Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Review: Soufeel Jewelry! (925 Sterling Silver Bangle and Charms)

Soufeel Jewelry! Today I take a slight detour from my usual beauty and food posts! I was contacted by a representative from the brand Soufeel and was kindly sent items I chose from their site. The brand was founded in 2011 and sells a variety of jewelry mostly comprised of bracelets, beads and charms! I've only ever reviewed beauty related items sent to me but I was very intrigued by the beautifully designed charms and am a huge fan of silver as I'm allergic to many metals, even white gold tends to irritate my skin!

Although I don't often feature fashion or anything about my jewelry collection, 90% of my ear rings, rings and bracelets are silver and the rest titanium or white gold. I cannot wear stainless steel and plastics as my skin is allergic to them hence over time I have grown to love wearing silver. If you're a lover of charm bracelets or are in need of buying a special someone a gift do read on!

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 Soufeel Jewelry: featuring the Silver Basic Charms Bangle, Cut-Away Heart Art Clip Charm, Pink Round Crystal Charm and the Pink Lock My Heart Dangle Charm!
My package from Soufeel arrived in a sturdy cardbox box in which you will find the Soufeel jewelry box (your items will be inside) and a gift bag which comes in handy for those planning to gift their order to someone!
I really liked how simple and clean the box was, the baby blue ribbon is a lovely touch and I feel is very classy. Not to mention it's a thick sturdy box which the entire lid removes, the inside velvet lined with a cushion for the jewelry!
Here are the items I picked taken out of the box! Each piece separately packed in zip locks with a label stating their design name and details. Included are small rubber 'C' shaped pieces which are to be used for the clip charms! Every piece was in perfect condition!

Straight forward, sturdy and classic are what comes to mind when I evaluate the packaging! Nothing beats a clean and pretty exterior when it comes to the boxes and exterior packaging of jewelry and also it's a great step that each piece of jewelry is individually packed with labels. The box is easy to open and close and the fact that it's velvet lined with a cushion inside not only makes for safer storage but also gives the product a luxe feel as packaging really adds to the experience of any product!

There is really nothing I feel needs to be improved about the packaging as it really is up to standards of similar products and what is expected of this type of jewelry! 

Here's a photo of my Soufeel bracelet and charms fully assembled and placed back into the box! (the cushion is actually a dark navy color)
I picked out the 925 Sterling Silver Basic Charms Bangle in the size 17cm! I really loved the look of the sleek smooth round bracelet and have not owned anything similar before!
This bangle's design is so that when you open the catch the end of the bracelet bends up or down and doesn't come apart like a regular chain bracelet. The catch which keeps the bracelet shut is very easy to open but takes a little bit of a hard pinch to snap it shut again.
As shown earlier, the included little rubber pieces fit into the two halves of the clip I chose, after which it makes the clip stay in place where ever you choose to place it on the bracelet!

The moment I opened up the box and saw the products up close I was very impressed by what I saw. The bracelet and the charms are very well made, 100% accurate to the photo online in every respect (color, details, etc) and the mechanisms like the clasp on the bracelet and the hinge/catch on the clip charm were all in good condition! 

For the bracelet, I choose the very simple but elegant 925 Sterling Silver Basic Charms Bangle in the size 17cm! Although I'm not the slimmest person my wrists and ankles have always been very slim so just as the website advised, I found my ideal bracelet size by measuring around my wrist tight and then adding 2cm. 

There is really no need to go up by a size as some people do in the fear that the charms would take up a lot of space as they really do not. However if you would like to eventually get a lot of charms or have no issues with the bracelet resting further down on your arm sizing up should be fine. I however like mine to stay within my wrist area and feel like at the 17cm size, my wrist still has plenty of room with three charms on and still would be comfortable with more.

I really had a bit of a struggle choosing which charms I would like for my bracelet as Soufeel has a great range of designs for their charms. All of which are made of 925 Sterling Silver and are compatible with Pandora and Chamilia bracelets while being at a lower price yet being of good quality. Later in my review I will do a small comparison with my own Pandora bracelet!

The three Soufeel charms I picked! Up close: Pink Round Crystal Charm, the Pink Lock My Heart Dangle Charm and the Cut-Away Heart Art Clip Charm! Exactly as pictured on their website, the quality of these in person are stunning!
For my bracelet I picked two traditional charms and a clip charm as I knew I needed something central and fixed as I didn't want all my charms rolling all the way around! The clip charm being the model named 'Cut-Away Heart Art Clip Charm' has a very pretty heart detail with a slightly tribal style to the design. Application and use of the rubber pieces to keep the clip from moving is easy and the pieces are completely concealed inside the clip itself when on the bracelet!

The next charm I got was the 'Pink Round Crystal Charm' which had me the moment I saw it online! It's just stunning, the cut of the crystal very well done and the baby pink color just exactly what I love. This simple just eye catching charm would be a win in any charm combination! Lastly, the
'Pink Lock My Heart Dangle Charm' is just as cute as can be with little studs of pink crystal on the 'lock' portion of the charm!

