed and we ended up taking a taxi to the famous Jimbaran beach to have a BBQ seafood dinner while watching the sea and sunset!

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Holiday Special: Day 3 and 4 in Bali, Indonesia! (Snorkeling trip, brunch, relaxing at the pool, BBQ dinner on Jimbaran beach)
The view from the mini van as we make our way two and a half hours to the diving/snorkeling location! Love Bali's gorgeous rice terrace fields, greenery and mountains!
We woke up at 5:30 that morning, a few hours later passing all this we were sleepy but also super excited to get into the water! We passed through parts of central and east Bali to get to Tulamben!
The restaurant area of the resort which the dive location is connected to! It's a gorgeous quiet totally off the beaten path type of place and with the sea literally on its edge with a shipwreck just off shore, this spot in Tulamben is super popular!
I just had to take photos of the location after our first snorkel and we were resting. Just look at how serene the place looked! This would be a great honeymoon getaway spot or just a perfect spot for people who want to near a gorgeous snorkeling/dive spot!
The pool further down after the restaurant area and most importantly there's a staircase in the background of the photo which leads down to the black pebble beach which is the starting point for divers and snorkelers who are heading to visit the USAT Liberty Shipwreck!
A shot of the black pebble beach, it's basically all smooth stones! Here you can see some divers with their gear walking ahead before heading into the sea!
After the long minivan ride to the snorkeling spot and our first snorkeling session which was under two hours long we came out of the water to have lunch! I asked for Mee Goreng which is fried noodles! It was super yummy, filled with vegetables and I was so hungry!
While on the hour long lunch break I walked around to the pool and also came across this cat who was just chilling! Also I was wearing winged eyeliner that day despite going snorkeling! Gel eyeliner all the way! That's all, nothing else!
Posing with our extraordinary dive master and snorkeling guide for the day! He was fantastic in every way, knowledgeable about the marine life, location, sensitive to any needs we had and was great to speak to!
Posing with our awesome dive master Edwin! So glad to have had him leading our day trip!
Our gear left on the grass during our lunch time break!
After a second dive session and feeling totally tired and drained but very happy with what we saw and experienced under water we were on our way back to town and our hotels!
Delicious Indonesian dinner at a restaurant at Beach Walk Mall just a few minutes from our hotel! We had an awesome fried vegetable appetizer and then sweet sauce grilled duck and crispy chicken! Both served with rice, stir fried vegetables and delicious sauces and sambals on the side!
Day 3 in Bali: We walked just about 5 minutes down the street from our hotel to Beach Walk Mall and had our brunch at Kitchenette which has a great menu of savory crepes, sandwiches, brunch items and lovely drinks!
The outlet is gorgeously done and looks like a retro pop art sort of concept! There are lots of seat inside and lots outside! The weather was dry and slightly windy so we sat outside! Kitchenette at Beach Walk Mall!
Their home made ice lemon tea and their '21st century' latte! Their coffee was excellent!
I had an eggs benedict! Served on cut out of breads with spinach, the hollandaise sauce was a bit too sour and not salty enough for my taste. Loved the small potato fritter, side salad and grilled tomato but I was not a fan of the chilli jam! Left it all in the sauce holder!
My boyfriend had this AMAZING pepper steak sandwich that had cheddar cheese, mushrooms, onions and their home made thick kettle chips with chilli powder were so damn good!
The type of face he gives me when I tell him, 'give me a funny face!' I LOVE this looks so wonky!!!
Photo with my boyfriend at Kitchenette! Was wearing my thin denim press button top from Forever 21! It was super light and airy and you could tie it up to a cropped length!
Browsing the large gourmet supermarket at the Basement of Beach Walk Mall! Totally love seeing all the variety and things I can't get back in Singapore!
The bakery section in the front! I LOVE breads and all kinds of easy to eat yummy bakery items! If we were staying for much long I would have bought some to try!
The supermarket had a huge section of tourist sort of items! Key chains, post cards, beauty and skincare made from local ingredients like Frangipani, Lemongrass, Coconut and so much more!
We spent a lazy afternoon at our gorgeous little rooftop infinity pool! We had to wait for about 20 minutes until we could get pool chairs to lay down on but it was worth the wait!
Shots of me having a dip in the pool! I only had gel eyeliner on like I did most days in Bali!
I wore my neon orange bikini top and floral black based high waisted bottoms! On my nails was Clio's nail polish in Disco Blue!
My boyfriend in the pool! It always takes so much convincing to get him in damn pools when on holiday especially when the water is a lot cooler than the temperature outside! The water was really nice and cold and you can see the ocean behind! It was a gorgeous relaxing two hours at the pool!
Oh course I had to take the classic shot of my legs sunning! The view was so tranquil and I love being at poolsides away from the grit of the beach although I travel to places to enjoy the beach and sun as well!
In the pool! I totally wished we spent more time at the pool! I totally need to stay at a place where we can access the pool at night too!
Arriving at Jimbaran beach! A short 15 minute taxi ride without any traffic away from the Kuta area of Bali where we stayed! Jimbaran beach is the place for freshly cooked seafood eaten on the beach and I knew I had to visit!
We made sure we arrived at around 5-5:30pm as we wanted to make it in time for watching the sunset while having dinner! Almost every few meters there are tables/chairs set up by restaurants and cafes all long the huge stretch of beach!
A gorgeous shot on Jimbaran beach! Really liked how my outfit went with the pale blue skies that evening!
The scene on Jimbaran beach! There are cart sellers who had grilled corn, drinks and toys for children besides all the restaurants!
The view from our seats! I picked our cafe from a popular and well reviewed place on Tripadvisor called "Lia's Cafe" which had a very standard seafood range compared to all the other cafes around but the prices were all amazingly cheap compared to Singapore!
Our gorgeous seafood dinner at Lia's Cafe while watching the sea and sunset! Instead of ordering one of the set meals for 2 people, we choose a la carte items! BBQ barracuda fish, squid and lots of prawns! Our food came with rice, stir fried water spinach, different sambals, plain soup and some salad! Everything was super fresh, sweet, cooked just right and soooo filling! Don't be fooled by the reddish color paste on all the items, nothing was spicy so I asked for cut chilli!
Despite having had a long, filling and super delicious dinner we still went out late in the night and I had to eat ANOTHER lava cake! I loved how every eatery in Bali had lava cake!
Just check out that chocolate oozing out of that cake! Most of my lava cake experiences in Bali were solid cakes on the outside with a slight crust and the insides oozed liquid chocolate!
One of my favorite photos from the day! My boyfriend wasn't feeling well all that day so his face looked drained so luckily day 4 was all relaxed and we took our time with everything! Dinner was so good, romantic and the weather was so lovely!

