Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Rave Review: Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!

Water Shine Pure Lippies! For many ladies who regularly apply war paint aka make up, lip color of some sort weather it be a straight up lipstick, gloss, cream stain or gloss is a standard thing. The girls I know who don't do much eye make up still tend to wear some lip color and the same goes for those who do more complicated and heavy make up. Lip color tends to be a staple make up product, however for myself, some one with terribly sensitive lips I will often skip on any lip color with the exception of a good clear balm.

In asia (or at least south east asia) Maybelline has sold this range of lipsticks for many years now called the 'water pure shine' which are lipsticks that are moisturizing, light weight and come in a lovely range of colors. I had just HAD to pick up a couple after swatching all the shades in store!

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Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!
Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!
Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!
Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!
Packaging & Product!

These lipsticks are packaged in a relatively small tube which is smaller than the color sensational lipsticks (my review here) and with a cap that meets half way on the tube (which I prefer).  The tubes are a lovely light silvery blue metal color which is of a reflective finish. I totally think of water droplets which goes completely with the fact that these are named 'water shine pure'. The shade names are also labeled with matching colored stickers on the base of each tube. Therefore there's really nothing that I think can or should be improved about the packaging!

Just as the name suggest these lipsticks are shiny, highly moisturizing and are very light feeling. I love that these lipsticks have the texture of a thicker colored lip balm instead of a traditional cream/wax lipstick. They apply super smoothly, gliding on pretty much and can be worn sheerly to opaque for most shades. As these lipstick are super hydrating they aren't very long lasting and touch ups will be needed throughout the day. 

They are non-drying and although they aren't 'wet' feeling, they keep the lips super moisturized without being too creamy or slick. I'm really happy with the two shades I picked up as well as I have the hardest time finding drugstore nude shades! There's 10-12 shades in this line from what I recall and they are a really affordable price considering the prices of lipglosses and lipsticks are usually $15-20 SGD. This line has many pinks, oranges, a nude or two and is a good example of juicy moisturizing asian lipsticks! Check them out!

Swatches of Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!
Wearing Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in PR31! A gorgeous bright rose pink! (apologies, I had no make up on and my camera is very sensitive hence my overly yellow color :p)
Wearing Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23!
Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipsticks in B23 and PR31!
Paid: $13.90 SGD each or about $10.50 USD (I bought these when there was a 20% off sale)

These lipsticks are on the cheaper side of drugstore lipsticks! Their new 'Color Show' lipsticks are even cheaper at about $10 and come in 40 shades total! Amazing considering their color sensational and other lipsticks from Revlon and L'oreal are about $18-20!

Recommend:YES. Firstly for being a very affordable drugstore pick, the range of colors and the super hydrating formula that feels light and moist on the lips!

Repurchase: Maybe, I totally would consider getting more but my eyes are on the Color show range of lipsticks next!

Bottom line: For those who have sensitive, dry lips, this line of lipsticks is a great pick! Also for those who prefer light balmy feeling lipsticks and don't mind reapplying throughout the day this line really is a great choice!

Are you a lover of light textured balmy lipsticks?
What's your favorite maybelline lippie?
Let me know!

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  1. I love love this Water Shine lipsticks, I have 3 or 4 shades from the range but can't remember the name xDD
    B23 and PR31 are so so pretty!! I hate it when brands only put number to name their products -_-

  2. Tye B23 looks great on you and its perfect for everyday :) and I love moisturizing lipsticks I dont mind if I have to reapply every now and then.


  3. they are so amazing! but B23 is just perfect! love it and I need it <3

  4. I've never heard of these before! But the outcome is just gorgeous on your lips (great shots btw).

  5. Stunning shades, but I kinda like the more natural one where you can wear it everyday :D

  6. Hi Sharlynn,

    These water shine lipsticks do make your lips looking well hydrated. Nice to know that they are great products :D


  7. I love the look of the nude one! I feel like I got a lot more boring because I would've loved the brighter one a month ago hahaha

  8. Here in Finland we do have some Watershine lipsticks but they are not the Pure ones cause the packaging of the ones we have is an ombre pink kind :)
    I really love the look of the ones you picked up, especially B23 :)

  9. These are so pretty and sound quite lovely! Although, I don't think I can get them here in U.S. Thank-you for the swatches though. :)




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