Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Special: My dad's birthday dinner at House of Seafood! (2015)

Seafood Birthday Dinner! To celebrate my dad's birthday this year we went in search of a seafood restaurant which we used to frequent that used to be at a location near us. 'House of Seafood' has several outlets in Singapore and although it's not a large chain and not as famous of Jumbo Seafood but has quality chinese dishes and super fresh seafood! 

It's a tradition in our family like many chinese families to celebrate special occasions with food more than anything else! My family tends to go for seafood meals that usually include prawns, crabs or both! 

Continue below for the dinner!
My dad's birthday dinner at House of Seafood! (2015)
After about 20 minutes driving around we finally found where the yio chu kang outlet was relocated! It's now in an old run down mall in Upper Serangoon!
The restaurant is a big space with lots of large round tables! It was very nice and bright and clean and modern looking compared to the very road side, casual decor it used to have at the outlet that used to be near us!
The new menu is expanded and full of affordable to expensive seafood dishes of prawns, crabs, abalone, shark's fin, clams, slipper prawns, fishes and more!
Here's another page from the newer glossy menu! Like most chinese restaurants fish is cooked in every way possible, fried, steamed, braised and boiled!
On the long inner wall the restaurant features photos of all the notable public figures from actors to singers, political party members and such who have visited this outlet since they opened!

Fried prawn rolls! Prawn and fish paste with bits of crunchy water chest nut wrapped in tofu skin and then sliced and deep fried! Served with a delicious sweet sauce!
Seafood hor fun noodles! This was perfection! The noodles fried til brown and then lots of bits of seafood with a rich tasty gravy and egg!
Seafood hor fun noodles! The noodles were so fragrant and the gravy so delicious! I ate mine with lots of pickled green chilli!
Deep fried yam ring filled with mix vegetables and seafood! This is a favorite modern chinese item, the yam paste is fried and savory and delicious and I ate up every bit of the fried noodles around!
Our order of Chilli Crab! A super famous dish that all tourist should try when visiting! Our crab was a huge crab and was quite expensive but the meat was so perfectly cooked, so sweet, tender, fresh and moist! The sauce however was a bit sweeter than we'd like as my family likes a spicier sauce!
Look at the size of that giant claw! We had at least 4 pieces leftover and had to take away!
This is something no one can help whilst eating chilli crab! A good hand washing is needed afterwards!
My parents taking a selfie with my dad's phone!
A family photo before we left the restaurant! It was getting late and most of the other customers had left already!
A fruit cake that we got for my dad from our local pastry chain Bengawan Solo! (it sells mostly traditional chinese/peranakan type desserts, biscuits, pastries)
My dad's birthday cake all lighted up!
Posing with Pebbles with now almost 18 year old dog! She's been part of the family for a long time!
Our husky Sirius peeking through from the living room! We tried to get him to come in a pose but he just moves too much for a photo!

What kind of meal does your family have for birthdays?
Are you a fan of seafood meals?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!

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  1. Happy belated birthday to you dad!! Gosh the pic of these meals looks tantalizing!! :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your dad! Looks like you people had a great time in that restaurant <3 Love the pics!!

  3. Happy belated birthday to your father :) It's nice to have a fun family meal out to celebrate these things! And omg, Pebbles is 18 years old! What a trooper! That's amazing. Sirius is too cute, too!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your dad!
    That hor fun gravy looks SO GOOD, and your parents taking a selfie together? Embarrassing but cute!
    Pebbles looks friggin adorable (ARE THOSE DOG BOOTIES I SEE??), and Sirius looks like a creepy stalker in that background LOL

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to your handsome dad, Sharlynn! Lovely family shots & I wanna dig into the plate of chilli crab too! xoxo

  6. Happy birthday to your dad! The insides of House of Seafood with the panels of photos reminds me of Famous Kitchen that's near my place. And when you mentioned they shifted to a rundown mall in Serangoon, I immediately knew which place that is. I thought it was a rather odd location to be at but it certainly brings lots of bright white light and vibrancy to that otherwise dull area.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  7. I could just imagine the struggle of trying to eat that crab claw haha but at the same time I can imagine it is so damn delicious hehehe, that noodle dish is one of my fav!

  8. Happy birthday to your papa!
    Seafood as celebration meal always works!
    That chilli crab, what a messy way to eat it
    but I'd probably don't give a damn as I'll
    dig my hand in the sauce and what not haha

  9. Happy belated birthday to your dad :)
    Really lovely pictures and that food looks AMAZING!!!
    Seafood is amazing... I can´t eat crabs or crayfish though... I think I am allergic cause it starts to burn like crazy in my mouth when I eat them.. I can eat shrimp though :)




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