Friday, 12 June 2015

Food Post: All things eaten out for May 2015!

Szechuan pepper, Burger King and Spanish Gambas! The month of May was quite a jumbled month when it comes to food! Then again the majority of Singaporeans who eat 'Singaporean food' pretty much eat everything and anything! It's normal for a Chinese Singaporean to eat Indian curry, Malay achar pickles or traditional congee! Here in Singapore it's a food haven with cuisines from most corners of the world easily available. 

I've been trying to cut down on how often I eat out in a bid to save up money but I've also changed my focus on where I eat out. The boyfriend and I have found a love for Chinatown and its many cafes and restaurants selling cuisines from all over China. We intend to visit every other week to get out hit of spicy, cumin coated, marinated organs!

Continue below for all the food!

All things eaten out for May 2015!
Marinated beef organs with mouth numbing Szechuan peppers, chilli oil and coriander! This type of dish is my boyfriend's favorite as well as something I love! Lots of bits of stomach, jellied meat and other innards and the sauce is spicy, tasty and just down right delicious!
Beef skewers! Coated in cumin and other spices, these sticks of beef were so incredibly tender it seemed to have the textured of pork than cooked beef! Super yummy but quite salty!
A plain fried rice! The least salty of all the dishes, this really helped to balance out the flavors and salt from the other two dishes! A lot of cuisine from southern China tends to be filled with chillis, peppercorns, cumin and lots of spices and oils!
A delicious simple meal at Tsuru Koshi udon in the basement of Takashimaya! Delicious chewy delicate noodles, mince meat and a soft boiled egg with some broth. We also shared an additional bowl of soup which my boyfriend thought was out of this world despite looking so simple.
A simple super filling lunch at the food court in NEX Serangoon! I tried out the new Thai food stall, having their chicken basil dish and a bowl of seafood tom yum soup! I really want to order other dishes from them  next time!
Sushi HEAVEN!! All this delicious stuff is sold outside of the Ichiban Boshi outlet in NEX Serangoon! It's all the same prices as sushi in the supermarkets but you have WAY better options and range and it's made by a Japanese restaurant!
Look at all these delicious freshly hand made rice rolls! My favorite is the one with unagi (eel)!
Sushi sets! Beautiful and far more interesting and appetizing sushi plates than the standard ones sold in supermarkets here! I love the salmon sushi when the top half has been blow torched! I also love the sushi with the sweet tofu skin!
The desserts fridge! Giant mochi balls with various fillings, mini fruit tarts, fluffy light cheesecakes and delicious flaky rolls filled with a sweet custard! Even though we were quite full we bought a box of two of the rolls and they were amazing!
A big japanese set meal I had out with my mom! It's black pork slices stewed with vegetables, mayo baked scallops, tempura, soup and watermelon! I ended up eating everything except the rice and was super full!
The most fatty, tender generous portions of char sui and roast pork belly rice at Seletar Mall! I absolutely love the sauce that comes with roast meats like this!
Trying out a new noodle shop near my home! I really loved how authentic it was and it reminded me of how I used to eat noodles like this in the past at the big wet market near our home before it was torn down more than 10 years ago! The only issue was that the pork was very dry.
An earlier dinner with my mom at our favorite Crystal Jade La Mian kitchen in Takashimaya! We shared a single (and DAMN HUGE) portion of noodles with mince meat sauce, two baskets of their most amazing (and I think the best) xiao long bao and a portion of vegetable/meat dumplings in chilli oil!
Dinner at Wine Connection at I12 Katong! We were so lucky to get the last portion of home made foie gras terrine!
Deliciously fatty, melt in your mouth foie gras terrine! The only thing slightly off putting was the very strong organ smell and back end flavor on your tongue. Spread on bread with a sprinkle more salt this is such a treat!
Spanish Gambas! Deliciously juicy prawns fried to a crisp on the outside served in a chilli/garlic oil! These are so delicious, I won't understand if someone didn't like them!
See how the shell is all crispy and the exterior of the prawn has a lovely skin? I eat everything, meat and tail shell!
My boyfriend order the pork schnitzel! He found the meat quite dry although the cutlets were very crispy and well fried!
I tried the vegetarian cannelloni pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach and baked with tomato sauce!
Lastly we tried the new 'Black' and 'White' burgers! The black one we agreed was better! The crispy chicken, delicious sauce and turkey bacon was a much yummier combination than the beef patty and pepper sauce! OMG, the onion rings are DAMN GOOD. I haven't had them before and they literally are onion substance which probably less than 20% onion put into ring shapes!

That's all for the meals I ate out last month! I'm always looking out to eat new things and I've made a promise to myself to try eating at more new places instead of just going to the same spots! I'm already drooling over the thought of the next time I go to Chinatown!

What's a meal you've eaten last month?
Do you LOVE onion rings?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. ohhhh Sharlynn not again! don't make my mouth water! nice food post as always xx! :)

  2. Oh my God, my mouth is watering girl, how many delicious dishes you ate in may. It's really nice that you always looking out to eat new things. have a great day honey! Kisses <3

  3. THIS IS SO CRUEL OF YOU! I'm reading it 1am and what can I do about it?! Dear god... that cannelloni.......

  4. Oh Sharlynn why are you so mean??? LOL I need to grab something to eat now xDD.
    Those sushi overload!! and the Black and white BK is so cool, I don't think I've seen them here..

  5. Hahaha... I always love it that our Singapore food don't look visually appetizing in photos at all yet tastes awesome to goodness good. ANd yes, do you realised lots of our non local bloggers are always awed by the food we have here? We have almost every cuisine!

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  6. Love everything except the beef organs. Don't think I can stomach those, Sharlynn. Hahaha! Happy weekend, dear! xoxo




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