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Rave Review: Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!

Be Shameless, be Bold! For the ladies who have followed me for a while and who have noticed my heated love affair with blushes, rouge for the cheeks and any powder that is of a pink or raspberry tone this review should come as no surprise! I had hauled this baby at the end of last year as part of my first Sephora haul to be featured on my blog (see the haul here)!

I had decided to treat myself and went all out that day with this purchase being one of the best things I picked up last year. It was such a struggle to decide on which shade to pick up when it store but it really boiled down to two choices of colors I would practically use on a daily basis and the boyfriend helped me decide!

Continue below for the review of this awesome blush!
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush comes in a lovely pouch!
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
The brush really isn't too bad! A angled medium sized brush that would be a decent applicator if you don't have your favorite regular brush with you! It has very fine hairs and is very soft and dense!

 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!

Let's just all agree that the packaging of this blush is practically perfection. I mean, besides coming in such a compact gorgeous clam shell that opens up at a light press of the button, the compact housing a mirror and everything fitting in the palm of your hand without extra bulk, I really can't think of anything I'd like to have changed!

For those who are into the simple, black, clean and modern packaging, the whole range of Marc Jacobs make up will have you doing a happy dance. Not too simple that it looks cheap but not too gaudy and shiny screaming for attention either! I personally love it when a blush does not come with any extra space or compartment for an applicator as its rare that the one provided I'd actually find suitable to use.

Like many high end brands, the blush comes inside a pouch and there's a brush that's included that is actually a pretty decent small blush brush! I'm glad it's not taking up any extra space as part of the packing too! All in all, the packaging of this product is just right and I like the touch of the color matching circle on the label too.

 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
Swatches of Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!

I'm going to be honest. I bought this blush on a whim, I had no idea of how the product was asides from seeing one beauty guru on youtube swatch it. Her skin tone is of a very dark indian complexion and all I remembered was that she was raving about it. So when I saw this during my Sephora shop end of last year, after deciding which of the 9 shades I would have used most, I fell in love with the swatch of this shade and picked it up!

If you think you've experienced it all when it comes to blushes but have never bought high end before, you need to reconsider your entire existence. I mean, I love my drugstore brand blushes and use them daily but it's not the color or packaging that sets this particular blush apart but the texture and finish.

On first looks, the blush looks like a gelee type of powder product although it's just a powder. However it has the texture of a smooth balm and not a powder, there's absolutely nothing powdery about this blush no matter how much you dig your brush or fingers into it. The finish on the skin is like the most perfect light water color stain. It glows from the inside and has a gorgeous light catching finish that's not shimmery or dewy but just looks translucent and radiant.

It's a shame that the best things about this blush formulation can only be seen and felt in person but just take my word on it! I've never had a blush this close to perfection. Not powder, gorgeous buildable color, you'd never need to contour because it blends out like your blush was air brushed on and the glow is so perfect you don't need any highlighting!

Wearing Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious! (Please note that I DO NOT edit my photos color wise. This is exactly how it looked in person. I was not wearing any contour or highlight products either.)
 Marc Jacobs Shameless Bold Blush in 216 Rebellious!
Paid: $56 SGD or about $42.50 USD 

(From Sephora here in Singapore, most products are marked up slightly or A LOT)

Recommend: YES. OH HELL YES. For for who are blush fiends, who can't live without blush, who wear them everyday or those looking for an indulgent but worthy splurge! The texture is just amazing and the finish on your skin will leave you wondering why more blushes aren't like this!

Repurchase: Maybe, oh I've already been drooling after another color or two but it's unlikely I'll pick up another of this too soon! If I do, it'd likely be one of the more natural peachy shades or browner one!

Bottom line: For the girls who love their blushes and like a glowy cheek without any shimmer or shine, this formulation will give you that. The color range has a nice proportion of a few bold shades and some natural ones. Do go ahead and swatch them in store!

Have you bought anything from Marc Jacob's beauty line?
What do you think of the blushes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Lovely blush and really suits you <3

    I have a new post up on the blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  2. This looks so great on you!!! I definitely need some tips and tricks from you on how to take full face + blush photos hahaha I've heard such mixed reviews on Marc Jacobs blushes and so I'm glad that a blush lover like you gave your approval for them (:

  3. Oh wow that is crazy bold and I love it! I have the MJ blush in a very light purple and it takes a bit of work to build up but is so pretty.

  4. I've been dying to try more from the Marc Jacobs line and I love a bold blush xx
    The Beauty Bloss

  5. wow isn't it intense?? the blush is so beautiful and pigmented, I totally get it why you're in love with it ^^
    I haven't tried MJ blush but I was drooling over their bronzer-highlighter duo ( the one we hunted , but was sold out :/)..

  6. OMG, the shade is really bold but I don't mind. I love the effect of this blush on your lovely cheeks honey. I have a similar shade blush from Sleek Makeup and I love that. Very nice post sweetie. Kisses ,<3

  7. Haha, love your enthousiasm about this blush (but you have already
    have so many!!) :P
    It has a nice fushia and a bit purple undertone color c:
    Nice that it comes with a pouch!

  8. Definitely too bold for me. Hahaha! But you're young & pretty, so these strong colours really suit you. Besides, the colours stood out against your flawless fair skin, my dear. xoxo

  9. Yes! oh hell yes! thjis blush is soooooo amazing and look so gorgeous on you!
    Such a pretty shade <3 <3 <3

  10. The color is super pretty
    Lovely review

  11. great blog, have a nice week!

  12. Hey Sharlynn, oh wow oh wow oh wow this blush is STUNNING on you! It seems really bold, but not over the top! I haven't tried anything from MJ because it's not available here in Belgium. I might eventually go through the trouble of laying my hands on some stuff tho!

  13. This is a gorgeous shade! I wasn't keen on the blush line at first, despite the fact that I usually like bold shades and matte finished, but I'm slowly being drawn to them. This shade is especially gorgeous! And yes, girl, treat yo'self!

  14. HOLY WOW! That colour is unbelievable! And I love the name too! :D I'm actually a little bit in awe at just how incredible it makes your cheekers look. WOW.

  15. OH HELL YES INDEED! This looks sooooo GOOD! I would LOVE to get one for myself! WOW!

  16. Gorgggeeeouuuss! When marc jacobs first launched their makeup line, I thought it was going to be a dud, but all their products are amazing! Their lip gloss makes my lips look SO smooth! I can't wait to go swatch some of their blushes

  17. The color is SO pretty and the formula sounds like a dream x

  18. Wowza it's so bold! I love how it looks on you! I don't have many blushes, but I feel like my next purchase will be something like this!




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