So that was our third and fourth day in Bali! A super amazing colorful and draining snorkeling trip followed by a day of relaxing by the pool and a wonderful sea side seafood dinner! I'd never been surrounded by so many colorful friendly fishes that swam up to our faces, all around us and were so beautiful! The next time we have the opportunity we would love to have another dive/snorkel trip! I also wish seafood at the beach so as cheap over here! I would totally eat by the beach every night if I could!

For those who missed, check out the first two days of my holiday in Bali here! Also do feel free to browse my travel category for posts on my travels to Bangkok, Thailand and Krabi, Thailand if you're interested!

Have you gone diving/snorkeling on holiday?
Keen on a seafood dinner on the beach?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, thanks for sharing! :)

    I have a new outfit post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. thank you so much for sharing your vacay pics with us:-) i LOVE these kind of blogposts.
    the beach looks so breathtaking... i need to book my holidays like right now! lol

    oh and you & your bf look super cute and happy together:-)

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  3. Looks like you and BF are having a GREAT time in Bali!
    What a great location your resort have with beautiful
    views and close by to facilities c;

  4. Looks like you both had a great time there ^^ Bali def has great culinary offer and of course great panorama as well as beautiful beaches :)
    You should come to Jakarta too, it's one shopping heaven :)

  5. Such a lovely couple! Always enjoy seeing your holiday shots, dear! xoxo

  6. Looks like a memorable and action-packed trip! As always, the food and nature shots look amazing :) And wow, gel eyeliner despite being in the water. Kudos to you, girl! Haha. That's definitely a testament to how successfully waterproof gel eyeliner is :)

  7. Sharlynn, I totally totally DROOL at all the yummy food. You know how Asian food always don't look as good in photos but taste so good in real life? Your description helps a lot too for me to imagine the taste. Yummy!!!

    You know, I hate snorkeling. I cannot swim and so snorkeling is very daunting to me esp when the water gets into the "breathing tube". I would totally freak out and kick around to get up to the surface. And I'm the only twerp to wear a life jacket to snorkel coz I needed to float badly and have the tube above the surface of the water at all times. As a result, I could not get to see all the wonderful colourful fish like those you saw. I love diving though. I don't have a license but I did a beginner's explore dive in Maldives and I was in love with diving!

    The pool looks so inviting. I can imagine spending the whole day in there! I've replied your comments so do check back.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  8. Ahh I really want to go to Bali one day; the weather and the relaxing atmosphere looks amazing! Glad you had a good time!! The beach with the white sand + blue water is gorgeous!

    Macarons and Mischief

  9. This looks like an amazing holiday, you both look like you had so much fun! I've never been to Indonesia but I'd love to go.

  10. Oh wow...just can say 'AMAZING' everything, the nature the food the place and you guys...Bali is such a dreamy and romantic place! You are looking beautiful in all your pictures Sharlynn especially love you in skirt and bikini. I always enjoy seeing your holidays post <3 Happy Monday dear! Kisses <3

  11. I LOVE that you wore gel eyeliner to go snorkeling!!




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