My gorgeous bracelet and charms by Soufeel jewelry!
See how there is still ample space for a few more charms without becoming 'tight' around the wrist?
I do own a bracelet to pandora and as claimed, the charms are compatible with their bracelet! Both brands have unique and similar pieces but between the two, affordable pricing means I wouldn't hesitate purchasing from Soufeel on any given day!

Overall I'm extremely satisfied and impressed by Soufeel's products. Not only do they look gorgeous and are of good quality but are really affordable which makes their products more accessible to the masses. As someone who prefers to wear minimalistic jewelry, mostly silver, I definitely will be wearing this out a lot and totally will be considering purchasing charms for myself.

It's hard not to miss the resemblance of Soufeel's products to the well known brand Pandora but I'm not someone who is loyal to jewelry brands and am always willing to buy from new or different names. If you are already an owner of a bracelet from Pandora or Chamilia you totally should take a look at Soufeel's range of charms as there are some really lovely pieces, some with Swarovski crystals, Murano glass and other customizable pieces which are compatible with your bracelet.

Wearing my gorgeous new Soufeel bracelet and charms, heading out into town! Love how it goes with pretty much anything!

Soufeel's website offers free world wide shipping with orders over $50 and 365-day return and exchange guarantee! There's also always great deals and special promos on individual items, entire bracelets with charms and more listed online.  

Current promotions include a free ring with orders over $59, free S925 Charm with orders over $79 and a free Bracelet with orders over $99!

Do check out their new arrivals section for new designs currently selling at promotional prices (see here) and their June presale charms to save up to 70% off selected new designs! (see here)

My gorgeous bracelet from Soufeel!
Paid: Products featured in this review were sent to me from Soufeel!

The bangle I picked is currently retailing online at $25.95 and all the charms I picked out were between $15-25! 

Recommend: YES, for anyone looking for a gift for themselves, collecting another charm or a something special for someone Soufeel would be a great choice for affordable and quality bracelets and charms!

Repurchase:Yes, I already have my eyes on their Pink Murano Glass Bead Charm and the Interlaced Heart Charm both, unsurprisingly are pink and super girly!

Bottom Line: Overall, I'm very pleased with the high quality of the products, the bracelet and charms look and feel very luxe. This bracelets and three charms have a total retail cost of under $100 which is at a fantastic price! There should be something that suits everyone on their online store so do head over and browse!

Lastly for my readers and fans, Soufeel has kindly given me a coupon code to share with you! Simply enter in 'Sharlynn5' in the check out to enjoy 5% off any purchase! 

Do click on the link below the banner to check out their site!

Visit Soufeel.com to build your own gorgeous charm bracelet!

What charm bracelet do you own? And if not, would you like one?
Simple charms or more detailed ones?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I really love silver jewelry as well! It goes so nice with dark hair :) especially together with pearls :). That bracelet really looks gorgeous on you! I am also always on the hunt for good quality silver items since I also have a lot of different allergies against metals and get horrible rashes from them. My worst experience actually was when my dentist forgot my nickel allergy and used it in my braces 0_o. Have you ever checked out Thomas Sabo? I really like their design and quality and the products are also quite affordable ^^.


  2. I love your choices so much!! My ears are quite sensitive, but they're somehow okay with stainless steel but not with gold or silver. I haven't tried wearing silver earrings since a bad allergic reaction in middle school though.

    Anyway, back to your post. The bracelet looks gorgeous on you and your hair / outfit also look great!!

  3. I'm loving this fringe on you! I'm a lot like you - not into wearing a lot of jewelry and I definitely prefer things that are unstated. But I'm liking the look of these bracelets and charms! I might see if I can pick up something with the discount code!

  4. I was sent a bracelet from them loong time ago and it's so pretty! I don't often wear bracelets though so it's not getting much use. But was really impressed with their aesthetics and how good it looks, though I don't have a Pandora and I can't compare. Yours is very pretty!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. You look nice!! Did you trimmed your bangs? It looks lovely c:
    I haven't heard about this jewelry brand before but it looks
    decent c: I really love the bangle with the charms c: they remind
    me of Pandora. Glad the jewelries here did not cause any
    allergic reactions! Xx http://icepandora.blogspot.com

  6. so pretty the bracelet looks!!! :)

  7. Soufeel's box is so good looking, loved the bracelet very much ! :-)

  8. Those three different charms look cute together! I'm minimalistic when it comes to jewelry, but this bangle looks like a statement piece that is NOT over the top.
    BTW, you look adorable!

  9. Hi Sharlynn,

    What a sweet looking bracelet. It looks great on you :D


  10. Wow, the quality of the jewellery looks amazing and very worth the price! I'm all for cheaper goods ^^. They also look very similar to Pandora, one of the charms looks exactly like my pandora one! Thanks for letting us readers know about the site, I will keep it in mind to direct people when it comes to my birthday :)

  11. oh wowww you look absolutely gorgeous here, Sharlynn <3
    love how the bangs frame your face, sooo cute :-)

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  12. I love the key and lock charm, so cute! :)




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